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How to tobacco beetles get into a humidor?

According to cigar experts, you don't want the temperature in your humidor to get too warm, because if it does, you'll get tobacco beetles. My question is how to the larvae get into the humidor? Do the beetle larvae just lie dormant in the cigar, until the right temperature (too warm) "wakes" them up?

Yes I think the beetle larvae just lie dormant and when the right environment is present, it wakes up... I was told that to get rid of them, put them in the freezer... and then back into the humidor again. I have not tried it though.. :)  (+ info)

What to do if a bug or fly or gnat gets on your food?

Hello! I made food for a party and there was a banana drawing gnats and one flew on top of the food. Am I able to just do away with the portion which the gnat touched or came in contact with or do I throw it all out? I know that gnats lay eggs or larvae so what should I do?

Just pick it off or shoo it away. They won't hurt. I do it.  (+ info)

Why kill the larvae of the cocoon to take silk, why not just wait for an empty cocoon?

then how would you know if the silk your buying is artificial silk or wild silk

the cocoon would be damaged/have a whole in it. so the threads would be short.
with in tact cocoons it is one long reel of thread.  (+ info)

What use is Royal Jelly in Honey for cooking?

Royal Jelly is the jelly that the bees in a beehive feed only to the larvae who are to become queens. What use is Royal Jelly in Honey for cooking? It is Natural, Raw, and Unprocessed.

It looks like you've done your homework. I know it can have many beneficial elements in it, I haven't seen it sold in raw stages. It seems they would both have the same benefit.  (+ info)

How do worms get into sealed food?

OK, this might look like an easy one. If you leave, let's say, some meat in a closed pot for several days in warm temperatures, you get little white worms/larvae. How do they get there?

It could be fly or moth larvae from fly or moth eggs, but how do flies or moths get into a closed pot to lay them? Or are they already in the food when you buy it? If so, shouldn't that be controlled or something?

I need an answer with a scientific explanation. Simple statement won't do, sorry :)

How did the meat get into the closed pot? Somewhere along the line it had to be in the open air. did not have to be at the butcher plant. if you bought it, opened the package, lay it on a cutting board, trimmed and then put it in the closed pot, the meat then touched at the very least 4 surfaces after you brought it home. The cutting board, the knife, your hands and the inside of the pot. So...any of those could have had a fly egg on them that you cannot see. No harm when the meat is cooked or even raw and those pesky flys get everywhere in the summer time.
You probably eat more fly crap and eggs than you think Everyone does. It is something NOT to think about.
It is impossible to have food that is totally free of all bacteria and contaminants. It must be handled, it picks up bacteria from our own mouths as we eat, not every one washes their hands when told to, etc.
That is what the human immune system is for. To fight those kinds of things that we ingest that weren't totally sterile.
We can take precautions. we wash our dishes, wash the food before cooking, store it in a safe manner to reduce bacteria but bacteria is only slowed down by freezing, cooking or refrigeration. Some bacteria is so hardy that only a machine called an autoclave can kill it. Those things are used on surgical instruments.  (+ info)

HELP I'm FREAKING OUT about larva?! ( itching moving feeling)?

I had to take the trash out and i let one out for a few nights ( i forgot about it) the bottom was covered in larva.I picked it up and through it away but there was still a big pile of larva.

I decide to fill a big bowl of hot water on the pile and wash them away. i did this several times( several drop of water got on me) but had to get the holes and blast them away . ( well has much as i could with the low pressure)

i found one larva on my foot and tossed it away, i got Mosquito bites on me. NOW I'm freaking out getting itchy and thinking a larva is under my skin. some times is just with the bits other times it feels like something is moving under my skin but soon as i touch it i feel nothing and the feeling of movement and itching stops.

What to do i can't stop freaking out.

I know the feeling, but it goes away.

Try not to think about them. That is a start. Larva doesn't usually invade our bodies the way you seem to imagine.

Take a hot shower and apply anti-itch ointment to the skeeter bites. Moisurise the rest of your body. Put on clean clothes.

Have a cup of hot tea.

The swear that from now on you will wash out the inside of the trash can with the hose as soon as it is emptied from this day forward! :)  (+ info)

found red worms in toilet but luckily they seem to be fly larva:chironomid larvae are aquatic “blood worms”.?

chironomid larvae are aquatic and red in colour. Hence, the larvae are called “blood worms”. found this same question by Poly but cdn't answer her. red worms in toilet luckily they seem to be harmless fly larva:chironomid larvae are aquatic “blood worms”. The fly is actually beneficial. Very thin, fast, great climbers out but also happy in water. Would be about half the diameter of a toothpick. 1.5 inches long.
so an egg was laid in the cistern by a fly and then got into the toilet-- no relation to humans, the fly can lay the eggs in standing water anywhere....

  (+ info)

Do cherries from the store have worms in them?

I had a bad experience with natural cherries picked from a tree recently. I cut one open and they were crawling with fruit fly larvae.

Today I bought some cherries from the store instead and I doubt there's anything in them, but I still can't get the visual of the wild cherry worms out of my head. Has anyone ever found worms in store bought cherries?

Fruit trees at producer's farms are usually sprayed to prevent this.  (+ info)

What is that tiny hole at the end of the nut of the pistachio from?

Does a larvae of some kind make it? Is the nut ok to eat? At least half the pistachios that we buy seem to have that little hole in each one (not in the shell but in the nut itself).
The hole is not the stem end on the nut shell, but is in the meat of the nut itself - on the pointy end that opens and you can see the nut. And you can see a tiny hole in the nut - that looks like a bug drilled out!

That's where the stem was attached! :)  (+ info)

is it okay to eat cereal if i some moth larvae on the side of the bag?

i have a moth problem, and they laid cocoons on some of my clothes, shopping bags, and (on the side of and inside of some) cereal boxes.. is it still okay to eat?

and for the clothes, is it okay to wear them if i just take the larvae off? theyre all hatched.

No, that could get you really sick. What you need to do is inspect the pantry where you store your food and look for some dry food that statrted all of this. Like for an e.g. pistachios, nuts or pancake mix. first they look like worms and then they become moths. Or if you eat anywhere else see there maye you dropeed something underneath and it started all of this. To shorten everything up you have to clean your place up really good, if you don't want this larva business to make you move out of your place.  (+ info)

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