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Health question - Ileus?

I took my husband to emergency because he had been throwing up and diarahera for several days. They took blood, xray, ekg, and the final comments were 'the gas patern is most consitent with ileus'? What is ileus? Will he need surgery? He said that he probably had the flu or food poisioning, and he does not need to follow through will his doctor. I think that he needs a lower g.i. to make sure that there is not cancer or blockage in his colon.

He currently take Prisloc for acid refleux.

Please see the webpages for more details on Intestinal obstruction.
ileus-(il'-e-us) [Greek. eileos = intestinal obstruction]. Intestinal obstruction. Usually restricted to paralytic as opposed to mechanical obstruction and characterized by abdominal distension, vomiting and absence of pain.  (+ info)

What does"ileus" mean?

no movement or no peristalsis as in your bowel.  (+ info)

What is the difference between meconium and meconium ileus in Cystic fibrosis?

Meconium is:
 the first stools of a newborn baby
 very sticky [like tar], thick, dark green and has no smell.
 sterile [unlike faeces]
 composed of the babies intestinal epithelial cells, amniotic fluid, mucus, bile, water
 normally stored in the babies intestine until after birth; however, it can be expelled into the amniotic fluid prior to birth or during labour often as a result of fetal distress. The baby may breath/aspire the meconium resulting in meconium aspiration syndrome [MAS]

I understand all this, however, what is the difference between this and meconium ileus which happens in babies with cystic fibrosis?

Meconium ileus is when the meconium is thicker than normal and obstructs the intestines.  (+ info)

Paralitic Ileus what is it?

Paralytic ileus
Paralytic ileus refers to a lack of passage due to paralysis of the bowel, i.e. Ogilvie syndrome. This can be caused by intra-abdominal surgery, medication (morphinomimetica), injury or infection.  (+ info)

What is an ileus?

An ileus is also called paralytic ileus. It basically means that your intestines aren't working properly and nothing is moving through them. It's pretty serious.  (+ info)

Nasogastric tube in hospital - doctors prescribe or nurses?

After colon surgery, paralytic ileus. Is it doctor who prescribes ng tube or can nurses insert tb without doctor writing it up?
UK hospitals that is.
Don't know why question says tb - should say 'ng' for nasogastric.

Either a doctor or a practitioner nurse.  (+ info)

post surgery - ileus?

i have gone through a lot of drama recently, and i am at a point where i am not sure what to do next and feel lost. to make the long story short, i had a gall bladder removal due to gall stone on Feb 29, and a part of my small intestine was removed. And i was released from the hospital on mar 4, and was back on Mar 9 for bowel obstruction (mechanical). I waited a week for the the obstruction to clear up, but it didn't. so i was operated again on the same spot to clear the obstruction on mar 17. Now a week later, i am still not well. they told me i am having illeus right now, which is the non-mechanical cause of obstruction. I am still in the hospital, and whenever i eat, i feel bloated and pain all over the abdominal (not severe though). doctors have been telling me, it's normal. here's my question:
1. should i switch my doctor/hospital (b/c i was with them over a month now, and i am still not better)
2. how long does the Illeus usually last.
3. what questions i should ask my doc

Cathee is right these are known and common complication. Don't change doctor/ hospital. Part of intestine was removed means you had some associated problems and it was not a simple case. Ileus usually takes one week to ten days to clear completely. They are allowing you to eat means you must be definitely better.
You may ask your doctor what actually the problem was so part of bowel was also removed and what precautions you need to take so you stay healthy in future.
All the best!  (+ info)

How common is a bowel ileus after hysterectomy?

My mother is 72 and last monday underwent a hysterectomy.

She recovered well but the day before she was due to come home from hospital she started suffering from vomiting/nausea and diarrhoea.

She has got progressively worse over the last few days and is now, still in hospital, currently on a drip. She is still vomiting and unable to do any more than take sips of water.

I don't know what to expect. I fear she won't recover, the staff just keep telling me she need to "rest" her bowel but she has been like this for 4 days now and nothing seems to be improving.

It is quite common. The bowel gets handled during abdominal surgery and that, coupled with the drugs given during surgery often cause the bowel to stop working for a while (called paralytic ileus).
I know four days seems like a long time...no-one wants to see their loved ones ill and in pain...but she should soon be back on the mend. The important thing is that they do not try and 'hurry' things. She needs to let the bowel rest then gradually reintroduce fluids, then food. Hopefully you should see an improvement over the next few days.  (+ info)

I had surgery and am having a tough time time recovering, please help me?

Ok well here is my story.

On a Thursday two weeks ago from September 06, I felt fine and normal going into the night. I woke up at midnight and starting puking, I thought I had the flu. The vomiting did not stop, they took me in to the hospital and I had surgery to remove my appendix. After that they released me, and I was back in four days because I was barfing everything I ate and could not keep food down. I had an ileus, which they had to stick a tube in my nose and down to my stomach to suck everything out for four days. After that, I was released home and ate for the first time since that Thursday. I am still at home, but I have stomach cramps all day and have not gone #2 to the bathroom since comming back. I know the food is getting through, but I bought something to stick up there and flush it out and trust me, tons came out.

Has anyone experienced anything like this, this is rediculous. I am in pain and can't poop. Any ideas?

That is very common with abdominal surgery. Happens to almost everyone.
Drinks lots of water & try & eat lots of fruit. If all else fails take a stool softner, not a laxative.
Also, the pain meds can cause those problems too. Once you start cutting back on those, you should start to feel better.  (+ info)

X-ray questions: What does is mean by "no obvious radio-opaque shadows"?

The x-ray shows: Dilated large bowel,ileus and edema of bowel wall-colon cut off sign. No obvious radio-opaque shadows. No free intraperitoneal air.
What is the significance of this findings?
The patient is diagnosed as acute pancreatitis.so,can anyone explain the x-ray results?

I'm more concerned with what they do see: dilated loops of bowel, ileus and edema of the bowel wall. Does this person have a blockage? Ileus is when the bowels aren't moving. edema in the wall is swelling in the wall. The no obvious radio-opaque shadows means they can't see a mass that could be causing what I think is a blockage. The fact that there's no free air means that the bowel hasn't burst and let it's air out into the abdominal cavity (when bowels are blocked, they can sometimes burst).  (+ info)

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