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Could an IgA deficiency prevent my body from making antibodies in response to a vaccine?

I have received all normal vaccines, plus an additional MMR and Hep B series. I am still unable to make antibodies to measles and Hep B. I'm also constantly getting upper respiratory infections (4-5 a year). If anyone knows what else this could be it would be helpful! Thanks.
**Please no comments on how "bad" vaccines are for you. I'm in the medical field and don't feel like dealing with that**

IgA is found in exocrine secretions, like breast milk that is passed on to the baby to help build immunity. Other secretions such as intestinal mucin, saliva and tears can contain IgA.

IgA is instrumental in in protecting mucosal surfaces surfaces from invading pathogens and virii.

I have seen folks that are IgA deficient, and I know that if they are to get a blood transfusion, the red cells must be washed to remove any IgA before administration.  (+ info)

Anyone with experience of IgA deficiency and pregnancy, especially C sections?

I'm asking for my daughter who has recently been diagnosed with an an IgA deficiency and is due for a planned C section

Not To Familiar To It But I Will Give You A Few Sites On It...

https://health.google.com/health/ref/Selective+deficiency+of+IgA  (+ info)

Anyone out there ever diagnosed with IgA Deficiency?

The last year I've been getting quite a few upper respiratory infections like bronchitis, strep pneumonia, sinus infections. Otherwise, I am always healthy. After another bought with a sinus infection my doc ran an immunoglobulin panel and found my IgA level to be 30. Normal is like 81-463. Apparently, IgA is found in the mucuos membranes and protects us from all these upper respiratory infections. All of my other immunoglobulin numbers were normal but the IgA. He said don't lose sleep over it. It's a mild condition...I may get sick more often and be on antibiotics more often but nothing life threatening. He's sending me to an immunologist to confirm this and discuss how I can boost my IgA. I'm 31 with a toddler and really scared. Does anyone have this or know anyone else that does? I feel very nervous but at the same time grateful it's not something worse.

The best way to treat IGA Deficiency these days is Xolair. One a month injection that will get your levels back to normal. It is expensive thought. Otherwise allergists will give you shots for many years with little results. Xolair is a godsend for many people. Some insurance will cover it these days.  (+ info)

Anybody know anything about IgA Deficiency?

My 6 yr old has been diagnosed with IgA Deficiency. She has been fine all summer,started school last week and now we have a cold again.... I need any suggestest on how to keep her germ free.................

consult a doctor  (+ info)

IGA Deficiency advice needed?

I have IGA deficiency and have had it since i was a child. It makes me
susceptible to getting sore throats, sinus and lung infections. I have looked
into possible treatments for IGA and nothing is concretely shown to work so I
would like to know if there are any supplement I can take to help strengthen my
immune system? Suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

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What is IgA deficiency and how can it be helped?

Selective deficiency of IgA is defined as low levels of -- or complete absence of -- immune globulin A, which causes decreased immune function in the mucosal surfaces in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines), and lungs. This deficiency results in increased risk for respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. It is associated with autoimmune diseases. Affected people often have chronic diarrhea caused by intestinal infections, and frequent respiratory infections. Many develop autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus.  (+ info)

Anyone else got an IgA deficiency?

What does it mean to you? Anyone know much about it?

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Could my iga deficiency be the reason im so tired?

Difficult to answer specifically. I would not normally expect your Iga deficiency to be the reason for your tiredness. However since it is an immunological disease it could be that you have a low-grade infection which is causing your tiredness. Most people with Iga deficiency are asymptomatic but may be prone to urinary, digective and respiratory infections, which are generally mild, so you may have a low-grade infection without being aware. If you are a female you are unlucky - Iga deficeiency is more common in males. Whilst there is no cure the prognosis is good with underlying infections being treated with antibiotics. A comforting thought is that it a common hereditary disease with 1;333 people affected.  (+ info)

niece diagnosed with IGa deficiency, now diagnosed with SCID.?

My niece was diagnosed with IGa deficiency last year. Her latest doctor's appointment showed that she was also starting to lose her IGgs and her IGms. My sister received a call today and the doctor told her that we are now dealing with severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome. I've looked online on numerous websites, but it's so much medical jargon, I'm having trouble understanding everything. If anyone can give me any information on the best websites, in laymen's terms, I would greatly appreciate it.

this website has the information in more simple terms....hope all goes well

http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/medical/allergies/severe_immunodeficiency.html  (+ info)

iga deficiency?????? can you help?

my 15 month old nephew was diagnosed with iga deficiency...he might have to go a state away to a different hospital for treatment and more tests and stuff..i kind of researched it but con you help me out and explain it a little more.....and has you or someone you know ever had it??if so, did they get cured of it or how are they????thanks

immunodeficiency can occur in any of the four parts of immunity like t cell, b cells (which form the antibodies like IgA by forming plasma cells ) deficency can occur in phagocytes and even the complement system
the IgA deficiency is the most common one and is assciated with sinusitis and recurrent lung infections (however some individuals dont have recurrent infections because their IgG AND IgM levels are sufficient to cover that infection )
the cause of IgA is possibly the switching of heavy chains gene , the heavy chain being part of IgA is not formed because the gene didnt switch on the chromosome
this is true because the other like igG and igM are normal .
the patients of IgA should not be treated with the gamma globulins because antibodies against their already low IgA will be formed and they will be destroyed
hope this helped u in some way ...
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