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Knee dislocation?

I dislocated my knee on the job August of last year. I supposedly did not tear anything and it was just a dislocation and the knee popped into place on its own right away. I had exercises to do at home and was not cleared for work for 2 months. @ years prior to this I tore my MCL ( 3rd degree tear) on the same knee. It has almost been a year since my dislocation and my knee hurts all the time and it even swells up. Granted I do concrete work soI am constantly bending and lifting heavy objects, but should my knee still be like this to this day????? It hurts almost as much as it did when I dislocated it!!!!


PS I wear a knee brace EVERY DAY!!!!

u may want to see a GOOD orthopeadist, cause u may to have surgery...

I injured my knee in June of 07 and was told that it was initialy just a sprain and that nothing was torn however after a MRI it showed that i had a minor tear to my MCL and i did PT... but after almost a year of PT and several cortisone injections(to control swelling) as well as several additional MRIs(not to mention eventually several docs) and a reinjury... i finally had surgery to repair a torn meniscus, lateral release of patella(to keep it from continously dislocating), and bone shaving...

anyway i was still in pain for almost a year and my knee completely gave out again(while wearing the brace for my MCL) before it finally got fixed...

seek a second opinion  (+ info)

knee dislocation?

I dislocated my knee cap the other day while i was sitting down.

I have no clue how i did it and neither did the hospital

What do you think happened?
No. i was sitting down for like 10 minutes and then all of a sudden i scooted my leg in for someone to pass and it popped out.

it was already very close to being dislocated, sitting down did the trick  (+ info)

Knee Dislocation?

Im 16 yrs old and my left knee cap has dislocated about maybe 5-6 times. My right knee has dislocated about 2. It happens so freqently that i just fix it myself. Has anyone had surgery or anything. How bad is it? Does it completly fix the problem?

This is called patellar disolcations/subluxation. It can be because the ligaments are loose (people called it double jointed) or the alignment of the attachment of the patella is too far to one side. This is called the Q -angle (Quadriceps) There are braces to help with this, Palumbo-type braces. Or building strength in the muscle on the inside of the lower thigh, called the vastus medialis (VMO). I would say, if it has happened as much as you say, then a brace would only help with walking and not sports. A Orthopedic surgeon, sports-medicine specialist could help evaluate what his options would be. Remember, each time it dislocates or subluxes, it does a little bit of damage to the articular surface of both bones involved.  (+ info)

How do I care for an instantaneous knee dislocation?

I was playing basketball and while running I landed on my knee funny and it popped in and out of its socket for a millisecond. It didn't hurt at all and I have decent range of motion.

I have been icing it and I elevated it to avoid swelling. Otherwise, is there anything else I should do? It's definitely straight and doesn't hurt, and I don't need x-rays or anything because it's so minor.

If your ROM is good, and there is no pain associated -- continue with your Icing for several hours, elevate, and restrict the motion for the rest of the day. Tomorrow resume normal range of motion.. but don't play any sports, etc. Let the tissues heal from the possible dislocation damage - -which would be stretching , micro tears of ligaments, and so on.

Sounds like you've got it under control --

If pain develops consult a physician.. if swelling lasts more than 24-48hours consult a physican. If you notice hypermobility in the patella, you guessed it, consult an M.D.  (+ info)

My knee popped out the side the other day. Is it a true dislocation?

I was getting ready to get up from my seat when I felt a tingling pain in my knee. I took a look at my knee and the skin near my knee was bulging out the right side. Luckily my cousin was around to pop the bone right in, since everything I was trying wasn't working and the pain was getting bad. So was it a true dislocation, you know the one where I need to go visit a orthopedic for.

Its probably more likely a subluxation, but you should see a doctor either way. Dislocations can mess with a lot of things inside your joints.  (+ info)

How do you treat a very minor knee dislocation?

I was excercising, and I suddenly dislocated my left knee, but it snapped back in place. It's kinda tender right now, but I'm able to stretch my leg and stand, though my left leg is shaky and, like I said, tender when i stand. Will this go away? Or should I put ice on it or something?

OMG I did that but I wasn't so lucky. It stayed out of place and had to be popped back in. It didn't hurt so much at the time, but it was shear agony sitting there screaming looking at my knee cap to the right of my knee. Definately ice it keep it up. I have cronic dislocations so I'm always in a brace.

Mine was so bad ;
Full dislocation
10 wks physical therapy
leg immobilizer  (+ info)

how long after a knee dislocation should i be walking regularly and playing sports again?

I have dislocated my knee once again, and it is swollen very stiff and bruised. I had to take school off for today due to the pain. I would like to know if anyone has an idea of about how long i should be resting my leg before walking daily again (stairs allot all day.etc) and also getting back into weight training at school.

My opinion? 5 Months. But if you're interested to see what millionheads thinks - go to www.millionheads.com and ask your question there to tap the wisdom of crowds. You'll get a pie-chart back giving you a definitive answer, rather than a bunch of opinions. Good luck!  (+ info)

What causes the knee to be so weak after a dislocation?

Dislocated my knee 5 weeks ago, couldn't walk or bend due to swelling...swelling has gone away and I can walk with a limp but if i just pick up the pace not even to a run my knee is so weak. I will be doing pt. Is it from tearing and stretching of ligaments that held the kneecap? Lost muscle mass? Thanks :)

It's weak because you needed to give it rest from the disocation. It has lost some muscle mass but it will come back. Keep exercising the knee and it will strengthen, but start out slow and build up gradually so that you do not re-dislocate it again. Good luck.  (+ info)

Is it safe to go back to the gym after a knee dislocation?

I dislocated my patella (knee cap) less than a week ago im in a cast for 3 weeks will it be safe for me to go back the the gym and how long till that can happen any ideas?

I would highly recommend that you receive physiotherapy after you have your plaster removed. Each injury is different and the best person to advise you about your rehabilitation regime is the professional working with you.

"You will also benefit from carrying out some safe, progressive, water workouts in deep water wearing an aqua jog belt. This is a non-weight bearing activity that will help to build up the muscles around the kneecap before you start to do weight bearing activities again. Other leg exercises you can do include knee bracing exercises, straight leg raises (controlled), hip-circling in the seated position, and mobilising exercises to bend the knee (these should be done progressively").  (+ info)

This may be an odd comparison, but which hurts more, an industrial piercing or a knee dislocation?

So i've never had any piercings besides my lobes. I have though had multiple dislocations of my knee (where the knee cap slips off the side of the leg). If i can handle this with only some obscineties and eye watering, will the industrial be bad?

it will definitly be less painful. it only lasts like half a second. and ur ear will be sore for a day but thats it.  (+ info)

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