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How do dentists remove wisdom teeth that are partially grown out? Do they put you to sleep?

I've gotten my top wisdom teeth pulled out. That wasn't a problem because they were fully grown. But I need to get my lower jaw wisdom teeth pulled out. Both are only half way grown. Does sleeping gas actually work? I don't fall asleep easily.

Whether they are partially grown out of fully grown out, the techinque is the same for removal. As far as anesthesia, you can get I.V. sedation which will make you numb to the world and cause you not to remember anything of the procedure (if they give you enough sedation) without the need for them putting a tube down your throat and having them breath for you via a machine. When I had mine out, I remember seeing them put the sedation into my I.V., and then the next thing I remember is waking up in the waiting room (I had actually already been awake and talking for 20 minutes, but that's the first thing I remember!) Good stuff!!!  (+ info)

Is it safe to wait 5 months to pull out a partially grown wisdom tooth?

My wisdom tooth on my lower left jaw has been growing out. and it hurts ALOT- most likely an impacted tooth. Problem is that i don't not have dental insurance this year and i would have to wait 5 months. is it safe to wait until 2009 or should i pay out of pocket now?


Intermittent hearing loss in right ear and pain in moving my jaw?

I have a history of more than ten yrs sinusitis and middle ear infections. Most recently, I had two middle ear infections that were severe, and damaged my hearing. Hearing came back partially, now in my right ear I have hearing difficulty that varies according to the position I hold my head in, balance problems and a crunching / grinding sensation and noise in right ear when i open my jaw more than halfway.

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My jaw seems partially displaced....?

I was playing basketball and I got hit on the underside of my jaw and it feels like its popped slightly out of place (right side), i dont think its all the way out though because i can still talk and other such actions, it just hurts., its the first time its happened, is there anything i can do to pop it back without going to the doctor?

It may be slightly swollen. Put some ice on it and see how it is in the morning. If it's not better, get yourself to a doctor.  (+ info)

when your wisdom teeth are partially erupted and will not come out any farther, is it impacted?

if it is an impaction, how would it be removed? will they cut the skin? will they cut the jaw bone? can they break the jaw bone? anyone know the step by step procedures? including steps to put you to sleep? i am a severe dental phobic and i was supose to get my wisdom teeth out last week, but i canceled the appointment with the oral surgeon.

If a wisdom tooth is partially erupted it can sometimes be said that it is impacted. It depends on the position of the tooth. Almost always, an oral surgeon will recommend general anesthesia (being put to sleep), just like in the movies i.e. count back from 10. You don't really want to know the details after that. On occasion they will have to do some cutting. There is always a risk, but it is really rare that a jaw gets broken or paralysis occurs. Your first visit to the oral surgeon is usually a consult only. The OS can answer all of your questions on that visit. In case it helps....top teeth come out pretty easily in general. Bottom teeth are sometimes more difficult. If the tooth doesn't erupt all the way it is not functioning in your bite, furthermore it is prone to gum problems and cavities. Just get it done.  (+ info)

I only have one wisdom tooth, hard to open jaw?

On my lower set of teeth, I have one wisdom tooth erupting on the back left side. It is not "in line" with my other teeth and seems to be growing at a slight angle. Part of the tooth seems to be growing into my gum/cheek because the cap is partially covered with gum/skin. I cannot even open my jaw fully, as it starts to hurt. The pain is only on this side. Also, my inner cheek near that tooth is grayish-white, not pink. I do not understand what is going on. I am going to the dentist next week. I just noticed this tooth today as the jaw pain came on suddenly 2 days ago. The pain is very manageable but I dont understand what is going on in there and its hard to open my mouth and inspect it. Any suggestions on what my dentist/oral surgeon will do? Thanks very much.

i would say either you dint have room for your wisdom tooth and that is causing the pain or you have and infection from the tooth coming it. though i cant see in your mouth but if it is your first wisdom tooth it could just hurt because it is your first wisdom tooth. the dentist will take and look and ex-ray and see if there is room for it he probably will poke on it a little too. well hope this helps.. try chewing on some ice might help ya. or put and aspirin on it  (+ info)

my jaw is really sore. is this related to my wisdom teeth. due to have them out early november?

I can hear my jaw click when I open and close it and the pain is just like a lot of pressure. Usually doesn\t start until I eat something in the morning. I have one wisdom tooth that has come through the gum partially, others still under the gum

The soreness could be coming from the wisdom teeth and/or a TMJ problem. I would suspect more of a joint problem but it is impossible to say without an exam. Good luck  (+ info)

How long are jaw alignment braces needed for?

I recently got told to wear removable jaw alignment braces, which are the ones with big blocks on them. They cause my jaw and face to really ache, and look hideous as they're very big and bulky. Does anyone know how long I will have these for before getting fitted braces?
I'm 17 in 2 weeks, and all I want is to hurry up and get fixed braces, but my orthodontist never tells me anything.

it all depends on how badly crooked your teeth are. you may have them for weeks, months or longer. it just all depends on how your teeth were before.
and your orthodontist probably doesn't tell you anything because they never know anything for sure. something could always change and you wouldn't wanna be let down, would you? mine did the same thing. lol.  (+ info)

What is the largest angle a human jaw can exhibit without unhinging?

i think it's 45 degrees but is there a world record? Also I wonder if fixed jaw ratios are genetic, gender-specific, or all-around the same. It seems that everyone should physically be able to open their jaws to the max but some people with big mouths have trouble opening their jaws.

I think it's 45 degrees too, you're right. I bet if you stretched your jaw a lot then it could probably start to go farther.  (+ info)

What home remedies are there for a locked jaw?

For a few years, I've had a misaligned jaw and the left side cracked when I opened my mouth really wide. But for the past 2 weeks, the right side of my jaw has just gotten locked and I can't open my mouth completely without pain.

I have read a lot about TMJ and people often advise seeing a dentist or chiropractor, but I was wondering whether anybody has any home remedies I can try first. I have tried massaging and putting a heating towel. Although the heating towel allowed me to open my mouth wider, it still didn't cure the problem.

Also, I tend to sleep with my mouth open and I consistently sleep sideways, which I believe is what caused my misaligned jaw after years and years.

Any advice on what I can do as a last resort before seeking professional help??


See if you can find someone who knows the "KI Method". It is kind of like a massage, but focuses on the points of your body that need healing.  (+ info)

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