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How long does a cough last for when you have laryngitis?

I have laryngitis. It's getting better now. I am beginning to get my voice back now, but I now have this nasty irritating cough. How long does this cough last for? Is a cough even a symptom of laryngitis?

Yes, it is a symptom. And it can last for a while, a few months even. You have to treat it aggressively. A dry, hacky cough. If you are coughing up mucus, you can take some Mucinex (guaifenesin). The cough syrup Delsym is pretty good. It contains dextromethorphan like most do, but it lasts for 12 hrs. You might need to go to your physician to get a steroid inhaler, or a narcotic cough syrup, they work the best. But yes, coughing is a symptom. Call your dr and check with your local pharmacist. You also might need a lung function test, coughing is also a sign of asthma. I don't want to scare you, but it would not hurt to test for it. Don't worry, its nothing to it, just blowing air into a handheld machine (spirometer) that measures lung capacity, and the force you blow out. Just another idea...

Take care!  (+ info)

Would a stomach flu with several bouts of vomiting cause laryngitis?

I had a 24 hour stomach flu with several bad bouts of vomiting. Two days later I still have a throat irritation and laryngitis. I figured I strained my throat with the hard vomiting but could it be what is causing the laryngitis too? Other than no voice, I feel okay now.

Yes it could. The acid from your stomach can burn your vocal cords. If this last more that four days see your doctor,pp  (+ info)

How can I get rid of Laryngitis quickly?

How can I get rid of Laryngitis quickly?
I am in a West End show in London and I have a performance tomorrow, but have Laryngitis. How can I get rid of it in time? I need it gone as soon as possible!

I am suffering from Laryngitis as well due to a bug that is going around.

I have had to teach over the past three days with this and it is close to impossible.

Drink warm liquids such as tea and gargle with warm salt water.

Try this link:
http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/laryngitis-home-treatment  (+ info)

What is good to eat if you have laryngitis?

What food and drinks are good to consume if you have laryngitis?

What should I avoid?

Vanilla Ice Cream..cool and refreshing,
avoid Sherbet its too strong and tangy.  (+ info)

I have Laryngitis, How long does it take to go away? And what can I do to help it?

I have had laryngitis since the 22nd. And it's getting better, but I still have it. Is there a way that I can get it to go away without going to see the doctor? And how long will it take?

Laryngitis is categorized as acute if it lasts less than a few days. Otherwise it is categorized as chronic, and may last over 3 weeks.

If the laryngitis lasts more than two weeks than you need to see a pathologist as it may signal a voice disorder.
Treatment for laryngitis depends on how it was caused.

----take a medication such as Zantac or Prilosec for a period of 4-6 weeks, If laryngitis is due to a bacterial or fungal infection.

----may be prescribed a course of antibiotics or anti-fungal medication.
If persistent laryngitis is a result of vocal cord nodules:
.Physicians may recommend a course of treatment that may include a surgical procedure and/or speech therapy.
.Shut up for awhile and don't use your voice so you don't stress your vocal cords.  (+ info)

Can you drink caffeine when you have laryngitis?

Okay so firstly, happy new years to everyone! Except me of course, I have a cold and a case of laryngitis. I have had it before and I hate it. It is completely frustrating when you can't speak because you have to rest your vocal cords because they are inflamed. Well I am a RED BULL junkie and I am wondering, is it okay to drink RED BULL or any other caffeine when you are suffering from laryngitis? And what, if anyway knows, can help soothe my throat and vocal cords?

You can drink anything. For some people, very cold fluids feel good on their throat, for others, sipping hot tea feels good. Taking some tylenol or motrin regularly will also make you feel better while ill. Expect this to take a week or more before the laryngitis goes away and then, you may be left with some cold-like symptoms.  (+ info)

Is there any home remedies for Laryngitis?

I believe I have laryngitis. I have been reading online and it does not look like there is anything the doctor can give me. My throat has been very tender and other than aspirin and aleve I have not been able to stop the pain. I am trying to use home remedies to help sooth the pain rather than taking medication. Can anyone help??

advil or alleve. rest. lots of fluids. zinc lozenges.  (+ info)

Can Laryngitis cause your throat to become more sensitive to irritation?

I had laryngitis for a week when I was 17. I am now 23 and notice that my voice and throat become more easily irritated when I scream or use my voice in an excess manner. Usually my voice gets really raspy and the throat hurts a little for about 2-3 days. This never used to happen before I got the laryngitis. Is there something related between the two?

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Did Michael Jackson have laryngitis during the dangerous tour?

I wanna know if Michael had laryngitis during the dangerous tour cos' everyone says he has but how do they know:S!?!

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How do you get rid of laryngitis?

i've had laryngitis- lost my voice entirely until it was merely a squeak for the last week- for about two weeks. i've started to get chest congestion and a pressure headache with plugged ears and a sensation of walking on air. what to do about it?

OTC decongestants, Afrin nasal spray, Mucinex, aspirin or tylenol, benadryl and gargle with salt water(1/2tsp in 8oz water) no stronger than that. And try not to swallow too much of it, it might upset your tummy. Don't worry you could drink the whole thing and it wouldn't hurt you, I'm just saying it might upset your stomach. Rest, rest and rest. If it continues to get worse call your doctor.
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