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Period like pains and cervical pain at 39 weeks pregnant, how long until labor?

Ive been having period like cramps on and off for a week or so and a sharp pain on my cervix. How long do you think before I go into labor. I desperatly want the baby before Xmas!

This is my second pregnancy. I'm due January 15th. I've been experiencing those pains since my 22nd week. As I did in my first pregnancy. There's no way of knowing. You could go tomorrow or at your 42 second week. Your doctor can give you a "guesstimate" but it's just that. Unless you are induced. Good luck, I know how uncomfortable you are. Lots of walking & sex may help or it may not.  (+ info)

Is it possible to be in labor and not realize it cause the pain isn't that bad?

I've heard of some women who don't know they are in labor cause they have a really high pain threshold. I think my pain threshold is high but I don't know if it would be as high as to not notice that I am in labor.

I have a very high pain threshold and didn't need any epidural or pain relievers. Unless you are one of those very small percentage of people that have very quick and painless (seems like) labor, then you probably will not realize it. However, as high as my pain threshold is (which is usually described as extremely high), I definitely felt the labor pain. They say you're in labor when the pain hits you and you can't even walk. Do remember that the pain comes and goes and there is a peak. Once you hold up to the peak, then it's all just going to be better.

My advice during labor is to have your partner watch the screen which monitors your labor curve, let them tell you when you've reached the peak so you know it can't get any worse. That definitely helped me during labor because when he told me I'm at the peak, I know the pain will start to decrease and if I can endure this one, then I can definitely do the next one.
Just my thought. Good luck~  (+ info)

What to do about my pain and to progress my labor?

I am eight months pregnant, been having contractions for the last three weeks. In a lot of pain and I am diolated now at one. I am worried that since I have been in a lot of pain that I am not going to have enough enery to deliver my baby. What should I do?

your 8 months pregnant, there is no need to progress labor. and you will have energy to diliver you babys not due for a while...and the contractions are false alarms, i have been having them daily for about 4 weeks now, its normal.

just relax, make sure you drink ALOT of water, that can help with the pain of the comtractions...
good luck, and please let your baby cook longer.  (+ info)

Is labor pain felt over the entire body or primarily in the abdomen?

I've heard that the pain can radiate down your legs but I was wondering if it is a total body pain or more localized.

It's different for everyone. Mine was in my back, but primarily in my abdomen. I'd say for the most part it's localized.  (+ info)

What are the various pain relief options you have during labor?

I'm getting induced tomorrow morning and I have a low tolerance for pain, what different medications can you get or what kind of non medical options or ideas are there.

It's a little late to really be looking at non medical options as most of them involve training yourself to relax. If your being induced with pitocin it will be more painful than natural labor. I would recommend an epidural. There is always a warm bath or a birthing ball. Your nurses might also be able to make some suggestions if asked.  (+ info)

How safe is it to use pain medication when in labor?

This is going to be my first baby and i am really worried on weather to have pain medication or not when in labor. I have read about all this medications they have they both have the good and the bad?? I just wanted the opinions of other moms on their first deliveries and if they went natural or with pain medication? and what did they thought about it. By the way i am 8 months pregnant

  (+ info)

What is the best pain management advice for labor?

I know breathing really helps, but I need a veteran to tell me how they made it through. Please the is my first baby and I'm really trying to make it though with the least amount of pain as possible...or the least amount of stress.

listen to soft music , look at relaxing videos or pictures, squeeze ur husbands hand till it breaks, which usually happens lol. also to make it hurt less, some doctors will break the water early, so that could help too.  (+ info)

What kinds of pain medications are there to stop you from feeling labor pain?

Did you use any and did it work or did you still feel pain?

I used cannabis and it really helped.  (+ info)

How would you describe the pain of labor?

Or bearable?
Or how did an eperdural make you feel?
Did it take the pain away?
Did it make it so much easyer?
I know every person is diffrent
but it's nice to get an idea about how it is.

I was in labour for 18 hours 25 minutes total. My daughter was born on the day she was due. She weighed 9 pound 3 ounces (4.2kg) I did not have ANY medications at all, as I was too afraid of hurting her (even tho I didn't kno what sex she was at that time, My husband and I kept it a surprise) There were times that I begged my husband to take the pain away. And other times I just wanted to DIE. I couldn't stand the pain. But after my baby was born, they wrapped her up and put her on my chest, she looked at me... and when she started to cry... I cried. I was so overwhelmed... i was SOOOOOOO happy. I finally had my baby in my arms and the pain was GONE... almost forgotten. I had no tears, no stitches. And my little Isabelle was then, my whole life and world. She is now 7 and a half months old. I adore my little girl. I wish you the best.  (+ info)

Can severe leg pain be a sign of labor?

I have had severe leg pain since about 5am this morning. It is all through my legs especially in the bottoms and knees. I also am having a lot of pelvic pain and cramping. Sign of labor?

Does it come at intervals? If so, time it especially since you have cramping with it. Labor affects some of us rather oddly. The contractions may be compressing a nerve.

During a bout of too early ocntractions with my 3rd...all I felt was the need to pee each time. The nurse started laughing the fourth time in half hour I had to get up and pee. When I asked her what was so funny she pointed at the monitor and sure enough that's what it was.  (+ info)

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