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How is heredity, malnutrition, neoplasm, and infection linked with heart disease?

Hereditary is proved to have links with your chances of getting heart disease. Fortunately there are measures which can be taken to stave the development of it. Good diet, exercise, weight maintainance, keeping cholesterol levels down (diet and drugs if need be).
Infection can cause damage to the structures of the heart eg Rheumatic fever can damage the valves, or inflammation of the muscle or layers of the heart.
As far as Im aware neoplasm isnt linked;  (+ info)

can i get DLA cos i got a malignant neoplasm of the pituitary gland?

also failed my HGV medical on these grounds aswell as something about my eye ?(begins with a 'D'),DOUBLE VISION as well
i am on steriods ,and tablets,but lost my job today cos DR wouldnt pass me on dvla medical ?

DLA is disabled living allowance is payable when you a an issue that affects your ability to lead a normal life and when you need assistance with day to day living issues.
Hard to get nowadays.

You will probably be able to get incapacity benefit with a malignant lesion of the pituitary gland and the best people to take you through your options are the benefits people at the Job Centre.
As a genuine claimant and having lost your job due to ill health they have to offer you a medical assessment to see what you can and cannot do. If you have double vision then your employment prospects are severely limited.

On Monday get yourself down the Job Centre and get the ball rolling as there are other benefits that may be better for you than DLA. The lower level of DLA is only about £14 a week. You will need more that that to live!  (+ info)

What are the common name for the breast cancer?

Breast cancer, familial
* Breast carcinoma
* Cancer of breast
* Malignant neoplasm of breast
* malignant tumour of breast
* Mammary cancer
these are the common names i've found online tell me if it is true.

Those are all common names. What really matters is the pathological description of the biopsy. Most breast carcinomas are adenocarcinomas. The general name is not the important thing. The specific characteristics of the malignant breast cancer cells are important - the receptors, the degree of differentiation, nodal status, primary tumor size, overall stage. Breast cancers - and all types of cancer - are complicated. The oncologist will probably try to explain these details for the individual case you are asking about. It can be difficult for a non medical specialist to understand it all.  (+ info)

what is a ovarian neoplasm and can it be that if you have had a hysterectomy?

If during your hysterectomy the ovaries were left intact, one or both, its very possible to have ovarian neoplasm. You can read more here:


If the cyst is benign than there is nothing to worry, if its not, there is a lot of info on the net, simply Google "ovarian neoplasm".  (+ info)

I was told that i may have a neoplasm cyst?

I was told that i may have a neoplasm cyst but my doc didnt really go into detail what that even means, can anyone tell me?

Neoplasm is the medical term for "new growth" (overgrowth of cells forming a cyst) Can be benign or malignant and they will probably do further testing to see.  (+ info)

What does malignant neoplasm of liver mean?

A malignant neoplasm of the liver is a tumor or other abnormal tissue growth in or on the liver and the tissue is capable of spreading out of control - this means the person has liver cancer.  (+ info)

What's the difference between a neoplasm and a tumor?

so they are exactly the same thing?

Neoplasm: A tumor.

its the same....

An abnormal growth of tissue. The word neoplasm is not synonymous with cancer. A neoplasm may be benign or malignant.

The word neoplasm literally means a new growth, from the Greek neo-, new + plasma, that which is formed, or a growth = a new growth.  (+ info)

Diag: Cerebellar dysfunction 2nd degree to vestibulitis, intracranial neoplasm, subdural hemotoma?

this diag. is from 1971

This is a diagnosis that was given to me when I was a child - can anyone help me with definitions of this.

I know it has to do with the brain being inflamed and having abnormal growth and a blood clot.
I would just like to know what it really means.

As a supplement to what essentiallysolo answered it should be mentioned that not all intracranial neoplasias are malignant (ie cancers). For instance most menigiomas are considered benign. Also some astrocytomas, ("pilocytic astrocytomas" are often seen in childhood in the cerebellum) behave benign. Was that what you had?.  (+ info)

What does it mean when the diagnosis is "suspicious for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm"?

The differential diagnosis of the biopsy results reads "Adenomatous Follicular Nodule with Oxyphillic Changes versus Hurthle Cell Neoplasm."

It is virtually impossible to predict the behavior of an adenoma of Hurthle cells. Some behave benignly and others metastasize like a follicular carcinoma. The prognosis and treatment is for a follicular carcinoma.  (+ info)

Has anyone around 35 years old experienced high blood pressure AFTER pregnancy? What was diagnosed?

I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios during my pregnancy, my baby was born with jejunal atresia and had surgery to correct it but other than that he is fine. He was born at 36 weeks. I was very swollen during the pregnancy, gained about 40 lbs but had no hypertension or protein in urine. After the birth, by blood pressure got really high and heart rate really low. I was rushed to ER, they checked for clots and they thought I was having a pulmonary embolism, but nothing happened. Now my eyes are red, my blood pressure remains high after a month, but pulse is normal. Stupid OBGYN keeps telling me its normal. I feel terrible. Has anyone had this same experience and did your blood pressure ever go back to normal? I'm @ 150/105 when I used to be 90/60 all the time. Any hints as to what the problem might be would be appreciated so I can share with my doctor. THANKS!!!

My bloodpressure went up after my cesarean while I was still in the hospital...I think it was the day after.

I also started hyperventilating. They too suspected a pulmonary embolism, but they did a catscan of my chest, plus xrays, and found nothing...except some partially collapsed lungs.

Turns out I was so stressed over miscellaneous things, namely my embarrassing loss of bodily control after the cesarean, and a problem with calling a nurse for 45 minutes and nobody came...(long story)...that is what caused the hyperventilation.

Have you thought of talking to a cardiologist? My blood pressure went back down after a month, but I have always had really low blood pressure.

I definitely see how pregnancy has caused terrible vericose veins and even spider veins around my ankles.

I hope you find out what the problems is. Let us know in your comments what ended up happening when you choose a best answer.  (+ info)

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