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If a punch to jaw fractures your jaw will the doctor be able to tell how long ago it happened?

if it happened 9 months ago and it feels fine will a doctor be able to tell how long it happened with a ct scan or mri...will it show new bone still growing

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After having jaw wired for 3 months--due to two fractures in jaw--what exercises or physical therapy? Dental.?

My husband can only open his jaw wide enough to put one finger in between his upper and lower jaw. The wires were put on to keep the jaw in place, and now that the jaw is healed, he is having much difficulty opening it as wide as he used to!

There are many jaw exercises to be performed. A PT will teach your husband how to do them.  (+ info)

What is the difference between LockJaw and a Jaw Fracture?

What is the difference between LockJaw and a Jaw Fracture?
My gf just told me she yawned and her jaw cracked and she had immense pain.

She fell off her bed and slammed her cheek into the side table and has had pain ever since. That was a week ago she fell. could it still be fractured or is this Lockjaw or something? Ideas?

Lockjaw is another name for tetanus, a deadly disease that causes severe muscular spasms that, among other things, clamps the jaws shut.
A jaw fracture is a broken jaw bone.
Neither of these sound relevant to your girl friend's condition.
Sounds like she is suffering from a condition called TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder or disease, a condition that is more bothersome than dangerous. An internet search will return lots of information.
This is most often caused by malocclusion of the teeth, so the place to start for help is the dentist.

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Has anyone ever had their jaw spontaneously fracture due to a cyst caused by an impacted wisdom tooth?

I have an impacted wisdom tooth with a cyst that is, according to my dental surgeon, eating away at the bone in my jaw. I have to have surgery to remove it and am a bit nervous about the whole thing. I'm 42!

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I have recieved a compensation settlement of £3800 for a fractured jaw from a attack should I accept?

I'm sure my tooth is more damaged than origanally thought! My jaw was fractured and a tooth damaged and has lost it's colour slightly, I havnt been to the dentist yet but I'm booked in for next week,if it's bad news do I contest my offer considering there was no dental examination prior to the offer.

Did you not have an expert opinion about the damage and the potential outcome for the damaged tooth?

Before you accept this offer which is more than likely a base level standard offer you need to talk to a solicitor, perhaps one in with expertise in this area. The money spent on legal help can be recouped if you win the case.

An opinion from a dentist or maxillo facial surgeon (you were treated by one!) will be expensive but money well spent in terms of an overall claim. The tooth is vulnerable and may die and you need to cover all eventualities.

Are you aware that if the tooth fails to survive which sounds likely an implant alone will cost int he region of 2000 especially if you need to use an implantologist due to the fracture heal site.
That will make the offer sound very small indeed.  (+ info)

How do I know if I have a fractured jaw?

I was playing lacrosse and I was hit square in the ear. Now my ear lobe is swollen, right behind my ear is really sore, and my jaw (right below my ear) is sore, as well. It hurts to eat hard foods and hurts to open my mouth wide. It's not EXTREME pain like I've heard a broken jaw can be, but it does hurt quite a bit.

Any ideas?

go do the doctor for an xray  (+ info)

I slammed my jaw against my knee on a trampoline, is it fractured?

I was on a trampoline and I fell and slammed my knee against my jaw really hard. I can't open my mouth all the way. Is my jaw fractured, broken, or does it just hurt really bad?

If you feel as though your jaw is broken, see a doctor. If it doesn't hurt that bad, it's probably just bruised.  (+ info)

What can I do if a hospital refused to fix a broken jaw?

It was in 2008 and I had got my jaw broken. I went to the hospital and they did X-rays on my jaw and said it was only a hairline fracture. I told them it wasn't a hairline fracture because I was able to move the jaw up and down because it was completely fractured on two sides. I went to another hospital and they did a X-ray and they said I needed surgery to be done immediately. What can be done about this?

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if you fracture your lower jaw will it continue to grow after it has healed?

i fractured my lower jaw wen i was 17 will it still grow its full length after fracture heals?

actually most human males stop growing when they are about 21.

To OP:
It should, just because it was fractured doesn't mean it will stop growing. As long as it healed right, it will continue to grow correctly, otherwise it might grow funny, but it will continue to grow.  (+ info)

How do I know if my jaw is fractured from wisdom teeth removal?

I have my bottom two wisdom teeth taken out almost one month ago. I have been in constant pain on IB and percocet. My Dr took me off the percocet and has just been putting "dry socket" medicine into the sockets. This is not helping. It has been a constant throbbing pain, I have been taking IB every four hours and nothing is making this better. I have been irrigatin the sockets to remove any food that has found it's way in there, but nothing is working!!! I am so sick of this pain...what do I do?

it would be very very painfull when you moved your mouth so it probly isnt fractured maybe swollen but deffiently not
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