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How long does it take for a fractured jaw to heal?

So I got punched in the face by I really big guy couple weeks pass and I get and xray at the dentist office found out it was fractured, he said it was in the healing process but he also said I should go to an oral surgeon. If it was in the process of healing why would I have to get surgery and if it is how long will it take?

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Is it true that if you yawn with your moth closed you may fracture your jaw ?

I know if you yawn with your chin on your chest you can get an agonizing cramp in your throat and jaw.

so untrue. i yawn with my mouth closed all the time during meetings. i think it's rude to yawn when someone is doing a presentation, so i hide it.  (+ info)

Why does my jaw hurt while doing crunches?

When I try to do crunches even when I relax my head, my jaw hurts. My jaw is perfectly fine its not sprained, broken or fractured. It has never been sprained or broken or fractured. Am I doing crunches the correct way?

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How long does it take for a small fracture in your jaw to heal?

I'm writing a book and I was just wondering how long it would take. Also, how long does it take for 5 cracked ribs to heal? Thank you so much.
I changed it so he just badly bruised it so it just hurts when he talks.

There are a lot of variables to take into account. How deep are the fractures? Is the patient a smoker? Is diabetes, bronchitis, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency factors in this equation? Is jaw-wiring a necessity in this case?  (+ info)

i fractured and dislocated my jaw, wisdom tooth taken out and minor scaring how much compo will i get of cica?

Im 16 and was assualted causing me a fractured and dislocated jaw, loss of wisdom tooth due to surgery and minor scaring sue to surgery. the police have been informed and i have filled out a criminal injuries compensation form and was wondering roughly how much compensation am i looking at geting.

This would be a great question for a lawyer.

You might want to re-post this in the 'Law' section.  (+ info)

Does a fractured / dislocated jaw always show bruising on the skin?

Need to know this specifically!

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What are the negative effects of a fractured jaw?

Flew over the handlebars and slid five feet on my face. Could their be any long term effects of this. Don't mention short term like not being able to talk or drinking out of a straw.. I'm not sure where but I heard there a chance of it affecting cognition. Is this true?
You weren't kidding, but it's okay. I read this on some random abstract science research project. Just wanted to see what peoples input are

There is no connection between your jaw and your cognition, other than any stupid things you might say. Kidding.

Brain workings have nothing to do with broken bones in your face.  (+ info)

How long does a jaw injury take to heal?

I injured myself in a bicycle accident a few days ago, and my bite is a bit off (it has become more of an underbite.) I had xrays taken and the doctors said that there was no fracture and no dislocation. Will my bite return to normal on its own, and how long will it take if it does? What are my options if it doesn't?

hey man,

wether fractured or not your jaw would heal itself by itself,
within about 5-8 weeks.

if your bite is a bit off stick to eating soft foods,
you should be back to normal in a few weeks.  (+ info)

Hurts to open and close jaw after being punched in the mouth?

Went to the bar last night fighting ensued and ended up with me being sucker punched on the left side of the jaw. Now this morning I wake up to alot of pain on the right side when I try to bite down or yawn. Will this go away after a week or so of alot of icing and heat compression or could I have a fracture or dislocation? Also bit down in front of mirror and teeth are still lined up

Similar thing happened to me was punched on the nose in a nightclub and broke my nose. Was so drunk at the time didnt feel anything it just bled like crazy. I went up to him said what was that for but was having too fun a time to hit him back, luckily the bouncers saw everything. I went to the toilet to stop the bleeding and one of them came to tell me they'd kicked him out. I continued my night had a good time then when I woke up in the morning my teeth felt so numb and my face was stiff, still it was a good night though. I went to the doctors about 3 months later as my nose hinders my breathing they said they'd have to re set it and as it was already healed I'd have to go into surgery. I said forget about it, I'll just breathe through my mouth. My advice is go to the doctors asap they can fix anything whilst its still healing no fuss.  (+ info)

Will my teeth return to normal after having my jaw wired shut?

I have had my jaw wired for 6 weeks after fracturing both condyles in a bike accident. It feels as if the front teeth being used to hold my jaw shut are going to be pulled right out of my head, and they look longer as well...is this normal and will they return to their proper position once freed from the wires?


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