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Does anyone suffer from Labyrinthitis and how often do the attacks occur?

I occasionally get it. It tends to occur after I have had a cold or ear infection. I didn't realise what it was at first. I just fealt a bit queasy and found I was misjudging doorways, and kept bumping into things because I wasn't walking staight, without realising it. It must have looked like I was a bit drunk. Some people suffer much worse. I believe it is caused by inflammation in the inner ear, where the balance centre is. I found the best treatment (for me) was an anti sea-sickness tablet, not those that combat nausea, but those designed to act on the inner ear (I think it was Stematil, but not sure). Also what helped was taking medication specifically targeting the estation tubes in my ears, if these don't drain properly, it causes inflammation in the general area. I haven't had an "attack" for a number of years now.

General advice only, this worked well for me.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

When can my athletic 6 year old resume normal activities after a sever labyrinthitis infection?

The web sites below should be able to answer you question better
they are more informed that most
hope he gets well soon can be worrying  (+ info)

Can I have some information on labyrinthitis?

can it cause derealization?

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Why isn't recovery from viral labyrinthitis/neuritis linear?

I was diagnosed with this in early November 2009, and I have been suffering the ups and downs of recovery ever since. Some times I can go two weeks symptom-free, but then I wake up some days and I feel like I'm drunk; I can't concentrate; my head feels fuzzy and disoriented. I make a slow recovery again over a few weeks, more good days, and then plummet again. Why does this happen? How can you ever recover this way?

it is the disease weakening and then flarring up again  (+ info)

I have labyrinthitis at the moment can going to a nightclub make it worse?

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Do you suffer from labyrinthitis or vertigo? Can you help me?

I have for over 4 years now on and off. Its been pretty bad for the last few months.

I find its worse when Im tired or in a busy room eg. restaurant with cutlery and voices clanging all around. Its like my ears cant cope with the surrround sound.
The other night at a function, everyone clapped and I spun out, I couldnt even put my lips to my straw without feeling like I was going to pass out.
On my better days, I just try to cope with it but when its bad....

What triggers yours and what do you do to treat/live with it?

Im so sick of being dizzy..... pls help

I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis many years ago and the first couple of episodes were totally debilitating. I was told that the episodes should gradually get less frequent and less severe. This did not turn out to be the case and eventually I was diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome in my left ear.

Initially, I got some relief from Scopalomine patches, then they were taken off the market. Now, I guess they're back.

Anyway, with the new diagnosis, I was told that common "triggers" that I should avoid were:
Noise exposure, motion, and stress. So when possible wear earplugs, avoid winding roads and other obvious motion problems, and work on meditation and breathing exercises for stress reduction. It may or may not apply to your case, but you're not out much to give it a try.

Also, one of the meds I've taken for years (Claritin) is over-the-counter now, so you might try taking it once a day and see if it offers any relief.

I had to go to three doctors before I got the right diagnosis and found out it could be just in one ear. I recommend seeing another specialist or two if that's a practical option for you.

The good news is that I've been able to function very normally without a severe episode in the last 10 years. I wish you the same.  (+ info)

labyrinthitis does anyone know much about this or have this condition?

i have just today been told i have labyrinthitis after feeling faint all the time and actualy taking a tumble i have been prescribed prochlorperazine tablets does anyone have this condition?and how do you manage it?as for the tablets im hoping they work as the fear of always falling is awful

I had it years ago and was prescribed Stemetil (same drug as yours).
It started almost instantly whil carrying a cup of coffee from one room to the next. Dropped coffee, fell over. Spent a day or two in bed, it slowly improved but for ages I kept veering to the left unless I concentrated on keeping a straight line!
It is usually a viral infection and will clear in time
Stemetil is effective in controlling nausea and vomiting due to stimulation of the chemoreceptor trigger zone.
Labyrinthitis is usually a mild condition that the body's immune system can fight off within a few weeks. In the meantime, medication can be taken to relieve some of the symptoms (see Treatment).  (+ info)

I have labyrinthitis/vertigo my doctor is going to do this....?

My doctor is going to lay me on a bed and have my head hang over the end and 'tap' around my ears and temples.
Has anyone had this done?
Did it work? Did it make a difference?

I have just been diagnosed with Labyrinthitis too. My dr had given me stemetil tablets, & advised me if they didn't work then he'll refer me to physio to teach me some exercises to help eleviate the dizzy spells. Pls keep us posted with your treatment, as i am willing to try just about anything to get rid of the dizzy spells. good luck!  (+ info)

Is viral labyrinthitis and labyrinthitis the same thing?

Yes. They may be used interchangeably sometimes. When "Viral labyrinthitis" is stated or specified, it means that a known viral infection occured in advance and that the labyrinthitis is being attributed to that.
One can also develop labyrinthitis secondary to a bacterial infection.  (+ info)

How can you prevent labyrinthitis?

Usually you can't. I had it after a viral ear infection. But if it's from a bacterial infection, antibiotics right away might help. Plus if you try to lead a very active and healthy lifestyle, you might be less prone to viruses/colds/ear infections to begin with.

Almost 6 years later and my balance still is still a bit off :(

But it's gotten better.  (+ info)

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