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labor pain?

I've been having back labor contractions for almost 24 hrs now, totally not regular but I have a scheduled induction here in a few hours, the pain is getting to the point it's unbearable but the contractions are still not regular. Any ideas on what to do for the next 2 hrs to eliminate some of the pain? Thanks in advance

sounds like the baby is in a posterior position which means his spine is parallel to yours making the pressure in that area worse....(that is normal btw!!)

try getting on all fours and rocking back and forth so the weight is to the front of your body,.....
also try using heat packs on your back to relieve the pain or get in the shower with the hot water running over your back....
you can also take some paracetamol, it may or may not help but its not going to do you or the baby any harm to try it.

try not to lay on your back, keep upright and preferrably on all fours....

GOOD LUCK!! You'll be meeting your little bundle very soon.....my thoughts are with you for a speedy and healhty delivery!

EDIT: oh and keep active!! Walking will encourage the labour to progress faster and will make it easier on you. And if your water hasn't broken the bath might help too....  (+ info)

Labor Pain?

Can anybody explain how they feel? This is my first child and I've been feeling a lot of pain on the lower part of my belly but have no idea how they are suppose to feel. I don't know if it's just my muscles expanding or if it could be labor pains. I'm due on the 30th of Jan. Can you please explain how the contractions feel?

I am due Jan. 29th also and having having a boy too. Congrats to you and the other answerer!! Anyway, I've been having the BH contractions off & on for about 3 weeks now. The period cramping is the mild version of them, however I've also been getting the ones that start in the lower back then move around. I had a really bad one this morning, baby moved (thank god) and it eased the pain. The more intense the BH get the more you'll be able to tell the difference. It feels different for everyone, but in my own experience, I get them wayyyy too far apart, different areas of my belly, and totally different times of the day.  (+ info)

Labor pain?

I want someone to describe labor pain..especially for first time momma's..i'm sure its dreadfully painful..but want to know the experience of the other lady's
Its scary though...r there any complications during delivery..can women actually bear the pain????

Labor pain is like the worst menstrual cramps you can imagine. ONce you start pushing for some reason the pain subsides, and is replaced by an awful.....discomfort....of the baby's skull squeezing through your pelvic bones. Feels like bone on bone, but passes once the head is out. If you plan on an epidural, be sure to tell the hospital on arrival.....sometimes the anesthesiologist is 45 minutes away and takes his time arriving to the hospital.  (+ info)

Can labor pain really be compared to the pain of kidney stones?

I'm 36w2d and am starting to get a little freaked out about the pain of labor. I've heard that labor pains can be compared to the pain of a kidney stone. Can anyone that has experienced both give their opinion? I've had a kidney stone and it hurt, a lot. I couldn't take pain meds because I just kept throwing them up.


Thats exactly the pain...

Actually Kidney stones hurt more, but comparable.  (+ info)

How does the pain of labor compare to running a marathon?

I've run several marathons and thus far is the greatest pain I've ever felt. But I've never gone through labor/giving birth and have always kinda wondered how the two compare/contrast. Obviously this question is directed to women who have done both.

Having gone through natural childbirth before I would have to say that those two do not compare. I have not ran a marathon, but I will tell you nobody would run a marathon if it was comparable to childbirth. To go through that kind of pain for no real reward would be crazy. I think you can compare child birth to getting run over by an 18 wheeler. That's how your body feels during a contraction. And then being pulled apart with pliers from 2 people going different directions....that's comparable. :)  (+ info)

What are the medicines available for labor to reduce pain?

Hi All,

What are all medicines available which a woman can take during labor to reduce the pain? And can you please explain the effects, side effects and pros/cons for each?
I am 36 weeks with my first one.

This question is VERY involved (more than you probably thought), so I found a few links for you. Be aware though, that certain pain medication (like epidurals) can slow down or stop your labour.



If you are not certain about taking medications, you may also want to look into holistic pain management, hypnosis, accupuncture, etc.



Good luck and congratulations on your little one!  (+ info)

what kind of pain medicine did they give you after labor and delivery?

I'm just wondering what type of pain meds they usually give after labor and delivery and if you thought they were sufficient to ease healing pain. I'm due any day now with my first and I'm very nervous about the healing process!

i had a vaginal birth with one stitch, and they sent me home w Ibuprofen 800 mg, and also hydrocodone.  (+ info)

How does ruptured appendix pain compare to labor pain?

My appendix ruptured about 5 years ago, and now I am expecting my first child in August. My situation was somewhat rare in that my appendix ruptured as many as 4 or 5 days before I went into surgery, but since my body "walled off" the infection I didn't have any of the usual symptoms (besides pain). As my due date approaches, I'm wondering how this pain might compare to labor pain.

Don't listen to people who tell you what labour pains are like...they're different for everybody, and there are always people out there who want to scare you with tales of their own! Just remember: if labour pains were soooo bad, then nobody would have more than one child!
Anyway, the pain of childbirth is not the pain of something being 'wrong' in your body, so it's different! And it's a 'productive' pain...you feel as if you're getting somewhere with every contraction and you know it will end with something beautiful!
Just relax..and enjoy looking forward to your baby! Congratulations, by the way :))  (+ info)

What are some other types of pain relief during labor other then the epidural?

I was just wondering about some other drugs [not techniques] that help relieve pain during labor but don't make it so a person cannot get up to walk around. What are the side effects and how effective is the relief?


You can get IV meds, which will most likely knock u out... they helped relax me alot!  (+ info)

What are the risks of having pain medications during child labor, if any?

I'm not pregnant or anything, but I'm just curious for if and when I have children if there are any risks to me or the baby if I use drugs for pain during labor. Thanks!

There are always some risks and possible side effects attached...

Gas: Considered the least risky, but not recommended for women who have had decompression sickness or lung problems. Vegans and women with folate or B12 decifiency also need caution as the gas can deactivate these vitamins in their systems, causing problems.

Pethedine: Can trigger an allergic reaction and can interact with some antidepressants, if the person was taking them. Can have side effects in the baby if too high a dose is given, or if the baby is premature or unwell. eg can affect baby's breathing, heart rate and reflexes at birth.
Mother may feel nauseous, drowsy, disorientated for a time, as could the baby.

Epidural: Most effective pain relief, but also more risky. Can cause heavy bleeding, blood infection, back injuries in the mother. Other risks are undesirably low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, itchiness, backache, fever. Can slow the progress of labour, leading to an increase in other interventions such as oxytocin to restore contractions, forceps delivery, episiotomy. Increased chance of needing a C-section. All the above can have flow on effects of risk to the baby. Can give the mother a severe headache (about 1% of cases experience this). Numbness, weakness, infection also possible. Then there are more serious but very thankfully very rare complications such as paralysis.

Don't let all that scare you - they're really pretty safe overall!!
(I had an epidural and suffered none of the above)  (+ info)

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