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Is there anyone out there who suffers or has suffered with sagital sinus venous thrombosis?

I have been diagnosed with a blood clot in my brain and just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has this or has had it. I was looking at getting it touch with someone as I am struggling to come to terms with it and deal with it as I was diagnosed with it a week after having my baby

I'm guessing that having a blood clot in the brain is potentially fatal... right?

Well even if it isn't, you should definantely seek help.
Go see your doc, they can sort out all the support networking you need, and give you some good advice.

Or if your not the type to talk with strangers then talk it over with close friends.

Keep smiling and good luck!

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my friend has cavernous sinus thrombosis?

what is that? how long will he be in the hospital?

the cavernous sinus is an area inside of skull that is just space that receives blood from vessels in different parts of your head like the face, b'c it gets blood from many sources and its doesnt have much outflow, it can form clots, which is what a thrombosis is

so he basically has a blood clot in his head

its hard to say how long he needs to be in the hospital. he will need to have antibiotics gven through an iv, and depending on how he does he could be in there for 2-5 weeks  (+ info)


four weeks ago i was diagnosed with a left sinus aterial thrombosis, can i die from this? i am very scared because i had four seizures back to back and that was how i was diagnosed with this. i am currently on blood thinners but i still feel sick and strong sharp needle pains on my left side of my head i also feel a strong pressure on the back of my head and feels as its going to burst. i feel weak with just no energy to do anything, and most of all sometimes i am not hungry at all.i am 29 yrs old and have three young kids and i am scared that i won't be here for long...pls help me...i been going to through so many test and now have been reffered to a hematologist to see if i have a rare cancer that might be causing the thrombosis.....help me...

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Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis?

Um... I'm seriously worried. I had/have a tooth abscess thing above my top tooth, the one to the left of my very front teeth. The bubble pretty much popped, but it's still kind of there and still is a little sensitive.
Now, the sensitive part on my gums seems to have moved upwards, and I can feel it next to my nose, like kind of where my sinuses are. It's NOT pain, but like fluid is in there and it's a weird kind of light pressure. I am SO worried that the infection is moving up closer to my brain.
I have a dentist apt. on Mon. morning, but I'm worried.. what if something bad happens before then. Is it possible that I have that Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis thing? I heard that's deadly, and that it's dangerous to have an infection here. I had an dentist apt. a few weeks ago, when my tooth still hurt, but he didn't mention me taking any meds or anything for this. But he was also a crappy dentist, which is why I have a new apt tomorrow with someone else.
But, could this be really serious?

Probably not, it is most likely pressure from the swelling, I would wait until monday unless there is any noticable worsening of the condition.  (+ info)

I want to know about Cerebral Vein Thrombosis Venous Sinus Thrombosis?


I am a 23 year old woman that has recently been diagnosed with cerebral vein thrombosis/Venous sinus thrombosis. I have not encountered many Dr.'s that have dealt with my condition before. I recently transfered from the Southern California Kaiser were no one had dealt with this before to the Northern California Kaiser where I just met a nuerologist that has seen it a few times... Well I wanted to know if there is anyone out there that could give me any advice about my condition... I could use the help. It would also be releaving knowing there are other people like me with this... The thromnosis is in the Left internal juguar, Left transverse sinus and the Left sigmoid sinus.



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What is the best treatment for Left Sinus Thrombosis?

I came to know via MRI & MRV that there is blockage in my left sinus, they called it Left Sinus Thrombosis. PGI & Silver Oaks, Mohali kept me on treatment of Warfarin 6mg daily + Diamox 250mg Daily 4 Tabs. continuously for 4-5 months but no relief so far.

Then I contacted another Neuro Surgeon, who told me that this is not the treatment for this problem. He is giving me Decdak 8mg daily + Diamox 250mg - 3 Tab. + Delok 30 - 1 tab.. He is reducing the Decdak quantity after 15 days like 8mg to 6mg and so on.

Now can anybody tell if the treatment being given is correct or no ?

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what is post pregnancy sagittal sinus thrombosis?

This is thrombosis (blood clot) forming in the in one of the sinuses ("blood veins") in the brain. The cause for 20% is not known. There are cases associated with dehydration and some have been noted either during pregnancy or few days after delivery. Links for 2 Cases reported below

It can also be associated with bleeding disorders. Treatment includes giving fluids, anticoagulants such as heparin and interventional radiologic procedures  (+ info)

Roughly how far is trigeminal ganglion or its Meckel's cave from lateral wall of cavernous sinus?

I am a bit disorientated in terms of their relation. The relation of trigeminal ganglion and cavernous sinus with respect to each other.

Cavernous sinus is on the sides of body of sphenoid. I got that alright.
Meckel's cave is on the petrous part of temporal bone. That part of temporal bone spans quite some distance.

My question is just roughly where is trigeminal ganglion in relation to cavernous sinus?

I'd be thinking, trigeminal ganglion is just lateroposterinferior to cavernous sinus and the distance between them wouldn't be further than the width of body of sphenoid. In fact, I think part of trigeminal ganglion actually presses against posterior part of lateral wall of cavernous sinus. I may be way off. What are your thoughts please?

Thank you.
Also, if I was right (ie. trigeminal ganglion is just slightly lateral to cavenous sinus), then what is there in between trigeminal ganglion and lateral wall of cavernous sinus? What makes up that tiny gap and are there any important structures that run through that flat space? Thanks.

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How to treat deep vein thrombosis of the lower leg?

Urgent! My friend has a swollen leg after a flight. Doctors discovered that she has a thrombosis and there is a real danger of this clot causing trouble. She undergoes a heparin injections treatment.
Is this the best solution? How to heal this throbmosis?! Thanks!

The heparin is the treatment, it keeps the clot from progressing while the body breaks it down.

Eventually she should be switched over to warfarin, which a pill that acts similarly. This therapy would usually last about 3 months

DVT's are common, and are mainly dangerous when they're not recognized early, it seems like your friend got treatment in time  (+ info)

What is the best way to combat deep vein thrombosis?

What is the best way to help prevent me from getting deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in the legs when I get older?

I do not know what age you are. Likewise you state when I get older as in any specific age? Perhaps 60, so how many years are we taking about? Likewise do you have any health problems like high Cholesterol? Do you smoke? Are you over weight? The other person stated taking aspirin, but if you are allergic to it, say no more. If you take it over a prolonged 30 years, say no more. If you take aspirin you are risking other side affects like dying from a serious hemorrhage, so without more information, I cannot answer this question. Good Luck  (+ info)

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