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I started getting fingered few days back and now getting a burning/hurting sensation in the outer vagina where it appears
red. I tried warm saltwater washes and gets some relief from this, but after few hours the burning returns again. I tend to get yeast infections around my period times always (treated with Candid V), but this one feels different with burning rather than itching. Does this show signs of cut or infection? Can I try the Candid V cream for this or are there any home remedies for it to heal? Please advice.

  (+ info)


I had a ingrown toe nail that I messed with turned to a hangnail slash mutilated cuticle. I think it is infected, Ie red inflamed, and swollen all the way to my big toe knuckle. Just wondering if antibiotic oint will cure an infection in the works

Go to a podatrist and have him/her take care of it. It sounds pretty nasty right now to deal with it yourself.  (+ info)


Been told not yeast infection had many creams and pills 5 doctors and they dont kno what it is. White looking substance itches terrible. Never goes away gets somewhat better for a few days . What type of dr do I need to see any advice to what it is? I am 58 and not sexualy active for fear of spreadding. red sores and itching then the white stuff. painfull to uriinate . had this for at least 9 yrs

Sound like a urinary infection, actually it sounds like a pretty bad one. While the sores are not common, it could be that the infection started in the skin and has spread into the urethra and into the bladder. Pain is a common effect of urination during and infection and could also indicate where the infection resides. The "white stuff" could be puss that is draining from the infection.
A regular doctor could run a UA/CS which is a urine analysis and culture and sensitivity.
I have seen many people come back with negative results despite having an infection so INSIST that it is run multiple times should it come back negative.  (+ info)

Can an infection go from your throat to your ears to your eyes? How are they connected?

This is the second time where I've started with a bad sore throat that caused bad ear pain followed by dual swollen eye infections. So over the course of ~3 days I have a head full of infections.

Can an infection migrate through your head this way? It really feels like this is what it's doing. Thanks for your help.

your eyes are connected indirectly to your nose. tha circuit goes like this: mouth-throat-nose- tear cannal - eye.  (+ info)

What are some signs of infection after wisdom tooth removal?

Well I had a wisdom tooth taken out 5 days ago. The pain got worse for the next 3 days and then gradually decreased and today it's not bad at all. I have no swelling whatsoever. However, I had some chills and fever last night. I wonder if it's a tooth infection or some other infection. When I get chills and fever like that it means I have some kinda infection. Am I supposed to have more dental symptoms if i had a tooth infection?

A really bad taste in your mouth would be an indication. Listerine might help some.  (+ info)

How long for a skin infection to clear?

I had a small infection of the hair folicle several weeks ago that seemed to blow up into a bigger infection. I saw a doctor and he prescribed a 7-day oral antibiotic (Keflex) and said to use OTC antibiotic ointment (Polysporin) and a thick bandage. I've been doing this and it has been a week now. The infection looks better but there is still some minor leakage that can be seen when changing the bandage.

Does these infections normally take more than a week to clear? Or would this mean that the antibiotic isn't working very well and need something stronger?

A staph infection of the skin (which is most likely the organism) can take 7 to 14 days to clear, typically. But it depends on the severity of the infection, how big it is, and the type of staph being dealt with.

Since it seems to be responding to anti-biotics, it is probably working but it will just take another week or so. But you can ask the doctor to be sure. The oral antibiotic will most likely not clear the infection on its own. That is more as a precaution to prevent the infection from spreading deeper into the tissue. So he will probably tell you to continue the topical antibiotic for another week. If it still hasn't cleared by then, he will probably need give you a stronger topical anti-biotic  (+ info)

Can a yeast infection escalate to a cervical infection if left untreated? Or are they different?

I've had both before, but can a yeast infection turn into a cervical infection if left untreated? Or are they different things?

They are different things, however...

Candida, the microorganism that creates a yeast infection, can spread. Although it may not cause a Cervical infection by definition, it can cause cervical irritation if it gets bad enough.

Candida is one of the most widely overlooked epidemics of this country. It is blood-soluble so if a yeast infection is left untreated, it can spread anywhere.

Most common areas of infection for yeast infections are:

1. The vagina or penis
2. The lower digestive tract
3. The prostate in males
4. The brain (causes a symptoms known as brain fog)  (+ info)

What causes a bacterial infection and can it keep you from concieving?

My husband and I started TTC in August, and when I started bleeding, I assumed it was my period. However, I spotted for about 2 weeks, and for about 2 days of that, I was bleeding severely. I started thinking maybe I had a miscarriage and made an appointment with my gyno. When I went in, he did a pelvic exam and said I had a bacterial infection and gave me some antibiotics. He said the spotting and the heavy bleeding was probably due to the infection.

What could have caused the bacterial infection? And could that have been the reason I didn't concieve, even though we had sex when I was ovulating?

Many women get bacterial infections.

Our vaginas are full of bacteria that are helpful to us, and sometimes this balance goes awry.

I get frequent bacterial vaginosis, it is just something that I deal with when it happens.

It often takes longer than one month to have a baby.

NORMAL, health couples are told to expect it to take up to one full year.  (+ info)

How long does yeast infection medication take to fully work?

I was prescribed pms-Fluconazole for a yeast infection (a pill you take once) and I took it on Tuesday. The package says that the symptoms should be gone within a couple days, and they are, but it does not say how long it takes to completely get rid of the infection. I know you shouldn't have sex while you have a yeast infection so you don't pass it back and forth and am wondering if I am clear for intercourse again or how long I should wait. Any advice would be great.

The information should come on the packaging or the instruction sheets for your prescription. You could always call the pharmacy- you don't have to give your name, and they would be the best ones to answer that question. Or call your doctor. If it was me, I would definitly wait a week from the time I started the medicine. But I am not a doctor, I can't give you the appropriate advice.  (+ info)

Can a yeast infection affect when you start your period?

I've had a yeast infection for the past couple days and I've been treating it with Clotrimazole to kill the fungus. What's weird is that I've had symptoms for my period for the psat week now, and I haven't started yet. Could this be a result of my yeast infection?

I've had more yeast infections than I can count and a yeast infection has never effected when I start my period.  (+ info)

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