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What kind of immersion blender has a bpa free container?

I'm looking for an immersion hand blender. I'll get one with a stainless steel shaft but I'm wondering which brand (if any!) has a bpa free container as an accessory?


Check to see what the plastic is labeled as. If it's type 3 of 7, then it most likely contains BPA.

Once you have the container you could also easily check it for BPA using the method in the link I posted under sources.

Keep safe,

Ron Novik
(M.Sc. Chemistry)  (+ info)

Why cant i focus my oil immersion Lens on a dry slide of cervical cancer?

In my Biology II class we were trying to focus the oil immersion lens on a dry slide of cervical cancer. We came very close, but were not able to achieve complete focusing on it. Can anyone help me with this?

1. Is there...oil?
2. Is the slide with the organism facing up or down?
3. What did you stain it with in order to view the organism?
4. Are the ocular/objective etc. lens defective/scratched?
5. Was the organism over-heated?
6. Have you tested the oil immersion on other organisms?  (+ info)

What foot cream is good for really tough feet?

I have tried several OTC foot lotions/creams. I have gotten professional pedicures too. I have even used the "ped egg" and various foot files. My feet get very tender after using these files, but the rough skin is still there. What is an effective foot cream/product to soften my feet?

Zim's Crack Cream. Ridiculous name, fantastic product. My ex had extremely dry, cracked and tough skin on his feet and the tips of his fingers. When it became particularly bad (i.e. during the winter), he would slather a bit of this stuff on and wrap with a rubber glove (on the hand) or a sock (foot, obviously), and sleep overnight with it on. That is only necessary in extreme cases, because I have used it before on less severely tough skin of my own without having to cover it with anything and it worked great.  (+ info)

What part of foot hurt the most from wearing high heels?

I need to know because my GF is going to wear her new high heels (her highest pair, 4inches!!) on newyears evening and I promised to give her a foot massage afterwards. She's breaking them in at home right now but she already said that they are going to be painful nevertheless. I want to know what part of the foot need the most attention. I guess around the 'ball of the feet' area but I want to be sure. So girls where is this torture going on when wearing those killer heels?

Hi, I am going to be the same, brand new 4 inch heels for new year eve! I adore them but i know my feet will hurt like they are on fire. With heels that high your gf will be right up on her toes, so the 'torture' will be in the balls of her feet and her toes. Even more so if shes standing or dancing all night. So u will definitely owe her a good long foot massage afterwards. When u are massaging her feet u need to pay special attention to her toes, the balls of her feet and perhaps her arches.Good luck!  (+ info)

What is the difference between hand lotion and foot lotion?

OK, I know hand lotion is used on the hands and foot lotion is used on the feet. That I know. But as for the actual lotion itself, what is the difference in the types of lotion? Why different lotions for the feet and the hands? The foot lotion I have does not have anything in it which would take off dead skin or anything which can sometimes build up on the feet. It is lotion. Nothing 'rough' in it. So how in the world can I find out why there is a so called difference between hand lotion and foot lotion. I know one answer would be "the ingredients" but if ingredients is the answer, what is it about the ingredients that makes the lotions different? Thank you.

I only know about Mary Kay. The hand cream is designed to keep working even after washing hands often. Feet aren't exposed to water as often. That leads to another difference. The foot products usually have fragrance to help with foot odor or have a deodorant. Mary Kay's has a great mint scent.  (+ info)

What to do when one foot is a shoe size smaller?

My right foot is one shoe size smaller than left foot. I always buy the bigger size, but that means that my right foot slips in my shoe a little. Does anyone know if there are inserts or special socks you can wear to stop the shoe from slipping? This particular shoe on my right foot fits perfect in the toe area, but it is my heal that is slipping giving me a blister on the back of the heal.

Here are some links:
Some info: http://www.fittedshoe.com/SHOE_ARTICLES/Different_Size_Feet.htm
Nordstrom: http://www.orthopedicquestions.com/mes-pt/5462.html
National Odd Shoe Exchange: http://www.oddshoe.org/index.php
The Minus One Club: http://www.rcjone.com/
Birkenstock Special Orders: http://www.birkenstockexpress.com/Services/specialorders.cfm/topnav2.256  (+ info)

how much would a foot tattoo covering most of your foot cost?

I'm planning on getting a tattoo of an anchor with flowers and a lady bug on my foot. I want it to pretty much cover my foot, and was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate on how much it should cost. Thanks!

  (+ info)

How long can i leave my feet in a foot massarger and bubbler ?

I would like to know how long i can leave my feet in a foot spa with bubbles, massarger, and heat ???
I only bought it today and i have no problems with my feet, and also it costs £40. Any help will do !

As long as you want babe! It won't do you any harm!
It should help with lots of things not just bad feet, things like circulation etc! The massaging part of it will help with other aspects of your health through reflexology!
Oh and it feels nice as well if you have tired feet and legs!Try it after an exhausting day at work or after retail therapy!! x x  (+ info)

What is the best foot powder to put in in your shoes to avoid smelly shoes/feet?

I have used Dr. Scholl's & it is just average. Is there a better foot powder out there to put in your shoes to avoid smelly feet & shoes? Thx.

tough acting tinactin (not sure of spelling) just sound it out.  (+ info)

What causes a foot to feel like you are walking on pebbles in your shoe?

This feeling is in the area from the ball of the foot to the toes, and across the entire foot side to side. Is there any way to cure this? Suggestions?

It could be Mortons Neuroma or Metatarsalgia. There are nerves running through your foot that can get inflammation from a variety of things. The main one being shoes with little or no arch support.
You could try a shoe with a better arch support and see if that helps. Or try a drugstore for finding some metatarsal pads to insert in your shoe. In the meantime, don't wear high heels if you are a women or shoes with a narrow toe.
Try icing the area 15 minutes a day, several times a day. If you can, take Advil or Motrin to help with the pain as well as decrease inflammation in the area. If all else fails, schedule an appointment with your doctor. If this has been going on for a long time or you don't feel relief in the next few days, make an appointment. Since nerves are involved, it would be best to seek medical advice if it continues past a few days or is so painful you can't walk.  (+ info)

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