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Has your baby ever had surgery for intussusception?

My eight month old had it a couple of weeks ago, and they routinely do an appendectomy with the surgery for the intuss.. Well, at his checkup post-op visit today, the surgeon said that he actually had appendicitis as well. I was wondering if that was normal, for those to happen together. ?

My 9month old had Surgery regarding Childhood volvulus, and actually had an appendectomy.
They said when he had surgery (he was in for emergency surgery) that he had an appendicitis, and a nurse came out and I had to sign to approve the appendix being removed.

My Husband had surgery a few years ago (suffers Granulomatous colitis) and had his appendix removed.
Must be pretty common then..  (+ info)

Large abdomen scar from intussusception: Will I have to have c-section?

When I was four, I had surgery for intussusception (rare but serious intestinal disorder where the intestine telescopes into itself). The surgery went fine, but it left me with a rather large scar about an inch below my belly button. I was discussing pregnancy with a friend, and she stated that I might have to have a c-section because of my scar. Has anyone ever heard this?

P.S. I am not currently pregnant.

intestinal surgery SHOULDN'T have an effect on your ability to give birth vaginally, the scar on the belly shouldn't affect your cervix/vagina, so you should be fine
but we don't know you, this is a question for your doctor, not a bunch of random strangers on the internet
only your doctor can see what has happened (medical records, physical exam) and determine what is best for YOU  (+ info)

intussusception will it heal itself?

I discovered I have a intussusception on Tuesday but the pain went away when I drank the CT drinks,now doctor has me on liquid diet for 2 weeks,but is this going to help everything I've read says no,also I am 49yrs old and this is very rare,Do ya think as soon as I start eating again it will be back?

It appears you are under doctor's care and all you have to do is follow your doctor's instruction and do your follow-up visits.

It is a rare condition The condition is not usually immediately life-threatening. The intussusception can be treated with either a barium or water-soluble contrast enema or an air-contrast enema, which both confirms the diagnosis of intussusception, and in most cases successfully reduces it. The success rate is over 80% and reoccurance depends a lot on the patient's ability to understand that he/she must follow treatment orders.

If it cannot be reduced by an enema or if the intestine is damaged, then a surgical reduction is necessary. In a surgical reduction, the abdomen is opened and the part that has telescoped in is squeezed out (rather than pulled out) manually by the surgeon or if the surgeon is unable to successfully reduce it or the bowel is damaged, the affected section will be resected. More often, the intussusception can be reduced by laparoscopy, whereby the segments of intestine are pulled apart by forceps.

Good for you for being pro-active in your healthcare. Always get at least 3 opinions before making any rational decision - surgery should be your later alternative.  (+ info)

intussusception...helpp now constpated?

My daughter had intussusception at 10 months & had the emergcy operation..now 2months later she been consipated 4 the 1st time...& acting how she was when she got ill..not wanting to play ..uncoftable...straining to do a poo..& just wants to lay on me..cryin

should i be worrid is this hapning again???...as they said it could

  (+ info)

Intussusception question...can you help?!?

If your baby has Intussusception, how often does the severe abdominal pain come? My little boy had the Rotateq vaccination a few days ago and 2-4 times a day (and night) he starts crying with very bad gas pain. At night he'll wake up from sleep practically screaming - it only lasts a few seconds. I hope it is only gas pain and nothing serious, or I am thinking he may have caught Rotavirus from the vaccine. I called the Dr and she said keep an eye on it but seeing as I have a whole night to go through I am worried. Thank you!

Didn't you say in an earlier question that you were having the same symptoms? In that case, it is likely a virus, if it is affecting both of you. You would have already had Rotovirus as a child and wouldn't likely get it again as an adult.  (+ info)

Intussusception...helpp now constpated?

My daughter had intussusception at 10 months & had the emergcy operation..now 2months later she been consipated 4 the 1st time...& acting how she was when she got ill..not wanting to play ..uncoftable...straining to do a poo..& just wants to lay on me..cryin

should i be worrid is this hapning again???...as they said it could

Because of your daughter's medical history, I would call your pediatrician asap. Likely they will get her seen today.  (+ info)

What is intussusception?

An intussusception is a situation in which a part of the intestine has prolapsed into another section of intestine, similar to the way in which the parts of a collapsible telescope slide into one another. The part which prolapses into the other is called the intussusceptum, and the part which receives it is called the intussuscipiens. The most frequent type of intussusception is one in which the ileum enters the cecum, however other types are known to occur, such as when a part of the ileum or jejunum prolapses into itself. Almost all intussusceptions occur with the intussusceptum having been located proximally to the intussuscipiens, however in certain, very rare cases the intussusceptum was originally distal to the intussuscipiens. The reason for this is that peristaltic action of the intestine "pulls" the proximal segment into the distal segment.

Intussusception in humans is almost exclusively a disease of the young, usually those between 2 months and 36 months old. It occurs more frequently in boys than in girls, with a ratio of approximately 3:1.  (+ info)

IBS, Crohn's, Intussusception, What do I have??

Ok. I can honestly say that, after weeks of internet searches, I have not found anything that would help diagnose what I have. Do you want the challenge? Here you go:

I am in my 30's and, unitl 12 months ago, the most serious thing I've ever had was a flu. It all started a yr ago when I was rushed to the ER with unbelievable intestinal cramps. CT scan showed a intestinal obstruction and exploratory surgery was done. Nothing was found. No tumor, no scar tissue (no previous surgeries), no bands, no inflamation, nothing.

Since then, I have "episodes" roughly once a month. They include: severe cramps, extremelly noisy sounds, lots of air. It usually passes after 1-2 days, but sometimes it may take a week. Most of the time it is followed by the big D, but not always. I had a serious one last month, went to the hospital and CT revealed another partial intestinal obstruction. This time they did not operate and it went away. Pain was unbelievable and morphine was needed.

I have seen a GI and have done blood tests, colonoscopy and small bowel series. All normal. The GI is puzzled, so am I. Here are the possibilities:
IBS: Symptoms are similar, although i don't necessarilygo to the bathroom several times a day like IBS patients usually do. Plus, IBS does not cause intestinal blackage, or abnormal CTs

CROHN's: My problems flare up like crohn's, so it could be an inflamatory condition that could also cause the obstruction. The problem is: I get no fever, no bleeding in the stool, no pain in the joints and the colonoscopy and small bowel series were normal. Plus, Crohns usually develop in the teens.

TUMOR, INTUSSUSCEPTION, ETC...: The radiologist and my GI insist in saying that my small intestine was partially obstructed both times, but CT scan, SB series and colonoscopy revealed no growth or mechanical obstruction. Plus, during the exploratory surgery, nothing was found.

So... What do I have? My next test is the pill cam, where you swallow a camera that takes pics of your small intestines. I am being careful with what I eat, since the episodes usually happen after a night meal and cause INTENSE overnight abdominal pains. Pains are usually located right below the stomack, always above the belly button. I am taking bentyl for the cramping plus peppermint teas and anything I can find to soothe the bowels. I recently cut dairy, wheat, sodas and alcohool.
Sooo... what's wrong with me? Helpful insights are appreciated...!

Wow! Well, you've been through Hell and back, huh? I went through something somewhat similar.

I'm 23 and female first off. I had pain in my abdomen for two years. It would move around and then finally settled in my lower right side. The doctors checked for appendicitis and did all kinds of OBGYN tests. They found small cysts (1cm-4cm) but nothing that would cause my pain. My OBGYN finally decided to do emergency surgery to remove cysts and check for ovarian torsion and check out my appendix. The cysts came out 4 hours later and so did my appendix. My appendix was normal but "congested" they said.

The pain was gone for a few weeks and came back with a vengance. Only this time it was way worse. I got fevers with the pain and the pain had moved to my upper right side. The doctors ignored me at this point and I was so violently ill every time I'd have an episode. I wound up in the ER countless times because the pain was so severe and I'd be vomiting so much.

Finally, I decided, enough was enough. I got a second opinion which my family agreed I should do. The doctor looked at my colonoscopy results, my endoscopy results, my blood tests, my CT scan results, my gallbladder ultrasound with cck report, and said he wanted my gallbladder removed even though the ultrasound was normal. He ordered a HIDA scan with cck to be done right away.

My results were severely abnormal. I had my gallbladder removed a week later. It's been five/six months now and no more pain!

Moral of the story: Get a new doctor. Get some fresh ideas from someone new. I waited 2 years to do that and I got an answer, surgery, and relief in less than a month.

I still carry the dx of IBS-Constipation and I looked up "non-mechanical obstructions and it says that they are caused by:

"{Non Mechanical Obstruction} Causes

Ileus may be caused by:

* Abdominal surgery
* Joint or spine surgery
* Injury or trauma
* Infections, such as:
o Abdominal infections: peritonitis , appendicitis , diverticulitis
o Pneumonia
o Severe generalized infections ( sepsis )
* Heart attack
* Imbalance of electrolytes
* Disorders that affect muscle function
* Use of certain drugs, such as narcotic pain drugs or high blood pressure medicine
* Low blood supply to parts of intestine (mesenteric ischemia)"

With that said, I wonder what a new GI doc would think of your test results. The info I read said that non-mechanical obstructions are due to paralysis of the intestines basically and then I'm guessing the big "D" comes after because the blockage is holding everything up.

I am glad to see that you are cutting those things out of your diet but are you also drinking lots of water and taking fiber?

Another thing to remember is that if you have been taking laxatives to help things along during these episodes, keep in mind that in the end, constant use of laxatives can cause your bowels to rely on them to move like they should, causing more constipation.

Have you been able to connect your episodes with a stressful event (monthly paperwork, bills, something else you do that causes you great stress once a month?) or with a certain food?

I am not a doctor but I think you might benefit from posting this very same question on justanswer.com/health. I did it when I was having issues with my gallbladder and they actually gave me a pretty accurate response considering it was via the internet.

I truly hope you get an answer soon. I hope that you get some peace of mind. If it is IBS, it's probably IBS-A (alternating) and there are some meds out there that can help with it along with a good solid diet with the right kind of fiber. Not all fiber is good for constipation. Some fiber supplements are the kind that "bulk" things up and some are not.

Feel free to write to me if I can help in any way at all. [email protected]


Gretchen  (+ info)

what does intussusception mean?

Intussusception occurs when one portion of the bowel slides into the next, much like the pieces of a telescope. When this occurs, it creates an obstruction in the bowel, with the walls of the intestines pressing against one another. This, in turn, leads to swelling, inflammation, and decreased blood flow to the intestines involved.  (+ info)

should i stay and hope or leave and give up ?

There's something wrong with my digestive system...
I was diagnosed with IBS about 7 years ago - I have both main systems and I am never in between (normal)
this past tuesday was really bad, and i ended up in the hospital (ER) because it hurts more than it ever has in the past - i figured they'd give me some pain killers to get me through the night and it would pass by the time i woke up (this has worked in the past) but things didn't quite work out as planned
i had a CT in the ER which showed an intussusception in my small intestines so I was admitted to the hospital so they could run further tests, and talked about surgery (I was under the impression it was a 90% chance i'd end up having the surgery)
getting the doctors to come see me and decide what tests to do I didn't end up having the x-rays until yesterday (thurs) - and they didn't see the intussusception and decided against surgery (even though he maid it seem from the beginning that they can come and go and it disappearing doesn't mean no surgery) he really had my family and me convinced that i never had IBS and that he could fix me for real - we were all really disappointed that it's not over
so they turfed me to OBGYN - who didn't find anything with the pelvic exam - so last night they ordered an ultrasound which i didn't end up getting until 7 tonight (i did somehow get the results right away and it's fine)
i've been getting dilaudid every 4 hours and the pain comes back after 2 1/2 to 3 hours later (so i'm in pain for at least an hour before i can get another shot) i'm not a big drug taker so i'm not very happy about this
I'm also on a clear liquid diet so i'm not getting any protein or vitamins
my family and my fiance are pushing for me to refuse discharge if they try before they figure this out - but at this point i don't believe they will ever be able to fix me
there has to be more wrong with me than usual - or there's no way i could still hurt this much - but i don't want to sit here anymore and not get any answers - and my "roomate" snores like you would not believe so i can't even sleep here
my best friend's birthday is on sunday so we were supposed to go out tomorrow for a comedy show and then down to NYC on sunday
i want to give up and just have them give me some drugs and send me on my way, but i also want to get better - i'm just not sure it's possible

would you stay and hope or get out and suck it up?

you have to stay. at least while you ae in the hospital they run all the tests and you don't have to wait- as an out patient it may take months to get all the tests done. so, the more tests they do, the better chance of them finding out what is wrong with you. im sure everyone will understand. there will be other shows, and other birthdays.  (+ info)

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