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Knee Injuries.?

Has anyone had overuse injuries with their knee(s) where it clicks a lot. Any ideas on how best to get rid of overuse injuries to knees

i get injections in my kneecaps.

i've had popping knees since i was 12 and was hit by a vw bug.

IM me for more info.
i have lot's of info.

my problem is my knees give out, snap, crackle pop, and it's the knee cap, the thin little cartalige is like shredded cheese under there.

Physical therapy works wonders, build your theigh and quad muscles, bike riding, avoid running and high impact sports.

Google knee injuries,
mine is called CMP controplaciaPatella.
not sure on the spelling.

best of luck, there are about 5 injections that are like w-d 40 under the knee cap. orthovisc works for me for almost 10 months. synvisc is another, and halgyn is the other i tried, last 4-6 months.

it's made from rooster comb protien and it works wonders to lube the knee cap.

see your doctor, and ask about orthovisc.
Avoid Cortozoine injections at all costs!!they tend to distroy tissue, bone, etc.

be well, see your doctor, do some physical therapy,, and they made me lose 20 lbs and wait 6 months prior to giving me injections. my 85 yr old father in law just had knee replacement and he can out run, out golf me.

there are many medical advancements.

google runner's knee.
see if this is what you have. snap, pop!  (+ info)

knee injuries?

My sister was diagnosed with a cyst on her knee cap. The Doctor has given her anti-inflamatory to try to get rid of it. If that dosen't work, she's looking at a cortazone injection. I have never heard of someone having a cyst on the knee. Any feedback? Her sysmtons are swelling, pain and much discomfort....

Cysts are probably more common than you think. Most of the time they are left alone unless they cause some sort of dysfunction such as pain, restricted range of motion, etc. Sometimes surgery is performed to remove the cyst but sometimes they return so that is usually left as a last option. She needs to make sure she tries to avoid activities that seem to irritate her symptoms at least in the short term. It is unusual that she was prescribed anti-inflammatories as a cyst is a closed sac with a membrane that is not necessarily caused by inflammation but the doc may be using the medicine just to see if it helps relieve some of her symptoms or if she is having problems elsewhere. If it contains a lot of fluid needle aspiration (drawing the fluid out with a needle) may be used. Best of luck to your sister.  (+ info)

Knee injuries?

so i hurt my knee...and i want to know what to do to help heal it..besides ice. i feel like it is bruised and all crunched together..it is definitly not relaxed. when i sit up it hurts sooo bad. also i can't straighten it. what do i do? i really need to know quick because i am going on vacation and it is a lot of walking!! please help and answer quickk if u need more info just let me know also u can ask me wuestions to answer thx
i really have no clue how i did it..i think i did it at the beach...i was running and i fell...also i was comparing it to my other knee and it is way puffery then the one that doesnt hurt what do i do ...se a doctor?

U need to rest your knee to let it heal & use compressive thermal knee supports to reduce pain & improve healing.  (+ info)

How many injuries are there related to knee joint?

I want to know how many injuries are there related to ligaments of the knee? Can you provide me a list of these injuries? What are the symptoms of these injuries?

in the knee there are four ligaments, the anterior cruciate, the posterior cruciate, the lateral collateral and the medial collateral ligaments. injuries to these can include a partial sprain or a complete rupture. Typically when injured there is a lot of swelling and considerable pain in the area. the severity of the sprain is described using degrees. 1st degree would be a minor sprain, which would still allow for walking and use of the limb, but there would be some pain and a little bit of inflammation. A second degree sprain can range from moderate pain and swelling to a more serious amount of pain, swelling and joint instability. The person may or may not be able to walk, or would need crutches or a walking aid to get around. Rehabilitation may include surgery or strengthening of the surounding musculature. A third degree sprain is a rupture of that ligament. this would result in instability of the joint and surgery would be required to safe guard the knee.  (+ info)

What are the best ways to prevent knee injuries?

I play a lot of "flat ground sports" that involve a lot of running. I recently noticed that more of my friends are getting knee injuries and one of my friends has permanent damage! What should I do to prevent this from happening to me?

Simple warm up exercise. Walk on the ball of your feet for about 5 mins, on outside of your feet for 5 mins, inside of your feet, tippy toes, then walk backwards. This will strengthen the ligaments and muscles of your ankles and knees, and you'll notice that not only your risk of injury has reduced, your ability to run or any other foot work has increased a bit.  (+ info)

What can i do to prevent knee injuries?

I am a girl so i am more likely to get knee injuries that guys and i play soccer and i was wondering if there is a way i can prevent myself from hurting my knees. Thanks for your help.

  (+ info)

How do you prevent getting ankle and knee injuries?

I'm a basketball player and have seen many people get injured. I was wondering, how can you prevent getting ankle and knee injuries.

Keep all of your leg muscles strong, stretch, and learn to land correctly. Sometimes we will see injuries if a person has bad feet, they are flat footed or something and also if their quads or hams are much stronger than the other. Just make sure you stay strong and flexible and control your landings as much as possible, don't land with your knees locked that kind of simple stuff. You can also get your ankles taped for preventative purposes and even wear a knee brace if you are that worried about injuries.  (+ info)

How many injuries related to ligaments of left knee joint?

I want to know how many injuries are there related to ligaments of the knee? Can you provide me a list of these injuries? What are the symptoms of these injuries?

There are many ligaments in a knee. It all depends on the kind of injury that you sustain. The most common injuries are those involving the anterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament as well as the medial meniscus. Symptoms, usually are pain, swelling and instability.  (+ info)

what are some injuries you can get from landing directly on your knee?

example: if your in dance and you have a move where you jump in the air and come down and land on the ground on your knees...what are some injuries to your knee that you can get if you land wrong or land too hard?

Dislocated patella  (+ info)

Is there a certain time of year when knee injuries are more common?

It seems like over the past couple months a number of people that I know have had knee problems, and have either had or will be having surgery shortly. Not just in my family, but people I know at work and at church have been having knee problems.

I was wondering if there is a certain time of year when people are more prone to knee injuries. Are knee injuries more common during the winter?

The distribution and incidence of orthopedic injuries in general is pretty much even across the calender year. However, in certain regions certain times of the year can see an increase in specific injuries based on activities. An example would be in during ski season in the mountains, due to the high number of knee injuries associated with that activity.

In terms of surgery, if the problems were not acute and surgery could be delayed until a convenient time, most people choose winter to do that because being cooped up indoors, off your feet isn't as big a problem as in spring or summer when you might want to be outdoors more.

And then again, it could just be coincidence in your case. Hard to say, really.  (+ info)

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