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Impetigo or intertrigo are they the same skin disease?

Is impetigo and intertrigo the same skin disease? If someone has this how long does it take for it to go away? What do you put on it?


'IMPETIGO,' (pronounced im - pet- EYE'' - go), is a specific infection of the skin with a particular germ called "Staph. aureus." It affects children especially, and I have heard the name mis-pronounced as "the infant tiger" . The infected skin produces a gold-coloured discharge which soon dries into a golden crust, on a red background, seen here to the right of a child's lip, http://www.fda.gov/consumer/updates/pics/impetigo_face.jpg , and here on the left side of a man's face, http://www.clinical-virology.org/gallery/images/non_viral/impetigo-1.jpg

The gold colour of the rash is what gives Staph. aureus its name, (aureus = gold).

This rash is prone to spread to unaffected skin once you have it, (see that chap's face), and it is also quite infectious by contact to others. Getting it better needs an antibiotic cream to kill off the germ, and sometimes an antibiotic by mouth as well. It then heals without leaving a scar.

Impetigo affects exposed, 'flat' skin rather than skin-folds.

"INTERTRIGO," (pronounced in- ter- TRYE''- go), although a similar-sounding name, is quite different and not such a "specific" germ problem. Intertrigo is a rash within a skin-fold, on opposite sides of the skin-fold. Such large skin folds include between the two buttocks, under the breasts in ladies, and in the armpits; also if you are very over-weight and have an 'apron' of tummy-fat, there is a big skin-fold 'under' the apron of fat.

The reason that the insides of skin-folds are prone to problems, is because

- - (1) the skin inside sweats away normally, but when the skin folds are touching together there is no way that air can get in to evaporate the sweat. So the skin gets soggy with un-evaporated sweat.

- - (2) Also, the two sides of the fold make things worse by rubbing together, against each other, and scraping the skin surfaces. Then secondary germs can jump in too and cause an infection.

Here is an intertrigo in between the buttocks... http://www.aafp.org/afp/20050901/833_f1.jpg caused by a secondary yeast infection; - - here is a rash between the fingers caused by secondary infection with a Pseudomonas germ; http://www.emro.who.int/Publications/EMHJ/0701/etiolo4.jpg ; and here is a rash under the breasts caused by a secondary yeast infection. http://www.skinatlas.com/candintertrigo.jpg

What is fundamental to an intertrigo, is (a) the sogginess and scraping within a skin-fold caused by un-evaporated sweat, and (b) the follow-on skin infection. The germ which follows on is *not* specific, like it is in Impetigo. It can be a yeast,... a fungus,... or a bacterium.

The treatment of an Intertrigo is first of all, against the yeast, fungus, or bacterium, - - but after that, there is still the problem of the sweating, and patients may need to put a cotton-wool or gauze into the fold to prevent recurrence.
Excessive sweating in the armpits, can also be treated with a special aluminium paint.

I hope this is of some help.

Best wishes,

Belliger (retired uk gp)  (+ info)

How does one treat intertrigo?

And how does one keep it from relapsing?

Intertrigo can be bacterial, fungal or simply irritant as well as a combination of the above. Minimize warm moist skin against warm moist skin. Air dry or use a fan or hair dryer set on low. may use dilute vinegar to reduce the possibility of yeast. If that doesn't help, see the doc about options.  (+ info)

how do i cure intertrigo?:(?

I've got intertrigo in my underarms:(and i cant visit a doctor:(what do i do?which oinment or medicine should i get?

What is intertrigo?  (+ info)

Creams i can use for Intertrigo?

i think i have Intertrigo and i have this cream that my Dr. gave me for my infected fingers a little while ago and it was to stop the Bactria to stop growing and what not could i use this for the Intertrigo would it help?

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where can i find loose shorts in mumbai for fat person ? most of the time i suffer from intertrigo.?

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Intertrigo? Help please, need advice.?

So, what I thought was a yeast infectino all along turned out to be something called Intertrigo. After investingating symptoms and seeing pictures that I never want to see in my life again, I determied that it was this. The rash starts where my inner thigh meets up with the pubic area and goes back to the lower part of the rear and up by the pubic hair region. It itches alot, and I have itched the rash at times, I know I should not have, but I dont know how to make this go away and especially stop itching. Now that I am abotu 99% sure that I know what it is, how do I treat it and make it go away for good? Do I buy medicine at the store or cream? Please help, I really want it to go away and go on not living in discomfort anymore!

With intertrigo, you're basically dealing with heat and sweat retention, and the consequent skin irritation from that. Since there is no true infection, you need to direct your treatment towards the underlying problem. If you are overweight, you should try to lose it. If you sweat alot, try to absorb it with an absorbent baby powder. If the area is itchy, you may use some hydrocortisone cream. Occasionally the area may become superinfected with a yeast infection,so make sure that there aren't any pustular areas in the rash area. Also, make sure to keep the area clean and dry well after bathing. Cotton undergarments will also help to keep you cool.  (+ info)

Does anyone know about Candida intertrigo?

I would like to know if anyone can shed some light into this before i go see a Doc, i believe i have candida intertrigo becos i did my research and i found out that i have the symptoms, I just want to see if I am right so that to save me a trip to the Doc. I have never had this before and recently got this when my spouse had a reoccuring yeast infection, seems the white discharge affects my groin area and thus i break out in small lumps which then turn into reddish blisters after a few days. I had them on the shaft of my genital and also my lower belly but it usually goes away after a few weeks with no or less sexual contact. Right now my spouses yeast infection is back and thus i have yet another reaction again, she has persisted that i go see the doctor and that its possible that i am re infecting her but after doing extensive reseach online i believe i have this. I just want to know if i right cos i really dont want to go to see the doc.
Guys i am not fat! I am athletic built and always shower after sex, ALWAYS! so i dont know how come this keeps reoccuring. My spouse only got this infection because of she was taking antbiotics to prevent herself from getting malaria when she visited africa last year. Can I use this monistat on myself as well?

I'm a med student so I'll answer this as best I can. Sounds like you do have candidiasis (a yeast infection). But since it's recurring so often, you need to go to your doctor for a prescription antifungal and antibiotic. The over the counter stuff may not help. However, with yeast infections in men, sometimes it also involves bacteria, especially on the outside, hence the blisters. Even nurses should know that. In any event, anytime you have a discharge, it needs to be checked out by a doctor who will then recommend the best course of treatment.  (+ info)

Eeeek! Doctor not open til monday! what IS this?!?

2 days ago my b/f noticed a rash starting under his arms and ending at his waist on both sides. Last night I noticed the same rash on my inner thighs. By this morning he also noticed it on his inner thighs (not as severe as mine) and it had also appeared on my face and right wrist. After trawling the internet for my symptoms all I could come up with was INTERTRIGO and MEASLES, although after looking at pictures of both it doesn't really fit either of them exclusively. I don't want to wait until monday for an explanation off the doctor (or whipping my trousers down for him to take a look!) but I'm not keen on waiting when I have no idea what it is; I don't like the idea that it might spread either. It's not as red as it first appeared but it's still there and doesn't seem to be fading any further. Any ideas what it could be? ? ?
I haven't changed my washing powder/ shower gel etc... I haven't eate anything unusual. It's not particularly itchy, feels more like the stinging, prickly sensation you get after being stung by nettles.
Seems to be fading a bit now but it's spread further up my arm. If It's not gone by tomorrow I'll get the chemist to check it out.

If you're in the UK why not ask at your local chemists (quite handy if you've got to pop in for some antihistamines)
The duty pharmacists are pretty good at telling you if you can byuy a remedy over the counter of if they think you should see a Dr.  (+ info)

PAINFUL, red, rash on the fold of my inner thigh and vagina(pantie line)?

2 week ago a little red rash appeared on my inner thigh by my vagina. I though it was like a heat rash or chaffing. I tried baby powder at first and it got worse, I tries hydro-cortisone cream and it burned like HELL and wouldn't stop. The pain is getting worse. I can barely move my leg's. It rubs together. My skin has turned beat red and very tender, kinda like a sunburn. I've been searching on the internet of similar picture and I think i found it and it looks like a rash called Intertrigo. I though it could be like jock itch but I don't think so. The pain is terrible!!! What do you think it might be?? Should I try A&D or maybe Destine Cream. Should I just go to the hospital in the morning? I don't want to waste my money, but what if it is an infection?

If you are in pain of course go to the hospital. Just one suggestion: did you buy new panties or anything around that time? I'm thinking, latex or rubber irritation from the new elastic.  (+ info)

Razon burn rash help?

I recently shaved my armpits with just water as I was in a rush to go out, I normally use shaving foam but I did not have time but this has resulted in me getting an INCREDIBLY itchy, sore rash, and the main part where you shave is all bumpy and dry, so I looked it up on the internet and it said that it was razor burn, but there are no ingrown hairs and the redness and itchiness is mainly around my armpit/underside top arm, but I haven't shaven there as its not where you shave, what is it? I did do an aerobics class a few days later resulting me in sweating Alto could this have irritated it and made me get candidal intertrigo(sweat rash)? What should I do to cure both razor burn and sweat rash? Please help because I have had this for a week now and I am going to a party at the end of the week and don't want my armpits to be like this , especially as I can't shave them while they are like this.
I've been using sudocream all week and it hasn't done much at all, my rash is getting worse. I've been cleaning it with witch hazel, helps stop itching a bit, was told about hydrocrosine cream(something like that) where can I get this?

Wash and dry thoroughly. Then apply gold bond powder. Give it overnight and see what it looks like. If cleared, great. If not, then try a diaper rash creme, like Desitin. One of the two of them should clear it up if it is razor burn and/or heat rash.  (+ info)

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