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What types of intestinal diseases are associated with nodular mucosa in the ileum?

I just got my results back from a colonoscopy and that is what the gastroenterologist found. I've been suffering from unexplained chronic diarrhea (sorry if it's too much info) and edema for 4 years. Advice from anybody from the medical profession would be much appreciated.

Nodular mucosa of the ileum could indicate Crohn's disease. Classically this disease presents with a 'cobblestone' appearance of the mucosa, especially in the ileum. Do a quick search on Wiki and it will tell you all you may ever want to know about Crohn's disease. Good luck!  (+ info)

What are some ways to prevent intestinal diseases?

i need to know this for my science report.......ugh

wash your hands after using the restroom and after you do anything that could make your hands dirty (gardening etc).

wash well all vegetables and fruit

don't eat raw meat (for example uncooked or undercooked pork, which could carry salmonella)  (+ info)

wher can i find the name of all the gastro intestinal diseases?

try an internal medicine textbook: harrison's textbook of internal medicine is canon. you may also try merck's manual, it has a book form as well as an online site.  (+ info)

common communicable diseases of the gastro intestinal tract?

common diseases of gastro intestinal tract that are trasmitted by humans to another humans.

Vincent's stomatatis, Acute herpetic gingivostomatatis, Thrush, Syphilis (secondary stage), Acute endogenous gastritis, Ileo-caecal tuberculosis, Hepatitis (viral, spirochetal, protozal, bacterial), Tuberculous peritonitis, Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, Peritonitis (fungal, parasitic), Hepatomegaly (viral-viral hepatitis, yellow fever, Infectious mononucleosis, Lassa fever) (Spirochetal- Weil's disease, syphilis, relapsing fever) (Bacterial-Typhoid, pneumonia, brucellosis, tuberculosis) (Protozoal-Amoebiasis, malaria, Kala-azar) etc.....  (+ info)

what diseases or infections can be contracted when one associates with or is exposed to pig waste?

can one suffer from rashes, intestinal worms or vomitting if they are exposed to pig waste? and what others are there?

Just about anything. E. Coli, worms, Trichinosis, etc.  (+ info)

Is the profit in drugs hiding the simple cure for cancer and other diseases ?

There is a simple alternative philosophy concerning disease and its treatment.

Most of us, don't realize that there are 'friendly bacteria" (not all bacteria is bad) the same kind found in yogurt and cheeses that help the body digest food.

An imbalance or contamination of this intestinal flora may cause IBS, Crohns, MS, Depression, Schizophrenia and even Cancer.

Problem is that when you are given too much anti-biotics, some of the friendly bacteria is killed making people anemic and sick due to a lack of proper chemcials.

Where you awaer of what are called probiotics, or friendly bacteria and do you think that enough is being done to address this positive side to bacteria ?

good point ..just think of it this way :this world is all about money and there is no money in heath so these so called medicines only dull the pain and symtoms but dont really cure anything..there are cures out there but if they cure it wheres the money..you cant tell me that we can take a rocket to the moon but cant cure cancer come on!plus alot of our food and other things they "feed us" are making us sick  (+ info)

Can humans have an intestinal disease that produces a smell similar to that of a dog with parvo?

Kind of a icky question...I know but I am worried because a friend of mine gives off a smell (especially when using the bathroom) that is very similar to the smell of a dog with parvo. It is a rotting smell...not joking. I have smelled a dog with parvo and it is something you dont forget. Can humans get something similar...or at least something that makes you smell like you are rotting from the inside out? Sorry this is so gross but it is serious.

Well, I am no doctor but if I have learned anything from Dr. Oz its that your BM tells alot about your health. It should never have a strong odor and should be brown to dark brown...never black,maroon,green...anything like that. It should be mentioned to a doctor. It could just be that he or she is getting to much protien in their diet or they are getting too much or not enough of some other food or drink...but bring it up to the doc and see what he says. Better safe than sorry.  (+ info)

What's the fastest way to reduce intestinal inflammation caused by Celiac disease?

In case of a one-time accidental exposure or contamination from an unknown source, how do you fix this? I am already on a gluten-free, casein-free, sugar-free diet.

I'd like to hear from anyone that has actually tried something for this and had good results.
Thanks, yes I also do peppermint tea and acidophilus to keep canciciasis at bay.

I rarely have an accident like yesterday, but it takes so long for the inflammation to go away. I took some magnesium citrate, that helpe.

I'm hoping to find something rapid in case this happens again. I might consider trying prednisone or something similar, just one or two doses.

Honestly there is really no way to "heal" the body after an accidentaly gluten eating bc it just has to pass the system.
However, there are things I do to ease the pain afterwards.
I take aloe vera juice to get things "flowing" (I have constipation with eating gluten, not all do.)
Taking a walk if u can bear it will help the bloat and pain (for me)
Wheni ts REALLY bad all I can do is lay on myb elly an djust pray for it to be over!!!

FYI: Many sugar free foods contain gluten, and some artificial sweetners hurt the belly as they are chemically modified and not natural. If u are trying to avoid sugar, you might want ot try stevia, blue agave nectar or honey.

Best of luck and I hope u feel better!!  (+ info)

Can your blood show if you have an intestinal infection/disease?

I've been having huge stomach problems lately. My doctor took about 9 viles of blood for dozens of tests. Could my blood show if I have digestion issues, infetion in my colon or intestines, or a disease?

Infection? yes
celiac disease? yes
other antibody tests? yes

So, yes they can get a lot of information about some specific things from blood testing. Good luck and I hope you get your diagnosis soon!  (+ info)

Might over-processed bread be responsible for celiac disease and other intestinal disorders?

This is a disease we did not hear about until recently. Do you think it might be related to less availability of real whole grain breads? Is this disease as prevalent in countries like Germany where local bakeries bake substantial dark breads in which you can actually see the grains? Are Americans really suffering nutritionally because they don't have bread like that?

I don't know about "responsible for", but a doctor who is an expert on chronic fatigue told me that the highly processed flour that we use in Australia (same as US) is actually worse for us than that of Europe. But at least part of the problem is how much wheat is in our diet. Some people eat wheat in some form at every meal. For breakfast, wheat cereal or toast, sandwiches for lunch, pasta for dinner. And if you look at the contents of just about every processed food, it has wheat products. Anyone who suffers from ceoliacs has huge difficulty finding products that are ok.

I watched a documentary from 1999 where they found that IBS could be cured by adding the intestinal worms from pigs into the human intestine - unlike the worms from human intestines, they do not reproduce. The program postulated that our intestinal problems are due to a range of things that we have eliminated from our systems, such as worms and bacteria (killed off by antibiotics).  (+ info)

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