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Is there any natural ways to help cope with jet lag?

I think the best way to cope with jet lag is sleeping as much as you possibly can.  (+ info)

Can jet lag be responsible for the development of some illness-related symptoms, like dry mouth, rash on neck,

swollen lymph nodes in neck? I have been having these symptoms, and am also jet lagged from a trip. Could this be related?

It's definitely possible. With all of the stress of travelling (whether it seems stressful or not) and irregular rest patterns, your body is a little weaker and not working properly.

It's also possible that you got some virus or bug while flying. Circulated air and all...  (+ info)

How can i avoid jet lag?

Don't ever fly.  (+ info)

how do you cure your jet lag?

i go to the gym and exercise that usually cures mine. what about you'?

  (+ info)

what's the natural way to combat jet lag?

is there a kind of food that you can advise just like when a person has hangover from drinking. i have a hangover from travelling.

A couple of useful ways to reduce jet-lag is not to consume alcohol prior to or during a long flight. Air travel causes dehydration, exacerbating the effects of long distance air travel so it is important to drink plenty of fluids in the form of water based drinks and fruit juices.
Another helpful substance to complement good hydration is to inhale good quality essential oil of lemongrass or lemongrass and basil together. Dampen a cotton wool pad and pour two to three drops onto it. I doubt the other passengers would object to the aroma wafting temporarily into their space as it is a clean fresh smell and very 'unisex'. It is also a pleasant way to freshen up on board and after a meal - simply dampen cotton wool pads, pour a drop or two (no more) of the essential oil/s and use as face and hand wipes. You could also use the oils for a few days after your trip; if you are very lucky and can afford the time and cost of a massage, these oils will relax but invigorate. Foods? I don't know but good quality protein and iron-rich foods and lots of juicy fruit / fresh fruit salad, seems sensible. Hope you recover quickly!  (+ info)

Are there any preventative measures to avoid getting jet lag?

Drink lots of water, and keep up good blood circulation  (+ info)

How do you avoid jet lag?

The only way is not to travel. Because your body clock is used to going to sleep and waking up at certain times. When you fly to different time zones your body is still used to the time at home, not the country you are in. Your body is telling you, you should be asleep now, when it could be the middle of the day...

Counteracting jet lag
change your watch as soon as you get on the flight: the quicker you adapt to the time zone the lower level of jet lag is likely to be
when you arrive in the new time zone, spend some time outside during daylight hours as natural light can help align your body clock
try to adjust your bedtime and mealtimes to the local timetable as soon as possible
schedule commitments at times when you are likely to have maximum energy: in the evenings after flying east, or in the mornings after flying west
the impact of alcohol on the body can be two to three times more potent when you're flying, so one glass of wine during the flight has the effect of two to three glasses on the ground. Avoid feeling even worse with a hangover by reducing alcohol intake before and during your flight
get as much exercise as you can: walking up and down the aisle, rotating your ankles and doing gentle stretching exercises in your seat can help to reduce discomfort and allow you to have a more relaxed flight
during extended stopovers on a long-haul flight, try to grab a shower: it can wake up your circulation and get things moving  (+ info)

How does jet lag effect the body?

makes you tired//////////////  (+ info)

What is the easiest solutions and tips for Jet lag?

I need tips .. easy ones appreciated!!

Walk onto the carpet barefoot and make little fists with your toes.  (+ info)

are there ways to reduce the effects of jet-lag?

"Jet Lag" is actually three conditions that combine to make you miserable (but only if you let them): (1) dehydration; (2) noise stress; and (3) time-shift, causing adjustment of your sleep cycle.
The good news: you can easily address the first two by: (a) continually drinking massive amounts of water on the plane (the air in planes is very very dry, so you need to replace a huge amount of water; and (b) wear foam ear plugs from the time to enter the airport all the way until you leave the other airport. I promise you that doing these two simple things will save most of the misery of travel. As for shifting your sleep cycle, you can start early, by changing the times you wake up and go to sleep, so that the shift is more gradual.  (+ info)

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