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Iron Overload?

Does anyone have this problem - Hemochramatosis - and what kind of treatment did you have to go through?

Type that phrase into GOOGLE.com. It'll bring up a nice long list of answers for you 1,000 times faster than anyone here at good
ol' yahoo.com could!

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Could you give me advise on iron overload?

I am in need of a list of foods WITHOUT iron or that are low in iron. My doctor tells me I have iron overload. I am having a hard time trying to find out what to eat. Also note I need to reduce my weight. Thanks for the help.
I don't know what yahoo put this question in this catagory. I do not have diabetes.
I have Iron OVERLOAD !!! I don't need advice on how to get more iron in my body.

Your doctor should set you up an appointment with a dietitian. Just request an appointment.  (+ info)

Can Iron overload cause irregular periods?

I've been taking some pills that contain iron for about 3 months and i've recenlty experienced irregular periods every two weeks.

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What is the result of iron overload?

what are the symptons of iron overload?

Hi Rose. The issue of constipation is a byproduct of iron supplements and not a sign of iron overload.

I am not an expert on iron overload so what I am listing below are direct quotes from the textbook "Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism" by Gropper, et al., published in 2005.

"Accidental iron overload (toxicity) has been observed in young children following excessive ingestion of iron pills or vitamin and mineral pills. Other people susceptible to iron overload have a genetic disorder known as hemochromatosis."

"Hemochromatosis ... is characterized by increased (at least two times normal) iron absorption. Mutations in the HFE gene have been shown to be responsible for the condition and result in the inability of the body, primarily the intestinal cells, to accurately sense iron stores and down-regulate intestinal iron absorption. Thus, in individuals with hemochromatosis, iron absorption continues despite high iron stores."

"The absorbed iron is progressively deposited within tissues, especially the liver, heart, and pancreas, among others, causing extensive organ damage and ultimately organ failure."

"Other people at particularly high risk for iron overload are those with iron-loading anemias, thalassemia, and sideroblastic anemia."

Note: "...while previous studies once linked high body iron (serum ferritin >200 ug/L) to heart disease, a larger group of studies has shown no such association."

Hope this is helpful for you. Best wishes.  (+ info)

What do you take instead of prenatal vitamins if you have had iron overload before?

Ask your Doc--your iron levels have to be closely monitored or you and the baby could become very, very sick.  (+ info)

what could cause iron level to go up and it is not iron overload?

my iron level whent up for 6 mounth then it started going back down to aprox 300 other symtome respitory insufciency and very my muscle are always dead tired as the dday goes on at the end of the day i could berly walk thank you gerry

A couple of things. Hemochromocytosis or an Increase in stomach acidity increases Iron absorption. Weakness can be an associated Myopathy or Neuromuscular junction problem like Myasthenia gravis.

Other tests of interest would be Iron saturation, TIBC, Ferritin, Hgb, BNP, CPK, Acetylcholine Receptor antibody.

More invasive testing would be EMG with repetitive stimulation or muscle biopsy or Bone marrow biopsy given the right clinical setting.

It sounds like there is something significant going on if you truly get this weak by the end of the day and I wouldn't ignore those symptom.  (+ info)

What herbs will work for iron overload?

our bodies cant dump iron, the only way to get rid of it is to give blood  (+ info)

what specialist treat iron overload problem?

Dear all

I was diagnosed with iron overload in my blood and liver. what kind of doctor treats this kind of problem?
GI, rhumatology or Neurology?

Thank you so much

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condition known as iron overload disease?

almost done!

Hemochromatosis  (+ info)

what is the relation between iron overload&heart failure?

What is the relation between iron overload and heart failure?
Hemochromatosis is primarily an inherited /genetic condition that allows too much iron to be absorbed and stored throughout the body. Most people absorb only enough iron to meet their body's daily requirements, and the excess is excreted.
In Hemochromatosis, however, iron continues to be absorbed and stored in different organs and tissues long after the body's needs are met.
The liver is the first organ to store excess iron after which it accumulates in the heart, pituitary gland, and elsewhere in the body.
When iron builds up in the heart muscle, it will cause irregular heartbeat and heart failure, leading to shortness of breath and swelling of the ankles.
If untreated, the resulting damage to the liver, heart, and pancreas may eventually lead to death.

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