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How do you boost your immune system to fight off a cold, allergy, or flu if you have an autoimmune disease?

Am writing a school paper about multiple sclerosis, so if you can relate your answer to MS, that would be awesome. I am very puzzled: The immune system is misidentifying myelin as a foreign invader, so if you "feed" nutrition to the immune system to fight off a virus or pollen, for example, doesn't it also increase the autoimmune response that destroys the myelin sheath?

i think you should really do a research paper on the credibility of the theory of autoimmune diseases. are they really the cause of the immune system fighting the body?

autoimmune diseases are kind of controversial.  (+ info)

Any tips on how to boost your immune system for overall disease prevention?

My immune system needs a little boost. Any suggestions that you have found to be "tried & true" would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Drink at least three litres of water everyday
Get those little probiotic drinks
Take a multi vitamen everyday
Take a vitamen C everyday
Get at least two servings of fruit per day, and five veggies
Get at least 30 minutes of excersize a day
Wash your hands, frequently
Take cold Fx  (+ info)

I heard that soya is bad for your immune system?

and make things worst for you immune system to candida and other diseases is this true? I've dranked alot of soya milk lately and I've felt that it has done nothing to me but make my digestion really bad. Just how many more foods out there that were labelled by the health industry as superfoods turn out to be bad for your heatlh.

Soy-based infant formulas could weaken the immune system, according to a new study using laboratory mice.

Researcher Paul Cooke of the University of Illinois says it's unclear whether the formulas would have the same effect on humans.


TUESDAY, Dec. 8 (HealthDay News) -- Regular, moderate consumption of soy foods can help lower the risk of death and cancer recurrence in women who've had breast cancer, new research shows.

What's more, the association between soy and a reduced risk of death held true even for women with estrogen receptor-positive cancers and women taking tamoxifen, according to the study published in the Dec. 9 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  (+ info)

fighting common cold without madicine ,does it help boosting immune system?

i heard people that you should't take anti biotic or other stuff for curing common cold or cough, you should let your body fight it out, that way your immune system gets stronger and you are more tough against other bacterial diseases, you will fall less ill in future. Is it right?

An Antibiotic Will Not Touch a Viral Infection, It Can Be Seen as Helpful In Preventing a Secondary BACTERIAL Infection. As Far as "Boosting" Ones Immune System, I Think, If One has a Normal Diet, then Not a Big Advantage, Other than Making Someone Feel as if their Doing Something. I Read About Someone Mentioning IgM Above, In the Case of Some BACTERIAL Infections, there is Debate as to Treat With Abx's Early (Before the Class Switch From IgM to IgG), (e. g. "Streptococcus pyogenes",Group A Strep, Strep Throat). In my Mind, Most of the Symptoms of an Infection Are a Result of a Immune Response.  (+ info)

How can I best strenghten my immune system to fight off the common cold?

The slightest contact with a person with a sneeze or cough "always" gets me an annoying, uncomfortable cold that generally puts me in weakened state for 5-7 days and a week or longer of coughing up mucous. I eat a very healthy diet (for years) of fresh vegetables and fruits and small portions of meat and fish. No chronic diseases other than bronchitis associated with the 'cold'. Otherwise I am a healthy 57 year old male.

The best way to fight off the common cold is thorough handwashing. It sounds like you're doing everything else right, but are you not washing you're hands after touching surfaces that have millions of bacterias and viruses on them? You then scratch your nose or eye, and Voila! you've just infected yourself!  (+ info)

Effects of diet and immune system on colitis versus other auto immune diseases.?

This is a tricky question folks...

With reasearch I've done I have found that diet has a tremendous effect on colitis and chrons. Which are both auto immune diseases. Wether it's the abundence of enzymes that allows the body to heal itself or the immune systems effects of eating foods over and over again causing immune sensitivites against food they seem to help colitis.

Another thing it seems to help is some mental disorders which are turning out to be auto immune.

Anyone else see the connection and got any theorys as to if it would help other auto immune disorders and why?
Another thing, could it just have to do with the bowel since food goes through it or could there actually be a "curing of the auto immune factor" of going on a strict "natural" diet?

I am not sure if i totally understand the question, but i can tell you this i have suffered with colitis for many years, from my research and trials and error, i can tell you it has to do with stress and food. I am a big believer in Digestive enzymes and Probiotics I also have found something New called Wild Siberia Chaga, it is supposed to be a cure all that detoxify s your system and than cures you of all sorts of things, it has really helped to keep me regular better than anything i have found, also great on making Moles disapear. Look it up and check it out.  (+ info)

Will bathing in excrement build up my immune system?

This is my idea: To bath in excrement in order for my body to become immune to diseases and to prevent future sickness.

ok goodluck with that. i bet that smilie face is ur real face!  (+ info)

Our dog has been diagnosed with cushing's disease and diabetes. How can we boost his immune system?

He takes anipryl daily for the cushings and receives insulin injections daily for his diabetes. He has a severe dermatitis/skin infection right now and currently takes 2 antibiotics and an antihistamine daily for these complications. What can we give him to boost his immune system so as not to complicate these other health issues?

You should talk to your vet for this question.
Also post animal questions in the animal section . You will get more answers .

BTW- I have both diabetes and Cushing's.  (+ info)

The name of a hereditary disorder/disease that affects the blood and immune system and starts with G?

I was told the name of the disorder at one time and only remember it started with a G, it was a long and unusual name and the disorder involved the blood and/or immune system. It is hereditary and may affect fertility and recovering from simple colds and the flu.

Hello !
Here is a list of diseases that comes into my mind at this time.
G6PD deficiency
Guillaine Barre Syndrome

Feel free to ask if you have further querry.

Dr. Zeeshan Chattha
www.mydiabetesclinic.com  (+ info)

Who knows a vaccine does not prevent disease it only heightens the immune system to prevent a full blown infec

How many people know a vaccine does not prevent disease it only heightens the immune system to prevent a full blown infection?

Vaccines do not prevent contraction of a disease. This is what bothers me about the vaccine people do not realize often it is the disease you are given just in a safer milder form if it is a live attenuated vaccine or grown in another organism like an egg. It may lead to people being less cautious. For sexual diseases use a condom unless you intend to reproduce then know your partner well. It will help decrease the chances of contracting many things. A day in heaven may lead to a lifetime in hell. A vaccine only warns your body in advance of diseases so that you do not get a full blown case of the infecting organism.
I have recontracted chicken pox in many forms many times since my first infection as a baby but the subsequent ones were very mild. So even if they can create a vaccine against HIV it will not prevent it or anything else.
Very intelligent answers. I had a teacher for immunology who had a masters degree who could not grasp this concept. She said it was impossible for me to have chicken pox again right after she taught that immunity only lasts for so long etc. Obviously getting a degree, passing tests does not mean one has a clue as to what is going on. In other words the lights on but we wonder if anyone is not sleeping.

yah i have heard that, the vaccine is actually the disease or flu that they shoot into u, thats y u do feel sick after a couple of days of the vaccine.it's to help your body fight off the problem just in case u do get it.  (+ info)

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