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How do i help with a blocked duct?

I'm breastfeeding and think i have a blocked duct as there's a slightly uncomfortable lump which is almost under my armpit. What can i do?

PLUGGED DUCT A plugged (or blocked) duct is an area of the breast where milk flow is obstructed. The nipple pore may be blocked (see Milk Blister), or the obstruction may be further back in the ductal system. A plugged duct usually comes on gradually and affects only one breast.
Local symptoms Mom will usually notice a hard lump or wedge-shaped area of engorgement in the vicinity of the plug that may feel tender, hot, swollen or look reddened. Occasionally mom will only notice localized tenderness or pain, without an obvious lump or area of engorgement. The location of the plug may shift.

A plugged duct will typically feel more painful before a feeding and less tender afterward, and the plugged area will usually feel less lumpy or smaller after nursing. Nursing on the affected side may be painful, particularly at letdown.
Systemic symptoms There are usually no systemic symptoms for a plugged duct, but a low fever (less than 101.3°F / 38.5°C) may be present.


CAUTION: Do NOT decrease or stop nursing
when you have a plugged duct or mastitis,
as this increases risk of complications (including abscess).


Plugged Duct

* Rest
* Adequate fluids
* Nutritious foods will help to strengthen mom's immune system

-- SAME for plugged duct or mastitis
-- important to start treatment promptly
"Heat, Massage, Rest, Empty Breast"

* Nurse frequently & empty the breasts thoroughly.
Aim for nursing at least every 2 hrs. Keep the affected breast as empty as possible, but don’t neglect the other breast.
* When unable to breastfeed, mom should express milk frequently and thoroughly (with a breast pump or by hand).

Before nursing

* Use heat & gentle massage before nursing
- Warm compress. Try using a disposable diaper: fill the diaper with hot water (try the temperature on your wrist first to avoid burns), squeeze the diaper out a bit, then put the inside of the diaper toward the breast. This will stay warm much longer than a wet cloth.
- Basin soak. Fill sink or bowl with hot water and submerge breast in water while massaging the plugged area toward the nipple. Some report better results when epsom salts are added to the water -- add a handful of epsom salts per 2 quarts (2 liters) of water. Rinse with fresh water before nursing, as baby may object to the taste.
- Hot Shower. It can be helpful to massage in the shower with a large-toothed comb. The comb should be drawn through a bar of soap until it is very soapy and then used to gently massage over the affected area in the direction of the nipple.
* Loosen bra & any constrictive clothing to aid milk flow.

While nursing

* Nurse on the affected breast first; if it hurts too much to do this, switch to the affected breast directly after let-down.
* Ensure good positioning & latch. Use whatever positioning is most comfortable and/or allows the plugged area to be massaged.
Note: Advice to point baby's chin (or nose) toward the plugged area is not necessarily going to be helpful as it is based on the idea that the milk ducts take a nice, direct route to the nipple - recent research tells us that this is not true, and that a particular duct might begin in one area of the breast but can "wander" in many different directions before terminating in any area of the nipple.
* Use breast compressions.
* Massage gently but firmly from the plugged area toward the nipple.
* Try nursing while leaning over baby (sometimes called "dangle feeding") so that gravity aids in dislodging the plug.

After nursing

* Pump or hand express after nursing to aid milk drainage and speed healing.
* Use cold compresses between feedings for pain & inflammation.

* See also How do you treat a milk blister?

Plugged duct

* Pain reliever/anti-inflammatory
(e.g., ibuprofen)
* Second choice – pain reliever alone


* No
  (+ info)

How to get rid of a clogged milk duct?

I am done breastfeeding my son, but I now have a clogged duct. My unclogged side is already dry. How can I get rid of it without pumping the milk out?

lots of hot flannels and warm baths.

When I got a blocked duct I was told to pump pump pump. I think you should go to the doctors though (especially as you don''t want to pump) as they will give you antibiotics to clear it.

I have heard about some salts that dry your milk up but i'm not sure this would help the blocked duct  (+ info)

Would apple juice, epsom salt and olive oil flush help eliminate the stones that clogs in my bile duct?

I still have a tube inserted below my nabel after my gallbladder removal on August 2008 to extract the remaining gallstones in my bile duct. Would the stones that block the ducts be removed by drinking an apple juice and olive oil plus the emsom salt solution? Please suggest any natural remedies that I could use. Thanks a lot in advance.

Please ask your doctor. With the tube still inserted you are going to have other problems if you do not watch your intake.  (+ info)

Does using duct tape on a plantar wart work to kill it?

I have a few warts on my foot and I'm so sick of them. I don't have health insurance to go get them burnt/frozen off and I don't want to blow money on those things you buy at RiteAid and other places.

So, does the duct tape method work to suffocate the virus? Please only answer if you've tried the technique.

If it doesn't, what home remedy will work? Thanks.

yes i have tried and it work duct tape on plantar warts i had them all over the bottom of foot i tried everything under the sun from stuff from a Dr. to over the counter stuff and tell u the truth i didn't care how dum it look as long as it help it was getting so bad that i couldn't even walk on it some days every day i wash my foot off and stick duct tape on then my sock i could walk better i did it at the same time once a day or if it needed to come off and new piece on it took like 1 to 2 weeks good luck  (+ info)

I figured out that I have a blocked tear duct. Is there anything I can do without a doctor to help it?

I just wanted to know if anyone knew anyone knew any home remedies to partially relieve the blocked tear duct.

Depends on your age. For babies, you hope that as they grow older , thier tear ducts develop better. But for adults, surgery might not be avoidable. The infor would be helpful to you if you are talking about the ducts that drain tears from the eyes into the nose. The surgery is performed by eye doctors.  (+ info)

How would you suggest I make a duct tape dress?

I have tons of duct tape and for our formal dance at our school, I was dared to wear a clashing outfit so I took the bet further and started to make a duct tape dress! I have an idea, but how would you suggest I do it?

  (+ info)

My friend is suffering from an obstruction in her colon. She is urinating darker than usua ar the two related?

My friend is suffering from an obstruction in her colon.l She notices that when he urinates the color of her urine is darker than normal, and she wonders if there is a relationship between the coor of her urine and her intestinal obstruction. what wold you tell her?

Maybe, maybe not. If she is dehydrated, that contributes to both the bowel obstruction and dark urine. Is she drinking enough water? Is she on any medications? Is there any severe pain? She could have a UTI, a perforation, etc., or simply dehydration. Go to the doctor.  (+ info)

Is it good to duct tape your friends (which will the prisoner in movie) hands behind their back?

Starting a Prison Escape Movie and one of my freinds will be the prisoner and will wear orange jumpsuit with chains around him and hand cuffed. Is Duct tape good on their bare skin?

No, duct tape on bare skin is NEVER a good idea. The adhesive is pretty strong and can tear the skin when you try to remove it. A kid in my highschool was duct taped to his locker as a prank by the school bullies he has scars from where the nurse yanked the tape off.  (+ info)

How does duct tape help veruccas and how long should i keep it on for?

Hi, on my other question about bazuka and how you know veruccas are gone, someone said use duct tape, how should i do this? Also, i have had my veruccas frozen before and it didnt work. should i keep using the bazuka, because i keep finding these black blood vessels the deeper i go and cant find the core. has anyone used duct tape and had it work? Thanks :)

eeeewwwwww  (+ info)

How to cure a throat obstruction?

My mom has a chicken bone stuck in her throat. She says it's a little painful, she's breathing fine and stuff, but I don't think she should go to bed with it b/c it might obstruct her air way if she rolls. How do you get an obstruction out w/o the hymlec (sorry that's spelled wrong.) - any tips?

Do you have a warm (room temperature) brand name coke in your house.

They say it helps push down things in the throat. My brother has a esophagus problem where he gets things stuck in throat.  (+ info)

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