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Labyrinthitis question?

I've had labyrinthitis for almost 2 years now.
it started with a bad reaction from to much weed.
the next morning I had it.

I wanted to know how common this experience is
and what normally causes this.

I tried looking it all up but I havent heard of anyone getting it that bad from weed.
My sister actually thought I was going to die.

All your info would be very helpful! thank youu.

You could of crashed/flaked-out on someone's (less than hygienic) sofa, & picked up an infection that way ?!  (+ info)

i have labyrinthitis and vertigo been in bed for a week with it now doctor finally told me last night thats ?

what i got now my ear is really really killing me and me throat what is there as a strong pain killer i can use but not round ones i have difficulty in swallowing them and i live in the uk
the labyrinthitis is a inner ear infection thats why i got the pain

  (+ info)

Labyrinthitis? Sudden vertigo, doctor said it is and now I'm on a corticosteroid.?

Alrighty, so basically I was in the shower the other day and I had a very sudden loss of balance. I was standing at the time and I was able to continue standing, but the world was spinning to the left. For safety's sake (and because I thought the steam was getting to me) I sat down. When it continued while I was seated and included the involuntary movement of my eyes to the left no matter how I tried to focus while feeling symptoms comparable to a left turn on a roller coaster. The symptoms lasted anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes at maximum severity. They basically dropped off, I was able to get to sleep and I had some dizziness the next morning. My GP said it's labyrinthitis and I've had no balance problems at all since the first incident and the following morning (GP was later that day.) I was put on Methylprednisolone which is apparently a major anti-inflamtory. The doctor made this diagnosis very quickly and only checked my ears, eyes, reflexes, etc. Should I be worried? I feel OK
Oh, I'm 18 years old and I have no prerequisites for any of this. I would really like to get back to BJJ and Muay Thai ASAP. I've already missed 3-4 days in the gym due to this and I have competitions at the end of the summer. I have no negative symptoms at all though, I'm just being paranoid.

My brother has been diagnosed with the same thing. He has occasional episodes when he gets really dizzy. The doctor gave him medication called antivert. This helps with the dizziness. When he was first diagnosed, he had frequent episodes. Over time they have become less frequent. He rarely is bothered with them now. It may not be true in your case but, I know that things like flashing christmas lights or spinning objects will send him into a "dizzy spell."  (+ info)

labyrinthitis problems? Need help!?

Hello, I have had labyrinthitis for 2 weeks now. I have no problems with my daily activities around the house. My problem is driving or riding in a vehicle. Within minutes my heart starts beating fast, I get short of breath and the earth starts to spin on me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop these symptoms when in a vehicle? I would really appreciate it.
This is mainly affected my driving. I just need to stop the symptoms for that, everything else is fine. Could it be Meuniere's syndrome?

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Why do my ears pop extremely loudly when I swallow or wiggle my jaw?

I don't live in high altitudes, but I was recently diagnosed with acute labyrinthitis. However, when I mention this to my doctor, he tells me that it's normal and that I probably never noticed it before; however it's so loud, I fail to see how I couldn't notice it. I'm concerned, because of his general behaviour and that he's far beyond retirement age, that he's a quack. Do you experience it, or should I find a second opinion?

what you have is called EUSTACHIAN TUBE DYSFUNCTION

it is not something dangerous ....
there is a small canal between the middle ear and the pharynx called the eustachian canal and sometimes it gets blocked from a cold or a running nose or...even a labyrinthitis and this will augment (maximize) the sounds you hear originitang from the area of face and mouth
You have to get another opinion better to be an ear specialist and with a simple procedure in his clinic he can releive this problem
you can also try to blow against a closed nose and mouth but not more than 1-2 times
if not releived go for the specialist  (+ info)

Can I build up a resistance to side effects?

I am taking cinnizarine and it causes drowsiness.
I need to take it to relieve the symptoms of my Labyrinthitis, so I can drive to work but the drowsiness means I can't drive.
Will I develope a resistance to the side effects so I can drive?

Yes, the drowsiness effect usually decreases after several dose. Cinnarizine is usually prescribed as 3 times a day dose to treat balance problem. This means you should take 1 tablet in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 at night. I guess the morning dose would bother you initially, as u have to drive to work..
However if you want to minimize the drowsiness, u could take the night dose closer to your bedtime.So, by the time the morning comes, you'll still get little effect from the nighttime dose to cover you when u r driving to work. Then, u can take the morning tablet when u have reached ur workplace, right after you drive.  (+ info)

Labyrinthitis HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the tissues of the inner ear. What symptoms would you expect to observe in a patient with this disorder?

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labyrinthitis and exams!!?

i was diagnosed wit labyrinthitis last week and was giving proclorperazine 4 my dizziness and sickness. im still feeling dizzy and sick so i was wondering if it was worth my while going back 2 the GP and trying something else. i also have my int 2 exams in 2 weeks, should my symptoms b clear by then and shud i get a medical certificate?

hi being a sufferer for 27 years ;on and off, I know what you feel like. It is worth going back to your gp and disscussing your options. here's a web site you may find helpful. Your symptoms may be clear by the time you sit your exams but no one can say for certain. i find that my stemitil only works on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning. and I only take it when I'm really dizzy. Hope this helps. good luck with whatever you choose to do.

www.labyrinthitis.org.uk  (+ info)

I have to take fluid tablets to reduce the fluid in my ears?

I have vertigo/labyrinthitis. My doc wants me to take fluid tabs for 3-4 weeks.

Im starting them in the morning.

Does anyone have to take fluid tablets?

How long do they take to work?? minutes/hours?

Am I safe to leave the house or do I have to stay by a loo? How long? I have to take one a day in the morning.

Anything I need to be careful of in my diet?

They usually start working within an hour.
I think the first day you stay at home to get an idea of how it acts on you.
About diet you should have asked your doc, there are many kind of fluid pills and accordingly you need any change in diet. Most of the pills make you lose water, sodium and potassium. If it is so, you need to take some potassium otherwise you get hypokalemia, causing symptoms.
Good luck!  (+ info)

Jerky eye movements and the feeling of whirling or spinning, what can be the cause?

My brother in law woke up this morning feeling like the room is spinning and has jerky eye movements. He feels a little nautious as if he has a hangover except he hasn't done any drinking. I looked it up and found it is called Labyrinthitis. I can't find many causes of it. Does anyone know why he all of the sudden woke up feeling this way?

He needs to schedule an appointment with a doctor. The "room is spinning" feeling is vertigo. Severe vertigo can cause nausea. Upon further investigation I found that Vertigo can also cause nystagmus (jerky eye movements)


http://www.doctorsofusc.com/condition/document/11471  (+ info)

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