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Intracranial Hemorrhage?

hi; I am pre- med student and preparing a presentation about Intracranial Hemorrhage. I need some recommendation about how should I organize it . As you understand the topic is quite hard for a pre-med student, I thought that may be someone can give me advice about making an outline. If I can make a draft, the rest would become easier for me.

I thought that it would be good if I start by explaining the anotomical structure of brain and the layer of meninges and later on the diseases which cause the hemorrhage and symptoms of having hemorrhage.

What should I add more and is the structure good ?

thank you very much...

1. intro: what it is, who is at risk, prevalence
2. Detailed anatomy/physiology
3. causes
4. treatment
5. prognosis  (+ info)

intracranial hemorrhage?

cerebral infraction w/o cc/mcc

bad for you  (+ info)

can a child more than 6 months old sustain an intracranial hemorrhage?

please help! i am doing a mock trial thing and i really need the answer to this question to do my witness statement! thanks!

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Why is IV dextrose contraindicated with an intracranial hemorrhage?

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I suffered a traumatic sub arachnoid hemorrhage fallowing a fall in April 2006, I am suffering problems ?

cerbal malacia in right frontal lobe.
parietal lobe dysfunction in the right hemisphere.
quite extensive bilateral gliotic changes in both parietal lobes.
disproportionate amount of subarachnoid blood in the region of the right sylvian fissures and front sulci, and smalll subdural haemorrage along the anterior falx.
total lose of smell (olfactory nerves).
the above has resulted in poor balance to the left hand nerver system, poor memory and very limited concentation.

And you're alive? Cool! The trick to overcoming this is going to be having a positive attitude. Don't think of what you can not do, or compare yourself to what you used to be able to do. Think about what you can do right now, and take it from there.  (+ info)

CT scan interpreted? acute hemorrhage but not intracranial?

i have the disk of my scan and the results and i do not understand it at all.can someone who knows the medical terminology please translate?
here is what the paper says:
"there is opacification of many of the sinuses with fluid levels, especially in the frontal sinuses. in light of the patient's history of trauma this probably represents hemorrhage. there is no evidence for conspicuous fracture."

just in case you are wondering why i had this CT scan, I had gotten headbutted a week before and the fluids in my sinuses was blood. my entire face was swallon and purple/ black.

Basically you had a bloody nose... your sinus (nasal) cavities were full of blood. There was no evidence of any broken bones and no mention of any brain injury or trauma. You should be fine when the swelling goes down.  (+ info)

What is the best care plan for someone recovering from an intracranial bleed?

the person has had two intracranial bleeds not caused by cva, tia, or aneurysym. they have hypertension, are bed ridden, and already have skin breakdown

lower the BP. elevate the head at least 30 degrees. consistent bed-turning schedule to relieve sacral ulcers...apply antibiotics and wash with daikin's solution of course.
lower the temperature to 35-36 degress  (+ info)

Can a brain hemorrhage be detected through an ofthalmological exam?

Can a brain hemorrhage or the beginning of one be detected though a test by the ophthalmologist?

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How long after concussions do brain hemorrhage occur?

I had concussion about 5 days ago, My head has stopped hurting and I feel fine, the spot on my head is still a bit soft but almost back to normal, I did not go to the hospital. I just want to be safe, none of the hemorrhage symptoms, do you think I'll be fine?

At any point. That's just it there is no way of knowing. A clot could be formed and something like a hit to the head could jog it lose. Head aches are warning signs. Most likly though you'll be fine just you NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR concussions can KILL YOU!  (+ info)

How long do post-traumatic hydroceles last after an inguinal hernia repair operation?

I had left inguinal hernia repair surgery 7 days ago. It caused a post-traumatic hydrocele on my left testicle (I know not very common, but it does exist.) and it is still there. How long on average will this last? I am seeing my doctor soon.

I found this article that may help.
http://www.emedicine.com/Med/topic2778.htm  (+ info)

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