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How is ur experience of first sign in labor pain?

Hie, I am at 38 weeks. On and off lately I've been getting stomache, which sometimes I am confused whether is it labor pain or what. From your experience, do you mind to share?

If it is false labor (braxton hicks), getting up and walking or shifting your weight, or eating something will make them go away. Actual contractions don't get better until you have a new snuggle bunny-and you (almost) immediately forget what it felt like--I think that's how people end up with more than one!

Warning-after vaginal delivery, there will be a few more contractions until placenta is out (Most ppl forget that part)  (+ info)

What would you suggest for pain medication during labor?

I'm not good with pain, never have been, and I know that I will need something for the pain. I know theres a chance that i'll get there too late and wont be able to get any but I don't know whats better, an IV pain med or an epidural, or are there other options? As strong as I wish I was, my nightmares about labor and birth scare the crap out of me so Im thinking I'll need some sort of pain medication. Any suggestions? Thanks. I'm only 36 weeks pregnant.

I had an epidural. I guess some women can handle labor pains but I had a really difficult time. The epidural made my birth experience really wonderful. My labor went really fast after the epidural too - the contraction pattern didn't slow down. I went in with the open mind of not taking pain relief but I really didn't do well. Don't feel bad if you take the epidural.

I had stadol before I was 4cm dilated. If I had it to do over again I would have not opted for the stadol and just dealt with the pain. Before the stadol and after it wore off I walked which did help. It didn't take away the pain but it did distract me.  (+ info)

Can a doula really help reduce labor pain?

And help shorten labor, also help go through an epidural free or C section free labour? What's the labor pain like? Is it sharp or dull? Really unbearable? Thanks!

I got a doula! Just hired her :) I say this ...

Labor pains has a lot to do with the body not being able to relax with the pain that comes on. A doula can help you to relax. They are not the nurse or doctor, and so they are there FOR YOU and to make sure you are okay!

And yes, a husband can do this too, however doulas are also there for them. It's not cake and ice cream for them!

I'm trying to not get an epideral. I'm not saying I will not, but I will try my hardest not to!  (+ info)

Is cramping and vaginal pain during pregnancy bad, or does it mean labor is near?

I am 33 weeks and 6 days prego, wil be 34 weeks tomarow. Wel for the last 3 days ive had vaginal pain, accompanied by mild cramping but today I had them very bad with pain in my inner thigh, my tailbone also hurts badly even when i walk. Is this normal, or is labor almost near? Im always in pain. and sometimes i have rectum pain. Should i be concerned, thank you!

sciatic nerve. i had it with my son. my butt would hurt and cramp so bad i couldn't walk. you still have a few weeks left. it's probably just the normal uncomfortableness of the last few weeks. i would talk to your OB though just to keep him/her informed.  (+ info)

How can you tell back labor from chronic back pain?

i have chronic back pain so most of the time my lower back hurts and if i dont relax it gets worse until it finally eases up again. so how will i know if im having back labor later if i already have low back pain?

Trust me - you will know. They are not remotely similar.  (+ info)

What othere kinds of pain medication have you all tried during labor besides an epidural?

I have been reading about all these back problems after epidurals wear off and the catheters that need to be used etc. I also read it can make your brain sink into your spine and thats why you can get headaches afterwards. (Eww). :) Anyway are there any pain medications to take in labor that help at least so you can manage the pain a lot better? What about demerol, stadol, and nubain? Are those very different from eachother?

There are various pain management techniques. IV drugs can be administered (which is what I had and it mostly made me feel tired). There are massage techniques, acupuncture can be done, breathing exercises (lamaze). Ask your doctor what is out there and what he/she would recommend for you. Let your dr know how you feel about each one. You can also talk to a midwife who can give you other alternatives that are non medical. I was wary of the epidural and to tell you the truth other than remembering it hurt like hell I don't remember the pain that much and I forgot it relatively quickly after the birth of my daughter. Good luck, hope this helped.  (+ info)

How well do IV pain meds work for labor and delivery?

I'm only 10 weeks pregnant so I know I have a long way to go before worrying about labor but I'm already petrified of it. I was just wondering about IV meds? Everyone talks about epidurals but that huge needle scares the heck out of me. Do IV pain meds do much to numb the pain? I was also wondering if anyone has been given anything for the anxiety during labor as I know I will be freaking out!

hi there. I just had my son 3 months ago. The best thing to do is to stay calm, and its great that you are thinking and planning so early on. You have time to do a little reasearch and talk to different doctors to get their views and opinions. I origionally decided to go all natural, i didn't want an epidural at all ( for some strange reason I thought it would make me a weaker person) however, thinking about not wanting one, and being in labour are 2 completely different things. I have a very high pain tollerance, what would make most people cry doesnt phase me. That being said, I went into labour at 3:30 in hte afternoon and my husband didnt get home until about 2 hours later, which was fine as my contrations were far enough apart not to rush to the hospital ( if contractions are around 5 minutes apart yous hould be at the hospital). the contractions started out as mild cramps, less than what you might feel during your period, and got stronger and stronger as time passed. After 9 hours of contraction pain, i decided to ask the doctor about epidurals. Yes the risks can be great, some people can be parilized from tge waist down forever. I dont want to scare you, this is only statistics. Once i found out that the chances of it hurting me or my baby were slim, idecided that an epidural was what was best for us. The specialist comes in and freezes the area first. This feels like a bit of a bee sting, and since its in your back you cant see it. Then he asked me to arch my back like a cat so he could see the spaces in between my spine. He the put in the epidural needle. and you CANT feel this one, because your back has been frozen. So dont be affraid of pain from that, it hardly is noticeable. they then tape the needle to your back and its hooked up to a machine where they can control how much of the pain killer you are getting. It doesnt take very long, it all over in a matter of minutes. and let me tell you, child birth after that was easy. I had them stop the epidural before I was about to deliver, and that part didnt hurt at all. I would say the most painful part of hte entire situation, was the few stitches that i had to have after ( and since i had stopped the epidural I could feel the sticteh with no pain killers). But what worked for me may not work for you.  (+ info)

Have any women had pain meds given to them through an IV during labor?

Did anyone use pain medication in an IV during labor?
I have been thinking about what kind of pain management I want to use during labor. I think I want to have pain meds given to me in a IV as opposed to an epidural. Have any women gone this route during labor and how did it turn out for you?

I am pregnant with my 4th and I am not planning on having an epidural. I only had an epidural with my first kid and unlike other moms, I didn't have a good experience with it. It stopped my labor, only numbed one leg, and gave me a spinal headache after I had the baby. Also, my back was extremely sore where the needle was placed for a few weeks, if not longer. Most women do fine with an epidural, though.

IV medicine has worked for me with the other 2. It takes the edge off and makes the pain bearable. I didn't care that I was in pain anymore and I actually was able to take a nap after they gave me the IV. (which made my labor progress faster) Also, I could feel when I needed to push so it was much easier to deliver the baby and I wasn't sore from pushing. Recovery was SO much better with both of the deliveries with the IV!

I know other women swear by the epidural, but if you want to try out the IV I highly recommend it!  (+ info)

Do you think your childbirth method helped to reduce the pain of labor?

I know the method I used helped tremendously to reduce the pain of labor. Did it work for you? If so, what method did you use? I used the Bradley method.

I used hypnobabies and loved it. I thought it helped me alot. It took me 12 hours of focused labor to dilate to a 4. I don't know how I would have made it through that emotionally and physically without hypnobabies.

hypnobabies.com  (+ info)

How is your pain tolerance, did it change during labor?

I am usually pretty good with pain and want to have an all natural childbirth. But I am just wondering if anyone else had good tolerance for pain but then labor came you couldn't tolerate it and had to get drugs.

im really good with pain. i got an epidural because its impossible to sleep during contractions. i needed my rest for the pushing part. labor isn't that bad though i expected worse it does hurt but god wouldn't give us anything we couldn't handle.  (+ info)

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