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Why do some people with autoimmune diseases have a problem with supplements that strengthen the immune system.?

My husband has Grave's disease. He was put on methimazole (tapazole) to combat the hyperthyroidism. He's been on it for over a year now, starting at 30 mg., then 20, then 10, then 5, back to 10 and then off the medication. The medication controlled his symptoms but the thyroid stimulating hormone level was virtually zero for a long time. Then on the last two blood tests, while taking 10 mg. the hormone level was in the normal range for both the T3 and T4. This gave us hope. Then the doctor told my husband to go off the medication and come back in one month. In just one month the levels changed drastically - zero, and high (showing hyperthyroidism again). When trying to figure out why going off a low dose of the medication would have such a drastic effect, we remembered that we tried a new supplement that is supposed to greatly inhance the immune system. Grave's disease is an autoimmune disease. I heard that the medication (tapazole) actually suppresses the immune system. We are now thinking that the new supplement that my husband was taking messed up my husband's thyroid levels. Why is this so? And is there any other natural treatment for this disease?

Autoimmune disorders are caused by the immune system being hyperactive in a way - instead of attacking germs, they attack the body. Taking something to INCREASE the immune system is the last thing that someone with an autoimmune disorder would typically want to do....especially anything that increases macrophagic*** activity...

So yes, suppressing the immune response - would be what you want to do...

Stop taking anything that would increase immunity for 3 months and then follow your doctors suggestion for the hormone titration.

*** macrophages are part of the immune system that stimulate interleukin-1, it sounds the trumpet for the immune system to be on high alert - and in the case of those with autoimmune disorders, that means a sharp increase in symptom aggravation.

In case you want to learn more...


Herbs that would do that include Astragulus, echinecea, guggul, nettle, (and gobs of others), and vitamins A, C and Zinc, and the amino acid arginine - those are just off the top of my head. Sorry about the spelling - its way past my bed time.  (+ info)

How can i improve my immune system?

I get ill everytime there is something going around, and my doctors tell me i have a very low immune system.

I struggled with anorexia a few years back and was down to 82 pounds, so i know thats a big reason why it is so low. Can i build it up from how far it has fallen?

I cant be around bust, or the tiniest bit of mould without getting sick.

And i also have Grave disease, and would like to know if that would lower my immune system?

you very rarely hear of athletes getting sick, Im going to suggest you get out and exercise  (+ info)

Please help with question regarding immune deficiencies and bacterial and viral diseases.?

Two patients who have immune deficiencies came to your clinic. They both have a major test in 24 hours. the first patient has a bacterial disease and the second has a viral disease (double strand RNA virus). What would you give each patient to help them recover from their infections within a few hours? NOT including anti-bacterial or anti-viral medications.

Try to focus on the fact that they have immune deficiencies, seeing as how the chapter is about the immune system. thanks in advance!

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is there a disease that has the symptom of a weak immune system?

is there a disease with one of the symptoms being a weak immune system? if so what are other symptoms, if there are any?

u do know aids has that symptom but i cant remember the other symptoms i think others are rashes and something  (+ info)

Can people with immune system and blood disorders get piercings and tattoos?

I have von Willebrand's disease level 1 and an immune system disorder. Is it safe to get piercings and tattoos?

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Can vaccinations weaken a child's immune system?

First of all I would just like to say that I am not for or against vaccinations!

I have just read answers from people who choose not to vaccinate their children, they state that their children have a strong immune system, or stronger than their peers.

Are they attributing this to the child not being vaccinated against major diseases? Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?

Can anyone shed any light on this?

There are a lot of toxins in those shots that aren't really supposed to go into the human body, plus their system is working hard fighting multiple diseases at one time, that's definitely going to have an impact on their ability to fight off other stuff, plus they can STILL contract the diseases in the vaccines. The vaxes don't work on everybody and the manufacturers freely admit that in their product literature.

Plus the two times I got the flu shot (which I will NEVER get again) I may not have gotten the particular strain of flu in the shot, but I swear I got every other illness I came into contact with that year. Sniffles, flu, bronchitis, you name it. I've never been so damn sick in my life.

EDIT: And I completely dispute that other person's answer that the only reason we have polio is that people refuse vaccinations. The only reason we have polio is because they are still vaccinating against it. Wild polio has not existed in the U.S. since 1975. All outbreaks since then have been caused BY the vaccine. They should stop giving the polio vaccine like they stopped giving smallpox once it was eradicated...I bet if they still vaccinated against smallpox we would still have that too.  (+ info)

How can you build up your immune system?

What foods and lifestyles determine how you fight off certain diseases, like colds etc.?
Do you think spending time outside in cold weather, when you have a cold or upper respiratory problem, will aggravate them??

i like this stuff called emergen-C. it has 1000mg of vit c and all the b-complex vitamins. you pour it into a little water where it fizzes. it is well absorbed by the body that way.

the most important thing is to drink lots of water, eat healthy foods (non-processed) and get the proper amount of rest.  (+ info)

Does psoriasis weaken the immune system?

I was just curious does psoriasis make you more prone to catch diseases or infections? IE. Flu, cold, other sicknesses.

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What disease weakens the immune system?

Is there any specific disease that actually weakens the immune system?

There are many.
Acquired diseases like HIV.
Cancer, diabetes, genetic immunodeficiencies.  (+ info)

A disease and a parasite which attack an animal's immune system?

Can someone name a (of a few) disease and a parasite which attacks an animal's immune system?

I'm writing an assignment and one of the tasks is to write about the above and the effects they have on tissues, organs and the overall damage they cause on the animal's body.

So can someone give me something to research into?


Im not exactly sure which part of the body it affects, but if it were me, I would look into the effects of the Parvo virus on young, juvenile animals.
Without the Parvo vaccination, the disease is pretty much just a death sentence waiting to happen if they do pick it up from another animal or stray, or from the bottoms of someon elses shoes.

Best of Luck,

Mark  (+ info)

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