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what are ligaments in the human bdoy,how do they affect knee injuries.Can a person walk with a torn ligament?

Can a person tear a ligament and not notice the pain and can it in the process continue to cause further damage.There were times after a very very tirring game (in which i never fell down or hurt myself) when my knee began to ache and the pain stayed for about 2-3 days ,i had to limp.What could be the reason is it a ligament tear,or is it with thee bone of the knee.

it's a band of strong tissue in our body to connect bonds.torn ligaments in the knee w'd give us suffer.v can only lie down on bed everyday until it's completely recovered.  (+ info)

can having quite a few minor injuries to a knee over a short period of time damage it badly when i get older?

ive had quite a few minor injuries to my left knee (mostly just soft tissue damage from falls, bad knocks, bending it the wrong way etc), can that damage my knee for when i get older???
btw im 15, so ive got plenty of time to grow old with a sh!tty knee!!

and by short amount of time, i mean 4 or 5 injuries in 12-14 months to the same knee

If only you don't take proper care of muscles beneath them.. This' the age which gets all such.. Don't Worry(You are too small to do that), this makes you stronger and this ISN'T A PROPER SCIENTIFIC REASON of damage in future...  (+ info)

Best cardio exercises for a person with knee injuries?

I love working out and I enjoy cardio of all types..... running, power walking, step classes, boot camp classes, elliptical trainer and treadmill. But I recently hurt my knee and the doctor suggests that I do exercises that do not put my weight on my knee. I enjoy weight lifting but I know that I must mix that with some sort of cardio to maintain balance... Please help, all suggestions are welcomed.

I can share with you some tips based on my some of my PT clients experience. However whatever it is, the most important thing is to listen sttentively to your doctor (ex. if your doctor saya a particular exercise have to be avoided, then listen to his advice). Basically, if you have knee pain, it is best you rest and recover first before attempting any exercise. After that, you can start with some low impact, or non impact type of workouts. Low impact workouts means as long as there is still one ffot in contact with the ground (ex. walking). You may also try non impact workouts (both foot in contact with the floor) like the elliptical trainer, but do limt the angle of knee flexion first.

In addition to that, you may wish to consider water based workout (ex. aqua aerobics, or walking/jogging in the pool). In fact, water based exercises are best for people who have joint injuries or problems; a good way to workout as well.  (+ info)

What are some common knee injuries to track and field athletes?

The most common running injury to people who run a lot is runner’s knee. You have pain behind the knee cap during running and when you press your knee cap against the bone behind it. You can keep the knee cap from rubbing by
wearing , special inserts in your shoes, and strengthening exercises so that the muscle pulls your knee cap inwards.
Another injury people talk about a lot is shin splints. What are "shin splints" I hear you ask? Well, it can mean anything from tendinitis to stress fractures. The correct name is "Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome" (MTSS). You often have a dull ache in both legs which becomes worse when you are running. You may have swelling around the lower leg and ankle. If you only have pain and swelling in one leg you might have a tibial stress fracture (microscopic fractures in the bone caused by overuse). You will have to reduce the amount of running and apply ice for 20 minutes after exercise 2-3 times a day. Sometimes athletes will tape their shins for support and this also helps the swelling go down. An anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen may help the pain. To help prevent shin splints you should do exercises that help strengthen the lower leg. Tears of the knee are slight because there is not a ton of twisting and torquing while running.

Wear proper running shoes
Make sure you stretch and warm up before running
Do not run on icy or uneven surfaces
If you run in the dark make sure you can be seen
If something hurts stop running and rest
Drink plenty of fluids, don’t become dehydrated.  (+ info)

Can knee injuries close up growth plates?

im 17 years old, my doctor told me that my growth plates in my knee are open and i still have more to grow. But i sprained or maybe slightly fractured something in my knee....does that have anything to do with the growth plate?

thank you

Injuries can and do close the growth plates, but you dont have to worry because 1) at 17, you are coming close to when your growth plates fuse and 2) if you have " sprained or slightly fractured" your knee, i would think you havent damaged your epiphysis. dont trouble yourself any more than needed.  (+ info)

Has anyone tried those knee rollers for lower leg injuries?

I have a broke my ankle in two placesand cant bear weight for a while (at least 8 weeks), and I'm having a hard time with crutches

They work very well. My friend used one for a few weeks and he sang its praises. He loved it as in the past he had used crutches and he said the difference was unbelievable.

http://ezinearticles.com/?RollerAid-Knee-Walker-a-Safe-Alternative-to-Crutches?&id=923563  (+ info)

injuries you get when knee is bent back?

how do i know what part of my knee is injured?

The most common injury is called a hyper-extension.

It can occur when you step or land and your knee seems to bend slightly backwards, or locking your knee.

You can also damage your ACL in this way, as well as other knee ligaments.

In my sources I provided a link that has a graphic of your knee and some different methods to learn about related injuries.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me about medial knee injuries? I went to the doc today and......?

An xray showed that, compared to the right outer side of my right knee (which had space showing), the left inner side (medial) had no space showing in the picture, which is probably the reason why I have occasional pain. I've had orthroscopies done on both knees, and the consensus is that there might be a re-injury with the medial side of my right knee. Does anyone know about this subject? Thanks.

I myself am no expert on the subject, but the resource below may help you answer your concerns. It describes the most common ligament injuries to the knee and offers suggestions for diagnosing and treating those injuries. I hope this helps!  (+ info)

I m suffering from stiffness of left ankle,knee and left middle finger with RA factor negative and no injuries

I am suffering from extreme stifness of knee, i consult 4 to 5 doctors but none of them can diganose, all blood reports are normal with RA factor negative and all Xray are fine. All Doctors are just giving me antiinflammatry tabs.

I want to know whether it is arthritis and which type of it ? Is it curable either in allopathy or ayurveda? And where should i go for treatment ? how can i get relief ?

My age is 24 years.

The RA factor negative has nothing to do with your problem. If you have not seen an Orthopedist then I would make an appointment to see one.

To me it sounds like you have Arthritis. It could be Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Or it could be something entirely different.

I have Osteoarthritis and I have the same RA factor as you. Hope you get some answers to this soon.  (+ info)

Are squats helpful for knee injuries?

The doctor diagnosed me with runners knee and he said it was because of tight hamstrings. Are squats good excersizes for quad strengthning. Also how do I get rid of this pain for good. I am really mad at not being able to play sports.

Squats are not good for that kind of thing. You should get your doctor to send you to physical therapy that will help!  (+ info)

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