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I had RSV as a premature infant, does this mean I am proned to other respitory diseases?

I was born premature and I was only a couple weeks old when I got RSV.
I was in the hospital for months and I almost died :O
When I got out of the hospital I stopped breathing a lot and had to go back to the emergency room..
The doctors told my mom that I would have to get ayearly flu shot, get blood tested every month, have athsma, and possibly be on an oxygen tank.
Because of this,(I have a VERY severe case of RSV) is it easier for me to get a cold, pneumonia, and athsma? I never got the flu shot, athsma, or blood taken.
But I do get sick often and everytime do, I always get a lot of gunk in my lungs and it is hard to breathe, and sometimes I stop breathing and have to use a nebulizer (sp?)
Is RSV related to this?
When I was in the hospital they had to put tubes to my lungs to take the gunk out of my lungs..so am I more prone to lung-gunk? haha.
also, whenever I swallow something, I lose my breath for about 4 seconds after I swallow when I am sick.

Most children that have severe RSV do tend to develop asthma which is a hyper-reactivity of the airways of the lungs. It causes them to constrict and trap air and unfortunately germs. Your having been born premature also play a role in the development of the asthma. Most children are born with fully formed lungs. In premature infants the lungs have to play catch up and again become hypersensitive due to their immature state. Some don't completely outgrow it. You will hear people talking about having outgrown their asthma. This is a misnomer. Asthma is a physiologically condition that while it can less or more sensitive with time, will never completely go away. Once you have it, you always have it. The good news is that it can be controlled. First, I recommend that you start be getting that yearly flu shot. If you have not had the injection for pneumonia, you should also get that. That gunk you are worried about is formed from trapped germs so wash your hands frequently and stay away from people who have signs or symptoms of cough or colds. If you have not had a formal screening for asthma, now is the time to do so by a broad certified pulmonologist. This is a doctor that specialized in the lungs. I hope that this helps you. Good luck.  (+ info)

When did your premature infant start walking?

Hello people. Um I have twin 23 month olds that were born at 32 weeks. My son is already walking, but my daughter won't take many steps while holding my hands and is afraid to let go to walk on her own. So I'm curious how long it took anyone else's premature baby/infant to start walking.
Yes her doc has had all kinds of tests done. Plus my twins have physical, occupational, and speech therapy every week.

My 1st baby was born at 33 wks. If I remember right, he started to take steps at around 13 mos, but didn't really have walking "down" until around 14 mos.
Your children were born 2 mos early so they should be around 2 mos behind the average milestones. But since yours were twins, they were probably born smaller than average, so maybe they'll be 3-4 mos behind.
I would think that at 23 mos they should both be walking. Is your doctor concerned about your daughter not walking yet? You should talk to him about it. Some children have an imbalance within their ears that causes them not to walk - I can't remember what it's called, but by now I would think your doc would have her checked for that. Being 1 month away from 2 yrs old & still not walking, I would consider to be behind.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a normal pregnancy after giving birth to an extremely premature infant?

My son was born at just 28 weeks, 1lb 12oz. He was in the hospital for 3 1/2 months. He is healthy now, but it was a rocky road for a while in the beginning. We had always wanted more children, but are afraid of having the same complications. Has anyone had a normal pregnancy after delivering an extremely premature infant?


I also gave birth to a 28-weeker in March 2004. 2lbs 7 oz due to PPROM. She was hospitalized for 11 weeks, so I know what you have been through!

I had a completely normal pregnancy with baby number 2 (except that she was breech and I had a scheduled c-section at 38.5 weeks). 8lbs 5oz and a TAKE HOME BABY!!! That was my dream. And to hear her cry at birth (which she certainly did!).

Before I got pregnant with #2 I had a pre-conception check up with a high risk OB (specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine - MFM). He ran a bunch of tests including an inter-uterine ultrasound. I got the all-clear to get pregnant again and was monitored closely with frequent appts. and trans-vaginal ultrasounds to check my cervix length. At 18 weeks I was also put on pelvic rest and told not to exercise.

I also recommend the yahoo group
It is a yahoo support group for those considering another pregnancy after having a premature birth at 34 weeks or less.  (+ info)

Maggie gave birth 2 a premature infant.What can the nurse tell her about the associated developmental outcomes?

a. socioeconomic status is unrelated to developmental outcomes
b. premature infants are not considered high risk infants
c. the more premature babies weigh and the closer to term they are born, the less risk of negative outcomes
d. premature babies with no visible problems are at equal risk as premature babies with visible problems

C - I think it's C because doctors try to get the baby to stay in the mom for as long as possible....the longer the baby stays in utero the better chance of being healthy and less risks it has in the world.  (+ info)

What are some names of some fatal diseases that premature babies can get?

I am writing a term paper, I was born premature and the doctors thought I had this one fatal disease...I cannot think of the name of it and I need to know it cause I am going to talk about being born premature in my paper.

NEC? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necrotizing_enterocolitis

Can your parents not remember what it was?  (+ info)

if a baby is born a pre-term infant instead of premature does he/she stay in hospital?

i wanted to know if a baby born at 33 or 34 weeks which is classed as a pre-term infant instead of premature does that baby have to saty in hospital or will that baby be allowed home?

Thats what I thought too, but they said either way they are premature.
It really depends on the baby and how healthy the baby is. If the mother smoked, the baby is likely to stay in the hospital.
My baby was born at barely 35 weeks. I didn't smoke or let anyone smoke around me. When he was born, he wouldn't cry or breathe. It took them a good minute to make him cry so he could breathe. He was 5 1/2 lbs exactly and 19 inches long. When he was finally breathing, it was fast and shallow, so they took him to the NICU and I only got to hold him for a minute. 10 minutes later, they said he was fine and they sent him to the regular nursery. He wasn't able to room in with me until early the next morning though because they wanted to keep an eye on his breathing.
He went home with me the day I went home, which was day 3. However, babies must do 3 things before they can go home: They must be about to feed on their own, regulate their temperature, and breathe on their own. My baby could suck from a bottle but not the breast, which was fine. His breathing was normal. But he could not regulate his temperature until he was about a week old or so, but they sent him home anyway.
Also, if a baby has jaundice really bad, he is likely to stay for the light therapy. My baby had jaundice pretty bad, but didn't need the lights, however, I think he came really close.

However, one girl I knew, her baby was born at 37 weeks and aspirated fluid during delivery. He ended up not being able to breathe and had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks.

So like I said it really depends on the how well the mother took care of herself, the size of the infant, the infant's health, what happened during delivery, etc. But every baby no matter how far along must be able to do those 3 things: eat, breathe, and temperature before they can go home.

Best of luck and hopefully your baby wont be born a preemie in the first place and hopefully if he/she is they will be healthy enough to go home  (+ info)

at what age will a premature infant start sleeping thru the night?

they are now coming up on three months old and still wake every 4 hours for a bottlem sometimes even before the alotted 4 hours are up. when will they start sleeping thru the night

If he was 3 weeks pemature then he's three weeks behind schedule. infants start sleeping thru anywhere from 3-6 months but my first born didn't sleep thru until he was 2 yrs old! It really just depends. There is no definate answer to this one.  (+ info)

Premature infant lacks subcutaneous adipose tissue, and surface area of infant's small body is relatively?

large compared to it's volume. How do these affect the ability of an infant to regulate its own body temperature?

If you think about it...
O.k., subq tissue is the fatty tissue underneath of the layer underneath of the normal skin. Adipose tissue made out of fat.
So therefore the baby lacks fat tissue underneath of the skin. That is why they have such a hard time. Because they do not have the fat lining that everybody else has to keep in body heat. Body heat will sort of radiate out if you do not have it.
It is like a house without good storm windows. The window would let out all the heat in the house and the house could not stay properly warmed on the inside. There is heat being generated from the inside but can not be kept inside.
Hope that helps!  (+ info)

What is the staph infection rate (or incubation rate) for a premature infant?

When an adult develops a Staph infection, the bacteria begin to multiply within the affected area. A person will not have any signs or symptoms during this time. After 4 to 10 days, on average, signs and/or symptoms may appear. What is this rate for premies?
Typo: premie should be preemie.

i dont know i want to know what the staff injection rate is for premature ejaculation  (+ info)

My premature infant is now 3 months old and he snores and he never seems very comfortable, is this normal?

He grunts a lot. He has heriated his belly button. He constantly has to be held and when he falls asleep and I have him in his crib he immediately wakes screaming.

If your answer includes let him cry it out, please dont bother answering because that is against everything in my nature and I cannot do it.

Thanks for helping!

Definitely talk to your pediatrician! Children SHOULD NOT SNORE. snoring is actually a partial obstruction in your airway and since he is a preemie his airway may be smaller, or his tonsils too large. (this is a form of apnea) if he is waking it could be because he cant breath properly while sleeping. Please ask you physician for a referral for a sleep study. I dont want to scare you but if he does have apnea it can cause SIDS especially in preemies and they are more likely to have apnea than term babies.   (+ info)

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