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In neonatal jaundice; Is it practical to check breath CO2 to monitor the course and the treatment?

It's said that in healthy well neonatal icter there is a rise in breath CO2 -measurable with capnography- which correlates well with the extent of icter and course of it (regardless of the treatment). So it can be used as a noninvasive test to evaluate the icter in its first presentation and to monitor the treatment.
I'm planning a search to evaluate above statement. Would you kindly help me understand value of my thought to carry on?

Sorry, no idea.  (+ info)

what tests should be done ina mother when a new born baby has neonatal jaundice?

i am trying to find some blood test for the mother if a infant has neonatal jaundice

It's not the mother, baby just has it. It's really VERY common. They have bili-lights at the hospital, hopefully you do not have to do that. They often tell you to use formula for 48 hours, you do NOT have to do that either. That's just a great way to mess up your breastfeeding relationship.

If you go home with a jaundiced baby, be sure to get a lot of sunlight. Some people will tell you to just be in a window. This does not work because new windows have UV protection. You need to be careful about sunburning baby, so pay attention to the time of day and how long. No sunscreen! If it's cold out, OPEN the window and have baby in your lap (to keep warm) in just a diaper for at least 10 minutes a day.  (+ info)

how do you prevent neonatal jaundice?

my two boys had it at birth, now am getting due to having the third one and am a bit worried?

Jaundice in newborns
Jaundice in newborns (also called hyperbilirubinemia) is a condition in which the skin and the whites of a baby's eyes appear yellow because of a buildup of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow-brown substance produced by the breakdown of red blood cells.

During pregnancy, the mother's liver gets rid of fetal bilirubin. After birth, babies must eliminate bilirubin on their own. However, many newborns cannot get rid of bilirubin as fast as they make it. Bilirubin then builds up in the baby's body, causing jaundice.

Although jaundice should be monitored, it usually does not require medical treatment. Phototherapy, in which a baby is placed under special lights or fiber-optic blankets, may be used if bilirubin levels reach a high enough level. On rare occasions, blood transfusions are needed.

In rare cases, jaundice in a newborn may be a sign of another condition, such as infection, a digestive system problem, or blood-type incompatibility with the mother.

my son had jaundice when he was born, had to take him for billirubin tests each week for a few weeks. basically i was told when laying him down keep him where the sun can shine on his belly. something about the suns rays that helps the newborn to get rid of it. and it worked he's 17 now and in perfect health.  (+ info)

Child has neonatal meningitis but then develops normally for a year, is there still a risk of brain damage?

Little girl in India spent her first month of life in the hospital with meningitis, jaundice and sepsis. Now, a year later, she shows no sign of brain damage, has normal brain scans (CT and MRI) and has met all developmental milestones. How significant is the chance that she will later develop problems from this early illness?

Unfortunately, you are not going to know for sure until the child grows up. Subtle brain damage is hard to detect until child gets older.  (+ info)

what causes neonatal jaundice?

I don't want an answer from Wiki

This is pretty common and generally nothing to worry about.Baby has been depending on mums body to do all the work (filtering blood etc.)
Sometimes towards the end of the pregancy mums body cannot cope so well with all this work (for all sorts of reasons).
Babys body is not yet up and running yet as far as organs are concerned - so cleansing of blood which is a pretty complex business may get off to a slow start.
Resulting in jaundice.
My daughter had a beautiful 'tan' when she was born.
Soon sorted itself out though.  (+ info)

Neonatal jaundice can goes down itself after having phototherapy for 6 day's.......?

My son was born 2 weeks ago then he had increasing jaundice so doctor took the test for Glucose 6-pd allong with liver function test finally results was that times are 13 bilirubin and d-6-pd was deficient but we did mistake we took out the child from the hospital after 2 days when we took the lft test again the bilirubin was at 24.4 so doctor advised us to admit the child in the hospital for photo therepy after six days his bilirubin came down from 24.4 to 15 then we discharged him by dr's advise now i think he still having yellow skin and yellow eyes do you think its normal........?

as long as it is going down not up then you are doing better but try a little sunlight (not alot) by sitting his swing or something next to a closed window for a few minutes a day also the biliblankets work well and they make your baby look like a cute little glow worm also try feeding the baby more to push the bilirubin through his system faster the more you feed the more they poo it out  (+ info)

mean of neonatal jaundice?

jaundice in new-born babies , neo-natal means new born  (+ info)

How do I prepare to become a neonatal nurse?

Ok, so I am 12 years old, and my passion is to become a neonatal nurse. I really want to do this but I want to prepare to become one. I already babysit, and i want to do volunteer work in a doctors office with a neonatal for free if possible but I'm not sure how. I live in Arizona does anyone know anywhere that I can volunteer? Please add any info you know about being a neonatal nurse!

It's not necessary to volunteer. Just do it if you want a taste of the career and would do it anyway. The most important thing is just to do well when you get to high school, so you can get into a college of your choice that has a nursing major. You can either earn an Associate's (2 year) degree, or a Bachelor's (4 year) degree Registered Nurse program. After you graduate, you will be eligible for the NCLEX exam, and you will earn your nursing license after you pass. Then there are special post-grad programs you can take to specialize, or you can earn a Master's degree in a special field, like the neonatal field. It's up to you which direction you go.

There are also other kinds of nurses which require less schooling, like a Practical Nurse (1 or 2 years) or a Nursing Assistant (2 months- 1 year). Any kind of nurse is a great career with tons of growth, and one of few growing fields! So you'll never have to worry about not having a job.  (+ info)

How do you become a neonatal nurse?

I plan on becoming a neonatal nurse. I am taking Allied Health 1 and "Plan" on going into Allied Health 2 next year.I am planning on going to a Community College. My mom told me that I have to become an RN then go on to a neonatal nurse. How many year do you have to be in college?
Anything else you think I should know please tell me.
thanks everyone who answered :-)

I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse/Neonatal nurse. I went to a RN program at a community college. I took my exam to get my license, and then take a training course in the hospital that I work at to work in neonatal. All you have to do is get a RN degree and then train in the area that you want to nurse in.  (+ info)

What's the difference between Neonatal and Prenatal nurses?

I want to be a nurse for babies, but not for the premature babies. I sent a question out awhile ago asking what job works with new babies and I got Neonatal and Prenatal. Whats the difference?

Neonatal nurses work with newborn babies that are premature or ill.

Prenatal nurses (or midwives) work with expectant mothers during preganacy and birth, and newborns following birth.

If you don't want to work with premature babies, midwifery is the better option for you. However Midwifery requires at least 3 years study at University to become qualified, and also that much of your work will be with the pregnant mothers rather than babies.

However you could work as a health care assistant on a midwifery ward, I worked on a post-natal ward (after birth) as a HCA and spent much time with the babies and mothers.  (+ info)

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