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What is the purpose of lead poisoning ? and where is it found and How was it made?

And what is the difference from led in pencils to the other lead?

The purpose of lead poisoning? That makes no sense. Where is it found? Lead poisoning is found in people who have somehow ingested a significant quantity of lead. How was it made? How was what made? This question makes no sense either.

There is no lead in pencils. Is this the difference that you are asking about? What people call "lead" in pencils is made of a completely different substance called graphite.  (+ info)

How can I tell if I have lead poisoning in my foot?

I stepped on a piece of lead and it was stuck in my foot for a while. My parents got some of it out but some of it stayed in there overnight. It hurts to walk on it and its still black from the lead and very red!

  (+ info)

can you get lead poisoning from getting stabbed with a pencil?

today i was accidentally stabbed by my friend at school and it left a mark about 2 inches long on my arm. It's fine now but it was bleeding a little bit and it was really hurting. Could i be infected with lead poisoning? please help...im really worrying about this.

Pencils these days are made of graphite, not lead, you'll be alright  (+ info)

What is the most dangerous chemical commonly in consumer products today? Like historically lead poisoning?

Historically, the Roman Empire was often said to have poisoned themselves because of using lead bottle stoppers.

It seems to me that there is probably a chemical we commonly use today in consumer products that is most likely pretty harmful, what is it?

I heard some professionals have said aluminum.

Aspartame and Splenda(sucralose). They are used in many drinks to cut calories but come with side effects. Aspartame is much worse and I'm surprised it hasn't been banned yet...

Aspartame can be found in diet sodas mainly. Also some light yogurts and etc. Splenda is in protein drinks and in water additives for flavor. Also "light" drinks sometimes contain it. You can also find it in restaurants as the calorie free sweetener instead of sugar.

It's better off to have sugar than to eat a substitute which is actually poisonous...  (+ info)

How can my son be tested for lead poisoning? He has all of the behavioral symptoms. Or is it just his age?

Are these "symptoms" that of a normal 3 year old or should I have my son tested for lead poisoning? I am aware of all of the recalls and he has not had any of the toys but that doesn't mean he has never been exposed to it else where. I doubt he has even been around lead so much to call it "chronic" These "symptoms" may be the regular actions of a 3 year old....right?
Here is what I found of the behavioral problems:

Chronic exposure to lead may also cause behavioral problems in these children.

Behavioral symptoms in children
Irritability or aggressiveness
Hyperactivity, being easily distracted, impulsiveness
Learning difficulties
Lethargy or less interest in play
Loss of appetite
I should actually mention that he is extremely smart. He just doesn't sit still long enough to read a book or play learning games. He is like a giant sponge and will remember just about anything you say or show him though. So I can make out that symptom.

If you're really worried about it just go to your primay care doc and get them to run a lead level and blood test on your kid. It's the easiest way to calm your nerves. Alternatively he may just be acting like a 3 year old.

I've attached an article if you'd like to know more. I hope this helps.  (+ info)

What is it in moonshine whiskey that causes alcohol poisoning other than lead?

If a person drinks a 1/2 gallon of moonshine whiskey on a Thursday,gets drunk on the following Sat with store bought whiskey and dies on Sunday from alcohol poisoning and there is no lead or methanol in their blood post mortem could the moonshine have caused the death and how would it have

Sloppily-produced moonshine can be contaminated with toxins, mainly from materials used in construction of the still. Despite the well-known hazards, it is claimed that stills constructed using car radiators for a condenser are still used. The lead used in soldering these radiators ends up in the moonshine, and in some cases, glycol products from antifreeze used in the radiator can appear as well. Both are poisonous.

Occasionally moonshine is deliberately mixed with industrial alcohol-containing products, including methanol and denatured alcohol. Results are toxic, with methanol easily capable of causing blindness and death.

Methanol and other toxic alcohols can occur naturally in distilled spirits and are called fusel oils. The methanol is concentrated in the first few percent of condensate produced in a batch. The fusel oils are mostly found at the end of a batch or run. Ordinarily these portions are discarded, though if ingested alone or included with the rest of the distilled product it may cause toxic effects. Like commercial beer, wine, and liquor, properly produced moonshine contains small amounts of methanol at levels that are not toxic. A common way to determine the "quality control" of a batch of moonshine was to see if the moonshiner would dare to drink it.

In addition, moonshine that is over 100 proof (i.e. 50%) is very flammable and easily ignitable. This is especially true during the distilling process in which oxidized vaporized alcohol can accumulate in the air if there is not enough ventilation.  (+ info)

Can I get lead poisoning by breathing in the smoke?

I was at a friends recycling place yesterday when they were melting lead. I guess they melt it all down into one object so it's easier to turn in. Well the smoke was everywhere from it and the smell. Could I get lead poisoning from breathing in the smoke? Is it possible for the lead to come out into the smoke when it is melted? I put tissues over my mouth but I could still smell that horrible smell that makes you wanna gag.

thanks in advance.

What you smelled were the impurities in lead. No, you won't get cancer from low exposure rates. It does sometimes contain some arsenic. The smell and residue can be removed by washing clothing in dishwasher detergent(high phosphate) and soap and water removes it. It isn't as dangerous as all that, lots of people cast their own bullets from it.  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of lead poisoning?

What are the symptoms of lead poisoning in adult men?

Numerous lead poisoning symptoms are associated with the ingestion of lead and different systems of the body are affected.
Lead is a metal that is found in drinking water, lead based paint and plumbing materials. Although the ingestion of lead can make infants and young children ill, many children with acute lead poisoning do not look sick.

Once ingested, lead is absorbed and stored in many tissues and organs in the body via the bloodstream. The liver, kidneys, brain, teeth and bones are the most susceptible tissues and organs. Abdominal pain and cramping are usually the first effects of lead poisoning.

Lead Poisoning Symptoms Include:

Decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting
Decreased energy and fatigue
Irritability and hyperactivity
Constipation or diarrhea
Loss of recently acquired developmental skills (in young children)
Anemia or low blood counts
Decreased IQ
Memory problems and learning disabilities
Reduced coordination
Premature birth and low birth weight
Many people with mild lead poisoning have no symptoms. When lead poisoning signs manifest themselves, lead poisoning can be reversed by medical treatment and/or by eliminating exposure.  (+ info)

How to prevent lead poisoning?

My dad is starting a job and will be exposed to lead and i've looked all over for ways to prevent lead poisoning but all i can find is a way to prevent it in young children.
If you can help me at all that'd be great.

I would wear gloves when handling it and wash my hand thoroughly after touching it and never ever put ur hand in ur mouth after handling it.  (+ info)

Will using Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my smoking pipe lead to lead to Hydrogen Peroxide poisoning?

If I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my smoking pipe can that lead to Hydrogen Peroxide poisoning via inhalation?

if you are worried about poison STOP SMOKING!!!!!  (+ info)

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