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Does pain in my lower back mean I will have back labor?

I am 18 weeks and am having pain in my lower back already. This is baby #2 and had very little back pain with #1. I have a friend who had alot of back pain and then had horrible back labor. Was that a coincidence or is it typical?

Absolutely not. I had no back pain labor with any of my kids but I had horrid back pain with baby 2 and 3 and no back labor. The back pain is just the added weight and stress the baby puts on your spine and back muscles. It usually gets a little harder with each pregnancy. I had no back pain at all with baby 1 until 30 weeks then by 18 weeks with baby 2 and 16 weeks with baby 3.  (+ info)

How much longer of this pain before real labor begins?

I am 40 weeks pregnant.

I've been having contractions every 10 minutes for the past 6 hours.

The contractions hurt but they are not excruciating and they are NOT getting stronger or closer together. each contraction lasts about 30-50 seconds and the majority of the pain is felt in my back.

Do you think I will go into real labor soon (the contractions will get worse and more frequent) or do you think they will subside?

They sound pretty consistent, just keep timing them and when they get to five minutes apart or less, then call your doctor! And head for the hospital.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had back pains less than five minutes apart, and my husband took me to the hospital, and they kept me in, and said that I would not have my daughter that night, but sometime the next day, and sure enough at 1:01 pm, the next day, I had my Bailey!!! :-)

You are really close, keep timing them, keep the phone nearby, and keep your bag next to you!!!  (+ info)

what is the difference between back labor and having back pain?

38 weeks and 2 days and having constant back pain is it labor or is it just having back pain?

When my mom went into labor with her first child, she said she'd been standing up ironing for a while and thought it was just back pain that would come and go. So she sat down for a few minutes and then went back to what she was doing, until the pain came back... Finally it dawned on her that she was in labor.

It was quite obvious to me when I was in labor, though. I'd been having Braxton Hicks contractions, so when they got very intense and regular, I figured that was it. The back pain was the worst part of each contraction for me. It was very intense, and there was no mistaking it for regular back pain! We think my daughter may have been facing front and causing "back labor."

So I think labor is different for everyone. If you think something's happening pretty regularly, try timing it and see if there's any pattern to it. I thought several times that I MIGHT be going into labor, but when it finally happened I didn't have to ask :-) Hope you have a happy birth!  (+ info)

How do you think you will handle the pain during labor?

I think i might go into shock because i hate any type of pain....i cant sit still for menstrual cramps so labor might just knock me out..An epidural will be a must for me...anyone else worried about the pain


I am willing to try anything and everything to leave the pain apart the epidural (it's just a personal preference.)

I'm sure we will be fine though (this is what EVERYONE keeps telling me, after reassuring me that I'm not going to die!)

Congratulations and good luck :)  (+ info)

What types of medication besides the epidural did you take to ease the pain when in labor?

I am not going to be getting an epidural when I go into labor so I want to know the other types of medication to help ease the pain and what effects they have when taken????

  (+ info)

During Labor is there any other type of pain relief besides an epidural?

I am allergic to codiene and the epidural so is there any other type of pain relief i can get during labor?
With my first child i was in labor for 16 hours!! I am only 13 weeks pregnant with my second and just want to be prepared this time if the pain gets to be too much!

Sure you can try the gas, but it can make you spin out and a little dizzy but it is short lasting so you will feel normal again within minutes. Also you can either have pethidine or morphine, i'm not sure if they contain codeine so you might have to check on that. But those are the 3 most common pain relievers apart from an epidural to use during labour and delivery. Hope this helped..  (+ info)

Why do people say labor pain hurts so bad it feels like they are dying?

If that was true millions of woman wouldn't have more than one child, most american woman have 3+ kids so whats up with saying labor pain hurt so bad as if they were dying?

Im not saying everyone say this but most people i have talked to and asked how labor pain feels like they gave me that rather stupid comment "so bad as if i was dying or thought i was dying"

i don't get it is it to scare people and make them not want kids or what?

It does hurt ALOT!!!! Women continue to have children because the pain is worth it in the end. You think about it, Unbearable pain for anywhere between 2 to 40 hours gives you years and years of joy!

Also most women who have had a painful labour generally consider the epidural or a c-section for their second to eliminate that pain!

My labour was terrible with my first, I had tearing of scar tissue in my stomach (I actually did think I was going to die. lol). I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with twins. Labour scares the hell out of me, but that is why they created epidurals!

I can tell you now, those few hours of pain are well and truly worth it and I can't wait to meet my little boy and girl!  (+ info)

I am 39.5 weeks along and this morning am experiencing lower abdominal pain. Could this be the start of labor?

The pain at times feels like sharp twinges, but it is not constant. My uterus does NOT feel like it is contracting. But are these pains/cramping an early sign of labor? (The pain is in my lower abdominal area but is also reaching down to my vagina) Thanks.

Sounds like you're getting ready to start labor...YAY!!!
I had the same thing. Except I didn't realize I had start labor until I was driving home from the store and the pain was longer than normal and I decided to time the pains.
My uterus didn't really feel like it was contracting too much, it was more of the pain that radiated from the back to the front for me. I didn't realize it was tightening until I put my hand on my stomach and I FELT it get tight.
But you probably are going to the doc every week now, so I would as them.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have only back pain not frontal contraction pain during labor?

I just want to know is it possible to just have pain in your back during labor instead of the front pain from contractions.

I''m sure it is. I had horrible back labor and it hurt so darn bad that if I did have pain in the front I sure as heck did not notice it because my back was in such a bad way.
So I don't know if I juts didn't have the pain in the front, or if I did and I just couldn't tell.
But that's what happened to me!!  (+ info)

What pain relief did you have during labor?

What pain relief did you have during labor and did it work for you????
I had morphine it worked for me, but then again my labor was only an hour and a half so i didn't really get to feel much pain. My baby was out before I knew it. :o)

First son - Gas and Air. It was pretty painful, but not horrific or anything, but I had been at hospital for 2 hours and I had no idea what was in store, I thought I was going to be in labor for another 24 hours. I was asking for the epidural, but the anesthesiologist wasn't available so I never ended up getting one, which didn't really matter anyway because my son was born 3 hours after arriving at hospital.
Second son was laying very low towards my spine, so I had really bad back labor. I had the epidural which only partly worked on my left side, so I could still feel everything on my right side, and gas and air.
The epidural was obviously not very strong at all because I was able to walk an hour after giving birth.  (+ info)

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