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My mother is 72 years old.She had obstructive jaundice.She underwent a byepass surgery to remove block in gall

My mother is 72 years old.She had obstructive jaundice.She underwent a byepass surgery to remove block in gall bladder.Now , she has cancer in pancreas.Is it advisable to give cancer injection or let her to live as long as she lives.If given injection,what would be the outcomes?Whether she can withstand it?

I think it would really depend on how your mother feels about things and about life in general. Some people want to fight and others just don't have the energy for it. I would first find out what stage of cancer she is in, there are different levels of severity.

Do you mean chemotherapy when you say cancer injection? Your best bet would really be to talk to the physician treating her. Based upon her history and current status, plus her own wishes, he can recommend what might be best. Chemo is tough on everybody and it batters the immune system which will leave her open to infection. Only the doctor can really advise whether she is strong enough to survive it.  (+ info)

What is "Acute obstructive jaundice, "bloems (?)" haematemesis?

My G G Grandad's death certificate gives the above as the cause of death. I know haematemesis is vomiting blood (how delightful!) but I don't know where the jaundice connects to this (I suspect that it may be alcohol related) and I am not sure that I have read the "bloems" part correctly - it may be "blocks" or "glucks".

Can anyone tell me what it means please?

The irony is, if it is alcohol related, that y G G Grandad cast his own son out of the family for daring to marry a girl he met in a bar!!

You are correct in thinking that hematemisis is vomiting blood. (Acute obstructive) Jaundice (yellowing of the skin/eyes etc.) can be related to the liver or pancreas - which may be caused by a "blockage" with/in the liver or pancreas. Alcohol could have played a factor in both hematemisis and jaundice. It is hard to say exactly with out knowing the medical history  (+ info)

What is Acute Obstructive Jaundice (Blocks/Bloems?Glucks???) Haematosis?

My G G Grandfather died of the above in 1903, so his death certificate says. What is this condition all about please, and does anyone please know what the word in brackets might be - I can't read it clearly on the certificate.

Thank you.

Gall stones are the usual cause. obstruction (blockage) of the bile ducts which is most probably what is written in brackets. Probably states Hepatitis and not haematosis  (+ info)

does having obstructive jaundice mean you have cancer?

a laparoscopy will be done to determine the cause of the lump on tip of gallbladder.... Urgent, please respond

Turning yellow, or jaundice, means your bilirubin cannot drain as normal. The liver makes this bilirubin, and it drains via the common bile duct, into the small intestine. It is what gives your stool the brown color. If the bile duct is plugged, usually by a gallstone, then you can become jaundice. Special Xray studies, ultrasound, CT scans and MRI, (MRCP) can tell you just what is the obstruction. Another test, ERCP, can be done to clear out the bile duct. Jaundice can come from cancer of the gallbladder, pancreas or bile duct. It is rare, with about 47,000 cases of pancreatic cancer each year. Gallstones happen suddenly, with pain, nausea and vomiting common symptoms. Cancer is slower to develop, usually painfree with dramatic weight loss. See a gastroenterologist to sort out the issue and fix it, if possible.  (+ info)

Obstructive Jaundice?

My aunty is suffering from Obstructive Jaundice. She is about 55 yrs old.Her Jaundice was 27. now its down to 5.2
Docs are saying when it will be down to 2 then they can operate. By the time Jaundice goes down, there is a chance the obstruction will grow n affect pancreas. As any one has any such kind of experince? Has any of your relatives goen thru this??
Is there any case people have survived???

Most people do survive. It depends on what is doing the obstructing. The most common reason is gallstones, but you say there is a chance the obstruction will grow n affect pancreas and gallstones don’t grow. This also means it’s not the pancreas.  (+ info)

causes for obstructive jaundice(distal CBD obstruction) secondary to choledocholithias with cholangitis?

is it due to CBD stone removal done once before and later on with laporoscopic cholecystectomy done? the ERCP reads- papilla: evidence of previous sphincterotomy with lot of purulent discharge. Cholangiogram: Gb-Post cholecystectomy status.

no one knows exactly.

Sounds like the patient had a blown open sphincter of Odi (the papilla), this may have been done at ERCP, or from stone passing "naturally", or from the lap cholecystectomy. Sphincterotomies are routine, and are thought to open the papilla to allow stones to exit more easily. If only a simple cholecystectomy, then a stone may have been left. If they explored thh CBD, they may have injured it, or pushed a stone into the pancreas, or frankly, missed another stone.

There very well be no way to answer the question, ever. This is an issue that will trouble surgeons for decades.  (+ info)

treatment for itchiness caused by obstructive jaundice?

diagnosed with advanced bile duct cancer prescription drugs not effective. need alternate remedies urgently

The only thing I can think of is to keep you skin clean and use a dermatologically approved moisturizer without any sent. Unfortunately it is the salts that are being excreted through you skin that is causing the itchiness, these are normally filtered out through the liver. If your kidneys are functioning alright I would think drinking extra water would be helpful. You should keep your nails trimed short, so if you do scratch you are less likely to rip your skin open and run the risk of infection. Some of the prescription drugs take a bit of time to work.  (+ info)

How long does jaundice last on orient baby?

How long does jaundice last on orient baby? My daughter has been in the hospital since the day she was born (nov 20) . And i miss her so bad, i know that its best for her to be there . She was vaccum out of me, thats why she has jaundice. But her head has been heal since 2 days now. And is it true that the longer you have jaundice it could damnits (affect) the brian?

Being vaccumed out has nothing to do with jaundice. my daughter was vacumed and dint have it but my son was natural and did. The longer its left untreated the more it affects the brain. my son had to go back to hospital after 2 days to go in an incubator under a uv sort of light. he was under it for 2 days and his levels went down but i had to go back to hospital to have his blood checked a few more times to make sure it hadnt gone back up. it didnt and he was jaundice free in about 3 weeks.  (+ info)

What is Jaundice in a way that I could explain it to my class?

One main symptom to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia is Jaundice. Short and sweet I need to know what it is so my class will understand it. Please help me. I dont understand all the sites that I went to, to find out what jaundice was. Thanks a bunch!

i do know that jaundice is cause by a back up of bilirubin in the blood. the liver is not able to get rid of it so it shows by changing the whites of your eyes to yellow, and your skin and mucous membranes.  (+ info)

How can tell if my child is recovering from Jaundice?

My boy is 4 days old. They said he had jaundice on day 2 and 3 with 13.1 on the billirubin and would improve in the next few days. Can I find out on my own - if he is doing better with jaundice?

  (+ info)

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