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Does anyone know anything about keratoacanthoma?

I have one, and I'm only 19. I'm the youngest person to have it in my state. I'm definitely rare, and I know I can't die from it, they gave me chemo twice for it and it's pretty much gone. But I've never heard of it before, and I want to know if anyone else has had it or knows anyone who has.

I'm so glad that it has cleared up for you. It seems the cause may be from bad sunburns, so you may want to be extra careful in the sun from now on.

Here is some information for you about the disease.

It's described as a 'false skin cancer' that resembles a little volcano. Keratoacanthoma can also look like 'real skin' cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) so it is critical that it be evaluated.

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Has anyone ever experienced "keratoacanthoma"? Skin growth?

The reason I am asking is my boyfriend has it, and has to get it removed by a plasic surgeon. I'm a bit worried about it because some sites on the net refer it to "tumor" or "cancer". Has anyone ever had to deal with this problem before? If so, can you tell me your experience in some detail? Thanks!

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Is Keratoacanthomas cancerous?

I have been told by my doctor that i have a suspected Keratoacanthoma. Ive read alot of articles about this, and it seems odd that im only 21 and ive only had your average amounts of sun exposure yet I still have one. Can anyone explain what this 'non-malignant cancer' is and whether it increases my risk of getting cancer in the future??

There is no such thing as a 'non-malignant cancer'. Keratoacanthoma is a variant of squamous cell carcinoma and yes it is cancer. They are usually noninvasive (Maybe that is what you meant?) and rarely metastasize, but they can become disfiguring. Some types are more aggressive than others so it is important that it is completely removed so the pathologist can completely evaluate it. You are more likely to have others occur in your lifetime, but it does not increase your risk for developing another type of cancer.  (+ info)

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