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A baby with acute tubular necrosis?

My sister had her baby last thursday, came out with the cord wrapped around it's neck and couldn't get it to cry, is having problems with his lungs...a machine is breathing for him. Was a mystery to the doctors for awhile and then was diagnosed with acute tubualr necrosis, which is caused by kidney failure....i was wondering if anyone has had a baby with a similar problem and how well the treatments worked, or what was they best way that your friends and family supported you. My sister is obviously very very upset what are some good ideas to support her? So far the baby is still in critical condition.

OMG. It is hard. I had a baby with prader willi syndrome which came at a total shock to us. He was in critical care (NICU) and we werent sure he was going to live. But what was great for us was _
1- people researching info about his condition (we couldnt do that as I had just given birth and were devestated)
2-if you can and are allowed to hold their baby
3- be with your sister as much as is possible
4- bring her things that are impossible for her to get while she is at her baby's bed side - like beverages, and good food
5- if possible encourage her to pump breastmilk if that's her desire to - support her with that as much as is possible.
and my heart goes out to you and family and baby  (+ info)

How long it takes to get back to normal after Acute Kidney failure?

My sister had Kidney failure of Acute type and Not Chronic.She avoided Dialysis as one done,it has to be repeated.Which is not good.Through medication her Urea and Ceratinine level coming down.How long since she can eat everything? As of now she is on boiled and very light + non-dailry diet .

About half the time, doctors can fix the problems that cause kidney failure in a few days or weeks. These people’s kidneys will work well enough for them to live normal lives. Well, it still depend on how big her wound and how dip it is.  (+ info)

How often does kidney function return if you suffered from acute renal failure?

Just wondering if any doctors out there happen to know...I suffered from kidney failure about 3 years ago from e coli and luckily my renal function returned (its not perfect but pretty good), but how often does kidney function NOT come back? (I take immunosuppresants for lupus nephritis and was wondering if it happened again I might not be so lucky...)

My wife's has returned to normal twice after extreme renal failure due to Lupus Nephritis. Currently her renal function is normal. She is still taking immuno supressants (Myfortic - time released Cellcept). I'm sure you were given Cytoxan in the hospital. This medication seems to help greatly in returning the kidney's to normal function. Your kidneys are damaged due to nephritis which means swelling. If caught in time and treated quickly the swelling can be decreased before any permanent damage occurs. This is why it is important to see your nephrologist regularly.  (+ info)

How would the urine of a person suffering from acute kidney failure be different from healthy kidneys?

In some forms of acute kdiney failure, a person may not produce urine at all (anuria), or produce very little (oliguria). However, in other forms of acute renal failure, the person may pee more than normal (polyuria).

So there is no "standard sick urine" which all people with acute kidney failure produce.

To answer your question, you also need to consider what "urine from healthy kidneys" may be like:

When the kidneys are working properly, they regulate the amount of water and minerals in the body by excreting the excess in the urine. That's why when we are thirsty, we only pee a little bit of dark, concentrated urine, and when we drink a lot of water, we pee a lot, and urine is usually very pale. So the urine from healthy kidneys is always changing, to meet the body's constantly-changing needs.

In acute kidney failure, the kidneys are injured by something, and they lose the ability to keep up with the body's needs.

In short, a person with acute kidney failure may produce many different kinds of urine, but they will never be "appropriate for the body's needs" like normal urine would, and that's the biggest difference.

If I confused you too much, let me give you an analogy using cars. "How would the speed of a problematic car be different from speed of a normally-functioning car?"

Cars with engine problems may not be able to go fast enough on the freeway, and cars with brake problems may not be able to go slow enough on a downhill road. A normally functioning car will go fast on a freeway and slow in a school zone, DEPENDING on the need of its driver.

Hope that makes it easier to understand?  (+ info)

Difference between acute kidney rejection and chronic kidney rejection?

What is the difference between acute kidney rejection and chronic kidney rejection??

I have searched all over the internet and any answer to this is a medical document where you need special access via login and password to get there (and here I thought the internet was initially developed so we could have free access to information .. yeah right!!)

Anyway can anyone help me answer this? Thx!

Because there is one type of rejection that is savable .. I want to know which one that is and which one isn't savable where you lose the kidney transplant.

acute rejection happens quickly, severely and is permanent, the kidney is lost, it is a medical emergency. chronic rejection happens over time, sometimes it can be reversed, most often tho, it can't, it just takes longer.  (+ info)

How to code in ICD9CM the Acute Renal Failure on Chronic Kidney Disease when the person has DM and HTN?

  (+ info)

how could a vet not diagnose a dog with acute kidney failure when they saw this dog every month for 1 1/2 year?

How can I take my dog to the vet every month for a year and a half and they didn't diagnose him with acute kidney failure until the day before he died.

First, because "acute kidney failure" occurs suddenly. It's not something that came on over months or more. And secondly because renal failure isn't diagnosed simply on a physical exam--specific diagnostic blood testing is required to diagnose renal insufficiency/failure.

I'm very sorry for your loss.  (+ info)

Over the counter medicine that causes acute kidney failure?

is there an over the counter medicine that causes acute kidney failure?


NSAID is a broad term for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including motrin or advil (ibuprofen), aspirin, and alleve. These are available over the counter. There is a growing concern that these may cause harm to kidney. For more information, you can visit www.drweil.com or http://www.medicationsense.com/.  (+ info)

What is a differance between kidney nephrosis & kidney necrosis?

Type the following into the Search Box at the top of the page:

define nephrosis
define necrosis

and you'll see:

American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of nephrosis
NOUN: A disease of the kidneys marked by degenerative lesions, especially of the winding uriniferous tubules. OTHER FORMS: nephrotic (-frtk) , pl. nephroses (-sz).

American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of necrosis
NOUN: Death of cells or tissues through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body. OTHER FORMS: necrotic (-krtk) , pl. necroses (-sz).  (+ info)

Can an acute kidney infection be antibacterial?

I have had a UTI and kidney infection for 3 1\2 weeks with fever, chills, pain etc. I saw my GP at onset and was found to have infected urine. We sent urine out for culture and it did not grow bacteria. Three days later I was in the ER with a full blown acute kidney infection and looked like I was hemmoraging blood in my urine. ER doc says I have infected urine and sent me home on meds and pain killers. Sent labs out - again, no bacteria. Followed up a few days later with GP with fever, chills, pain. Once again, infected urine in the office, no bacteria in the culture. I'm resistant to Cipro, Penicillin, Levaquin and allergic to Macrobid. I've been on Bactrim DS, IV and oral Levaquin, Rocephin and Ceftin - and no improvement. CT @ ER came back negative (i.e. stones). I do not have Interstital Cystitis.

I'm a teacher and go back to my kids in about two weeks. I look and feel like death warmed over. This is a vicious cycle I have to get under control.

Here's a place where there are other kidney, dialysis and transplant patients, families and caregivers who could give you some suggestions and support - they will understand what you are going through - come to the forum at http://www.ihatedialysis.com - it's a online community and you may find some answers there.  (+ info)

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