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jet lag???

help please, i've come home from new york to Oxford and i cant sleep etc. i've never been affected by jet lag before but its really bad, i've been awake for the past 27 hours. does anyone know any remedies without having to go out and buy bloody light boxes etc??? cuz i really dont want to have to drive while i'm feeling like this.
my friend said i should try to sleep through it but someone else said no you should stay awake... please help!!!


hot bath,hot milk and honey,hot bed nite nite.  (+ info)

what is the best way to overcome jet lag?

I am travelling from the uk to new york. what is the best way to overcome jet lag when i arrive there. i will be landing at about midday new york time so my guess would be to try and stay awake for as long as possible and go to bed about 10 or 11 NY time. is that right?

It will feel later than it really is but the best way is to try to stay awake until 9 or 10 and then gradually get back into your normal schedule :)  (+ info)

What is the most difficult jet lag, flying west or east?

People seems to think that Jet Lag is more difficult and more tiring when you fly East than West. Any reasons why?

When people are locked underground without clocks, they do not follow the 24 hour day, the human body prefers to exist on a 25 hour day. When flying west the person has that extra hour that feels more natural, but when flying east it makes the day only 23 or 22 hours, which is very unnatural and we don't acclimate very easily.  (+ info)

How do I cope with jet lag?

I'm flying to Barbados from the UK next week and am staying there for two weeks. But because the tour operator has got an itinery planned, I only have on day at the start of the holiday to do what I want. Is there a way to overcome the jet lag on that one day?

sleep  (+ info)

How to cope with Baby on long haul- Jet lag and Breastfeeding?

Im about to take a trip to the states for 1 month - im very anxious about the long ( and connecting) flights any tips to make the travel smooth?

and how do you cope with Jet lag too

I hear the breasftfeeding can also be affected !!

All these anxious questions have come to me the closer we get to the leaving date and im freaking out a tad !!

any advice from you globetrekker familys?? !!

thanks in advance :-)

  (+ info)

Serious Jet Lag effecting my work at the moment?

I have recently moved back to thailand and have really bad Jet lag. This has never happened before, if anybody has any suggestions on how to get rid of this i would welcome them. I have read that Melatonin is supposed to help alot with this..?

There isn't any fast way to reset the biological clock. But there are a few tricks to help. First of all, you need to be sure to provide the right environmental cues. That means you wake yourself up in the morning at a decent hour, and get yourself into sunlight. You eat three regular meals, at the clock appointed time. You do not take naps during the day. At night, you tuck into bed by about 9-10pm, and repeat the process the next day. Melatonin is useless as far as I'm concerned. I did a lot of flying, cross time zones and the date line while in the military. Been there, done the jet lag thing a few times. It takes about a week to feel you have sync again, though as a rule the first two or three days are the worst. The sooner you slide back into a regular day schedule, the better. For the meantime, life gets ruled by the clock and not the body cues.  (+ info)

Sleeping pills or medications good to fix jet lag?

I just flew across from asia to america. It was a night flight so i got back home at night. Its my 2nd night back and ive been up all night. wondering if sleeping medications are a way to help fix my jet lag. I tried doing what people say and stay up for most of the flight but i knocked out for pretty much the whole thing.

Melitonin is what I recommend to patients to help with jet lag. It's available over the counter.  (+ info)

I have REALLY bad Jet Lag. What can I do to adjust to the time?

I've just arrived from Asia on a 18 hour flight. I read somewhere, that eastward flights are much worse, since you are going back in time. I agree so, since from Midnight to 6 AM. I am absolutely awake, and cannot sleep. But at 5PM, when I come home, all I can think of is sleep! I'd skip dinner for a nap.

The timezone differrence I am in is 14 hours! When its 1PM here, its 3 AM there. Somebody help! Its really hard for me to go through this every night. I've heard the most effective is to stay awake for an entire day and night, but for me, I won't be able to last that long.

Any help is appreciated.

NOTE: Lunesta, Ambien or other sleep meds are dangerous to take during jet lag.
I has been three days I have arrived in the USA...

As you are flying I suggest you ask for water as much as possible. When you are on a long flight the cockpit air dehydrates you. You must rehydrate yourself with water. When you travel in business class the stewardess brings you a container of water every 1/2 hour. I traveled to Sweden for Florida and I know that if you drink alot of water while flying you will not suffer as much with jet lag. Good Luck !!!  (+ info)

is it safe to give melatonin to a toddler who's having jet lag?

when my daughter and i came in the US for the first time,my mother-in-law let us take melatonin to prevent jet lag. we took it for three days straight. i am concerned if this is safe for a three year old?

It is NOT safe at all.

There is almost no information about how it will effect kids. We know more about the safety of heroin and crack cocaine in kids than we do about melatonin (I'm completely serious). And if the melatonin was bought in The US then you have no significant guarantee of the purity and dosage of the drug. In the US "supplements" like melatonin don't have to be tested or approved so it is not a pharmaceutical grade substance.

Also melatonin has been shown to NOT be effective in treating insomnia or jet lag. You may have think it helped you but a large number of major studies show that melatonin is no more effective than placebo. Even for melatonin to theoretically work it would have to be given at a very specific time that could only be reliably determined by a doctor talking with you.

A prescription drug called Nuvigil (armodafinil), a non-amphetamine stimulant is the only drug that has significant evidence that it works. It almost became FDA approved for Jet Lag but it needed more study.

If her jet lag is really bad take her to a doctor, don't just give pills to her.  (+ info)

How to get rid of jet lag?

2 years ago I moved to Korea from New York. Ever since then, I've been on really weird jet lag. I go to bed at around 2-5 AM and have to wake up at 6:30 for school so I'm constantly tired. Then when I get home I just automatically sleep without thinking about it and then I can't fall back asleep at night. How can I get rid of this?

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