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Where can I purchase prunella vulgaris (heal-all, carpenter weed)?

I am in Austin, Texas. I would like to purchase this plant. Does anyone have any idea where I can go generally speaking (or specifically in Austin) to get it?

Thank you. :)

Heal-all is generally considered a weed, so I'm not sure if its something you would find for sale at a garden center. I harvest mine from one of the fields on my property, and I see it growing wild in many people's lawns and gardens. I have on occasion seen cultivars for sale, but they are not anywhere near as medicinally potent as the straight species.

If you can't find it for sale or growing wild, you might want to consider contacting a local gardening club and I'm sure you'll find someone who would be too happy to let you dig some out of his/her garden :)

Otherwise, you can purchase the plants from Richters http://www.richters.com/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=X1100&show=&prodclass=Herb_and_Vegetable_Plants&cart_id=326206.13836 They ship worldwide. I have been a customer of theirs for over 15 years so I can vouch for their quality.

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i want to ask, is there any excellent medication for psorasis vulgaris secondly?

is thent numerologist, who can tell me the future . re any excelle

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Can anyone tell me as much as they know about congenital Ichthyosis, EHK.?

I have a friend who has had a little girl born with this, and it was very distressing. Now she is 3 years old. What are her prospects pysically and emotionally.?

Little is known about the quality of life of people with congenital and generalized skin diseases. Describing life history and quality of life from an individual perspective could increase understanding of living with generalized congenital ichthyosis for nursing staff and others.

There's no known cure for ichthyosis, so the goal of treatment is to manage the condition. In addition to home care, treatment can include prescription creams and ointments that contain alpha hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid and glycolic acid. These chemicals help control the scaling and increase skin moisture.

In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe retinoids — medications derived from vitamin A. They reduce the production of skin cells. Side effects from the medication may include eye and lip inflammation, bone spurs and hair loss, as well as birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

What are her prospects pysically and emotionally.?

Congenital ichthyosis appears to affect several aspects of life negatively, and it is hoped that an understanding of the effects of the disease will lead to more efficient nursing care.Loss of control over emotional expressions such as laughter or crying is called emotional lability. Physical changes within the body itself can temporarily interfere with or destroy the normal controls over emotions. A person affected by congenital ichthyosis may laugh or cry uncontrollably for no apparent reason and be unable to stop. Family and friends sometimes misinterpret the laughter or tears and attempt to scold or console them accordingly. Being able to understand that this is a result of by congenital ichthyosis and offer support in these situations is the key.

A person affected by congenital ichthyosis may experience decreased motivation and impaired ability to initiate an activity. These issues are a direct result of changes within the brain. With mild motivation problems, the person appears apathetic but carries out normal activities quite adequately, particularly familiar activities. In more severe cases, some people do little beyond simple self-care tasks, and to the observer may appear disinterested. This is not the case, but simply a side effect of by congenital ichthyosis. Gentle guidance, prompting, support, and encouragement will assist.

Depression often occurs in people who have congenital ichthyosis. They may have many fears, uncertainties and altered feelings about themselves, as well as experience losses in social activity, ponder questions about future prospects, financial security, and returning to work. The person may see little purpose in living and express thoughts of death.

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what is a good acne cleanser for acne vulgaris in the stores over the counter?

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Is there anyway to stop ichthyosis? Or clear it up?

I was just wondering for a friend.

Treatments for ichthyosis often take the form of topical application of creams and emollient oils, in an attempt to hydrate the skin. Retinoids are also used for some conditions. Exposure to sunlight may improve or worsen the condition.

There can be ocular manifestations of ichthyosis, such as corneal and ocular surface diseases. Vascularizing keratitis, which is more commonly found in congenital keratitis-ichythosis-deafness (KID), may worsen with isotretinoin therapy. Ectropion, if it occurs, can be treated surgically after skin hydration.  (+ info)

the age at which acne vulgaris disappear usually?

the age at which acne vulgaris disappear usually . i am now 26 year and the acne still on my face and back

Hi Hani,

Acne doesn't 'disappear' you have to clear up your skin and stop the breakouts from forming to heal the scars. That's the only way...

There are a lot of products sold out there that are supposed to help with this, but most all of them are a waste of money and a waste of your time because they don't treat the cause of your acne.

Use this:


I got linked to this for a while before I gave in and tried it, and it worked fast! Good luck to you :o)  (+ info)

What the Phemphigus Vulgaris and how to protec?

Do you mean "Pemphigus vulgaris"?
Pemphigus vulgaris is an uncommon, potentially fatal, autoimmune disease characterized by intraepidermal bullae and extensive erosions on apparently healthy skin and mucous membranes. Diagnosis is by skin biopsy and serum antibody titers. Treatment is with corticosteroids and sometimes immunosuppressants. Maintenance therapy is usually required. (Merck)
If not treated, pemphigus is fatal, due to overwhelming systemic infection. The most common treatment is the administration of oral steroids, especially prednisone. Recently, there has been great promise of surviving some forms of pemphigus (especially PNP) by using a pooled blood product known as gamma globulin or IVIG. Mild cases sometimes respond to the application of topical steroids. All of these drugs may cause severe side effects, so the patient should be closely monitored by doctors. Once the outbreaks are under control, dosage is often reduced, to lessen side effects.
If paraneoplastic pemphigus is diagnosed with pulmonary disease, a powerful cocktail of immune supressant drugs is sometimes used in an attempt to halt the rapid progression of bronchiolitis obliterans. Some drugs used include solumedrol, cyclosporin, azathioprine, and in rare instances, extremely controlled use of thalidomide in eligible patients. Immune phoresis procedures are also a possible treatment.
If skin lesions do become infected, antibiotics may be used for treatment. In addition, talcum powder is helpful to prevent oozing sores from adhering to bedsheets and clothes.(Wikipedia)
Consult a dermatologist.
Please see the web pages for more details and images on Pemphigus vulgaris.  (+ info)

what is the use of homeopaty remide CYDONIA VULGARIS 30C ?

It is used to treat vaginal blood farts.  (+ info)

after taking berberis vulgaris, lycopodium and sarsaparilla homeopathic medecines in how many days we can?

expect kidney stones for dissolving.

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how can i get rid of verruca vulgaris on my skin?

The list of treatments mentioned in various sources for Warts includes the following list. Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in treatment plans.
No treatment - some warts are neither harmful nor embarrassing
Watchful waiting - some warts disappear without treatment.
Chemical cautery
Laser surgery
Over-the-counter wart treatments - although results are uncertain; your doctor usually has better options.
Treatment of only some warts - it is common for other warts to disppear once a few are successfully treated.  (+ info)

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