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what am i suppose to do with my sons 7month old lacrimal duct obstruction?

Have you asked about getting lacrimal plugs? You can get temporary or permanent ones. Worthwhile asking your opthalmologist.  (+ info)

What effect would complete obstruction of the pancreatic duct have on?

on the exocrine and endocrine functions.

Honey - The exocrine part of the pancreas is the larger part. It produces enzymes to digest food. Its secretions travel from the pancreas by way of the pancreatic duct into the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) where it mixes with and helps further digest food. If the duct were completely blocked, there would be a backup of secretions which would then begin to kill and destroy exocrine cells, leading to inflammation, acute pancreatitis, possibly pancreatic cysts, and acute abdominal pain.
The endocrine part of the pancreas contains different cells which have the endocrine function of producing insulin needed to digest sugar and prevent diabetes. The insulin does not need a pancreatic duct but slowly oozes out into lymph channels, into the blood circulation, and around the body. Loss of this endocrine tissue leads to high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and diabetes. Blocking the pancreatic duct would not affect this endocrine function.  (+ info)

What is the term of the sticky substance secreted by the naso lacrimal duct?

The lacrimal gland secretes tears, which should not be sticky. If you have sticky discharge in your eyes, this is a sign of infection and you need to see an ophthalmologist or other medical doctor.  (+ info)

i pushd my lacrimal duct in a circular motion in 3 different times. will it grow back?

its has been about 6 months. im a 14 year old asian girl (different races have different body systems)

Why did you do that? I am wondering whether your duct is functioning now. Do you have dry eye?  (+ info)

what is the Enlargement in the lacrimal canal that leads into the nasolacrimal duct.?

1. lacrimal gland
2. lacrimal sac
3. lacrimal cannula
4. nasolacrimal gland

2  (+ info)

whats wrong with my lacrimal duct?

my lacrimal duct in my eye is a little bit swollen and pretty red
my mom says its allergies but i know its not because the swelling and redness is year round and nothing seems to help it even eyedrops whats should i do?

  (+ info)

i pushed my lacrimal duct in a circular motion. is there a tiny chance of breaking something?

im a 14 year old asian girl (diff. bodies have diff. body systems). i pushed my lacrimal duct 3 time in a circular motion with my thumbs pushing it and my other fingers on my forehead. please someone tell me if there's a chance of a bone being kind of injured. i checked about the lacrimal bone but people told me the lacrimal bone wouldn't be injured. the bones usually wouldn't be injured. my eye bones fine and not injured. can anyone tell me what happened to my eye when i pushed the lacrimal duct? my eye kinda got smaller than before.

How hard did you 'push' into your face? How small did your eye get? Is there any swelling, bruising, disfiguration, or pain? If not, it is more likely that you do not have a fracture. About the lacrimal duct, unless it is inflammed (red/painful/swollen) or have blood or pus coming out from it, usually don't have to worry about it.  (+ info)

what is the name of the check up if the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestine?

if the jaundice results from obstruction in or about the liver; usually a stone or stricture of the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestines. what is the medicine for this ?
write the name of the medicine and suggest me how to take it.

it is an investigative as well as therapeutic procedure  (+ info)

lacrimal duct or sac looks different in one eye then the other?

Now i had this for a while cus i didn't worry about it (possibly a year or 2), but its bothering me now by just looking at it. around the part of the duct or sac or w/e it may be it is different in one eye then it is in the other. it also appears to show a bit more then the other.. Then i like mess it up or something.? can this get fixed.? is it a disformation? ??


the one that looks abnormal

if it's not sore or red it's probably ok, if it's irriated swollen you need to see an ophthalmologist  (+ info)

blocked lacrimal(tear)duct?

has anyone out there dealt with this before. it has just happened and i have tried hot compress and massaging to no avail. any other ideas .

A visit to your local Emergency Department.  (+ info)

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