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The VA just determined that my knee injuries are service related and its been 13 yrs. What can i expect now?

I have knee problems documented in my medical folder, from 13 yrs ago when i was still in the navy. I had surgery in oct on my left knee at the VA, after MRI reveled torn miniscus and surgery on my rght knee scheduled. Do i qualify for back pay since they just determined my injuries happened in the service?

The VA will medically treat your knee for free. Good luck for a speedy recovery.  (+ info)

I have two injuries in my left knee, meniscus cartillage tear and ligament damage, can i play tennis soon?

I am having my cartillage operation two days from now, and then 6 weeks after that i'm having my second operation. I'm just wondering whether i will be able to play tennis in july?

Depends on the damage to the ligaments. If it was just the meniscus then yes. Most times it's about a year before the ligaments are good to go.  (+ info)

Why are knee injuries so devastating?

Torn ACL, ruptured patella, torn PCL. Just the sound of these injuries causes most football players to cringe. I know they are excrutiatingly plainful, maybe some of the most painful things in the world... But what causes it to have such a long term effect? Why do they take years to recover from, and still leaving damage behind? I always thought the knee was a simple joint, responsible for only a few functions, but I guess I'm wrong. Can someone explain this to me?

The knees are the weakest area of your body. They are made of mostly tendons and ligaments. Unlike muscles and bone, these structures have little to no blood flow. This makes healing very difficult. Once healed, the knees are never as good as new. The ability to run and cut is greatly reduced. However, there are bio firms trying to grow tendons from blood vessels. blood vessels that we are born with turn into tendons when we don't need them for fetal growth and development. If these labs can replicate that transformation, they will be rich beyond their dreams, and athletes who otherwise would have to hang up the cleats would get another shot.  (+ info)

SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT: The impact of different dances on knee injuries?

I want to really do this project but How would I know which type of dance effects the knee most, PLEASE HELP!

Read the descriptions of dance related knee and other leg injuries at these sites. They will help you with your project.

http://wehelpwhathurts.homestead.com/dance.html  (+ info)

What are the most common knee injuries and what part is often affected?

Knee Sprains - the ligaments----ACL tears are actually very common esp. in sports requiring cutting, quick stops, and turns such as football, soccer, and basketball

Patella instability/kneecap problems are common and can range from dislocations (more common in female athletes) to just kneecap pain sometimes called Runner's Knee.

Patella Tendinitis is a very common overuse injury. It is a result of an inflamed patella tendon.

A torn meniscus is very common, too. Your meniscus is a disk of c-shaped cartilage in your knee between your femur and tibia that acts as a shock absorber and cushion. Tears happen with less of a significant injury/ more easily in older people as the meniscus wears down. Athletes also can get tears due to knee twists etc.

Good Luck :)  (+ info)

What are the injuries of knee?

8 days ago, I injured my knee when I was getting out of a taxi, unconsciously I didn't watch the way out of the car so I hit the fridge box really hard. I couldn't walk for the next 15 minutes. Then it got ok. But until now , when it hits anything even the bed it hurts so much. Any idea's of what I can do? or is there any damage happened to my knee?

  (+ info)

i want to lose weight what exercise can i do with back injuries knee arm and leg pain?

I have soft tissue damage to upper back and arms also pain to both legs hips and knees I also have high blood pressure I desperately need to lose weight what exercises can I do.Please help me.I am 60 years young.

Eat a lot of green to dark green vegetables, and do light tai chi and yoga... light meaning, stay seated and hold your stomach in as tightly as you can then work those muscles without holding your breath. lift your legs slowly while sitting as many times as you can without straining them it may be once or twice but movement will eventually make you feel a little better...see your doctor also  (+ info)

Help from some who understands knee injuries?

I just got the results of my MRI and have NO idea what all this means. I don't see my doctor for another couple weeks. Could you explain what these mean and do they require surgery?
-intrasubstance tear of posterior medial meniscus
-small suprapatellar bursa
-joint infusion

I have had arthroscopic surgery on both knees. Sound like you will too. A torn meniscus is the horseshoe shaped cartilage between the upper and lower leg bones. If its torn you will need to have it fixed. Remember to do your exercise after the surgery.  (+ info)

What is the patellas role in an individuals risk level for knee joint injuries?

The patella is important functionally because it increases the leverage of the knee joint. From a mechanical perspective, the patella allows for an increase of about 30% in strength of extension (kicking) of the leg at the knee joint. Check here for more information about the patella and its functions.

http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/patelladisorders/a/kneecap.htm  (+ info)

Help from someone who understands knee injuries?

I just got the results of my MRI and have NO idea what all this means. I don't see my doctor for another couple weeks. Could you explain what these mean and do they require surgery?
-intrasubstance tear of posterior medial meniscus
-small suprapatellar bursa
-joint infusion

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