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Lactose Intolerance?

My mum is the head cook at a local primary school, she has just found out that in the new school year (september), a child with lacose intolerance will be joining the school and will be requiring school meals.

Upon speaking to the local authority it has come to light that they have no contingency plan for when a situation like this occurs.

Therefor, id be very greatful for any information you could supply on suitable meals and recipes that are lactose/dairy free and suitable for school meals and a young child

Thanks in advance

Im in England
And the kid wont be popping pills he'll be getting proper meals.

My son has a milk allergy and currently there are 2 school meals each month he can/will actually eat - fish fingers and hot dogs! The rest of the time I make packed lunches for him.

Your mums best bet will be to check out some allergy sites to get recipes and information if she's not clued up about what foods to avoid. She should also have a chat with the childs parent(s) who will have a lot of knowledge because they've lived with it. It might mean changing some ingredients if the school makes food from scratch, but the taste change is minimal so I doubt if there would be any complaints. She can find out if it is an allergy or just intolerance - the difference being one is life threatening, the other causes discomfort ranging from slight to severe. Good on her for taking the time to check it all out!  (+ info)

LACTOSE INtolerance?

just discovered that i am intolerant to lactose as 70% of world population, i have been advised to look for lactose free milk.
Is lactose crucial, will I miss calcium, proteinor other unutrients like on ordinary milk?

no... dairy was introduced later so the human body still is not used to it.... youll be fine without it  (+ info)

Lactose intolerance?

What are the causes, symptoms, and reasons for Lactose Intolerance? What to do?

your body makes lactase to process the sugar lactose. when your body stops making lactase you cannot digest lactose and you develop lactose intolerance. symptoms vary from person to person. some people get a lot of gas or cramps and some people get diahrea. I have had lactose intolerance for almost 25 years. there are a lot of otc pills that you take before eating or drinking dairy. i can now eat pizza and ice cream and drink milk they really work  (+ info)

lactose intolerance?

Whenever I have chocolates or milk or anything with lactose or caffeine, I will develop symptoms of diarrhea. Is this lactose intolerance or what? Can you also let me know something that can help this?

it is! Lactaid (generic available) helps. cut down or out all dairy but yogurt and help your body get over it...and if you have to have dairy, take the lactaid and don't be stingy...it will get worse if left unhelped. I gave up all dairy for a year, and now I can have some if not on an empty stomach...and if it is alot (like pizza) I take the chewable pill...or two or three. good luck.  (+ info)


About 10 months ago I had a really bad migraine and tingling all down one side of my body one night while laying in bed. I got up and told mum because one side of my tongue and cheek was numb as well as the rest of that side of my body. She called the health line and they said to get me to hospital asap. We were going to go to the doctors instead but they were shut and wouldn't open to see me.
The next day when I still had a migraine mum took me to the doctors and he checked me all over and then said that I was lactose-intolerant without doing any tests.
He put me on a drip with this random stuff that was meant to get rid of my migraine which worked for about half an hour then I got it back again.
As I was leaving he said that if I got another headache then I would be at a high risk for a stroke.

I started having no dairy products and all that and then gave up because I knew I couldn't be since he didn't run any official tests.

I haven't been back to the doctors since but I do still get massive headaches from having dairy products.
How high is the chance I am lactose-intolerant?
Should I go back to get tests done?

yes go back and get a lactose-intolerant test done
i was lactose intolerant since i was a baby and when i was 13-14 i was in denial of having it
usually baby's grow out of it so i thought i was okay so i ate dairy everyday and i kept getting sick
dizzy, faint, vomiting 10 times a day at some point also i was having black outs and once my tongue went numb and had a huge head ache i went to the hospital and got a test done and it took couple of hours but in the end i had to accept that i was..because i missed 2 years of school because i was poisoning myself with out knowing i also suffered from severe acid reflux because of all the vomiting and because my body couldn't process it...
since then i drink alpro soy milk and chocolate milk ..and i always have to check the labels on food to see if there is dairy... if you miss chocolate you can go to a health food store they sell loads of milk free chocolate and snacks. also ice cream.. so really you will feel better in the end also you will lose weight

sorry if this is a bit jumbled up but i didn't want to make this to long.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance?

Everytime I hvae a glass of milk I feel like I'm going to have you know what, and whenever I eaqt cheese. But I can icecream fine, and frozen yogurt. Could this be lactose intolerance? I don't know any1 in my family that has it, and I heard it's rare in my ethnic group.

If you can eat ice cream and frozen yogurt, you don't have lactose intolerance. You are obviously reacting to something in the milk, but usually when you are lactose intolerant, you are intolerant to all forms of lactose - including even milk chocolate (but you can eat dark chocolate). Symptoms of lactose intolerance don't usually include vomiting, but do include volumes of gas and very loose bowel movements, bordering on or actually becoming diarrhea. Try switching to soy milk. The ordinary soy milk is a little bland, but they have flavored soy (vanilla is yummy) and chocolate soy. Also soy ice creams, but you say ice cream doesn't bother you, so you don't need to worry about that.  (+ info)

Do lactose intolerance symptoms always occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours?

I have read in many places that lactose intolerance usually hits within 30 minutes to 2 hours of having the lactose. Does this mean that diaherria hits right away within that 30 minutes to 2 hours, or there is discomfort digesting the lactose?
Preferrably answer this if you have lactose intolerance; thanks!

I am lactose intolerant and if I eat or drink anything with milk or lactose or dairy within 5 to 15 minutes I will get really sick. Usually bad stomach cramps, vomitting, and diaherria. But mine is more servere from the rest. So I guess it would just depend on the person. It's more than discomfort, it's more like a achey cramp pain.

hope I helped =]
good luck  (+ info)

What to do about severe lactose intolerance?

I can't eat any milk/dairy products except yogurt. Sometimes even pastries make me sick because of the milk and butter in them. I try to avoid eating dairy but a LOT of food have hidden dairy in them. Also, those lactose intolerance tablets don't work for me at all.

Learn what foods have dairy in them that is hidden (most bakery items have at least butter). Read labels. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much you can do about it, other than avoid the foods that make you ill.  (+ info)

Can drinking milk when your lactose intolerance cause and damage other than a stomach ache?

I have had lactose intolerance for a long time. Recently I've noticed that the stomach aches and what not that comes when I drink milk doesn't bother me. However I want to know if the discomfort is causing any damage to my intestines or what not. Please let me know!

The bloating and upset feelings you get are caused by a lack of the enzyme lactate, which breaks down lactose (hense, lactose intolerance). When an unprocessed lactose is in your intestines, it will give a great zone for bacteria to grow and produce gas, which causes bloating. Milk in the lower intestine will also draw water out of your system and can cause dehydration and diarrhea. If you already know yourself to be lactose intolerant, check out some over the counter product enzyme supplements that you take with your meal, such as Lactaid. They can be found at your grocery store's medicine isle. However, if you still don't feel better after taking the supplement, you may have an allergy to a part of the milk and Lactaid will then not help.  (+ info)

is it possible to develop a lactose intolerance?

I used to drink milk by the glass, multiple times a day without ever having a problem. Then I quit drinking it on a regular basis. I've recently allowed myself a glass here and there, and I've had a lot of gas pain and just now I had really sharp abdominal pain with the first sip.
Can you develop a lactose intolerance if you never used to have one?

sure. the enzymes in the tummy are very finiky to long term useage and then quitting much like a drug addict quitting herione..the stomach has been use to the enzymes and the way they react to mil then as the years go by it is second nature to the belly. then you stop an then later resume.. 2 things have happened..one you are grown older and the body has developed an intiolerance and/or your stomach has made up for not having it any more...one other thing though if you are weighty or real skinny it could be some stomach problem that may need checking. gas other than just from eating spicy or gaseous food is a sign of staleness and/or bacterial infiltration. if it persists after tring different prands of milk then u stop the milk and it goes away u should be fine and just cant drink regular milk "any-mooooooo-re".   (+ info)

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