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leg ulcer question?

my mother noticed a leg ulcer on her calf today, its really tender and about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. do you think breast milk or tea tree oil would help it to heal?

I think you need to take her to a doctor.  (+ info)

My wife has a ulcer appeared on her lower leg! how best can this be treated?

Assuming this is a diabetic ulcer, the best way of treatment is to clean the wound with saline and apply an aerated dressing and then a pressure bandage, this will allow the wound to heal while stopping the accumulation of lymph fluid which may aggravate the injury.  (+ info)

Diabetic Leg Ulcer?

Hi everyone. My mom has Diabetes and she had these red spots on her leg, they are not that bad but the wont go away and she said they itch. they keep comin up she has like four now. one is pretty big, it started out small but then it started to spread a little. She said she thinks its a Diabetic Leg Ulcer, but i looked at some pic on the net and what i saw looks really bad, i just really need to know does it start off as red spots then turn into big wounds? Is it even a Diabetic Leg Ulcer? if not what could it be?
Thanks ahead of time, i know we should be askin a Doctor but she won't go cause she scared they say something about taking her leg, and they keep poppin up and i don't know what else to do.

  (+ info)

what would happen to a leg ulcer 3 cm in diametre if it was left untreated?

What would be the worse case scenario?
Thank-you all for answering.
I needed to prove a point to a young man in my care who was refusing his medication.
He's taken it now.

It depends how it occurred; how long you have had it; what it looks like i.e - any signs of infection? amount and type of ooze (blood/pus/haemoserous), associated pain; your current health state and overall knowledge of wound healing. I would recommend having GP checking it out. He will refer you to the correct resources to manage this ulcer. Remember, left untreated - it may deteriorate - leaving you with a painful messy leg or worse. Early management of the ulcer will promote healing. If you are dependent on District nurses calling to dress your leg ulcer - ensure you have suitable hand washing/drying facilities to help reduce the risk of further problems developing. Don't leave this untreated. Good luck.  (+ info)

what can be done with a leg ulcer?

ive had a leg ulcer for almost three months.i had a blood clot/dvt scratched my leg hasnt heeled in 4months.mds say it will take a while.anything i can dio to heal faster.can i go to the beach(oceansalt water)is that good for it? can i go to the pool,i know the chlorine wont help but will it get worse.just wanna have some fun in the sun. now it looks bigger than before 1cm looks like 2cm nows.thanx for ur help

You need to see a wound specialist at a wound clinic. Depending on the type of ulcer and what stage it is in depends on the type of treatment. This is a very serious problem and shoud not be let go.  (+ info)

what stops the pain for a leg ulcer? the pain is killing me. can't sleep, crying always. no insurance HELP ME!

I have no medical insurance, and my leg is so bad. It is so painful. What can I do to make the pain stop. Is there anything I can do? I can't sleep at nights. I always sleep in the chair, leg elevated. I need some help. Please help me stop the pain. what can I do??? It is killing me.

Hello Tammy
No easy answers here: It appears that you have had this problem for about 4 months and newly diagnosed diabetes ?

Elevation is the best medicine but your diabetes is going to minimise gains from elevation due to decreased "micro-circulalation"........Do youhave good to excellent control of your blood sugar ?

With an ulcer, this long, it is surely "colonized" with bacteria and often times, an increase in pain can herald a deeper infection. There are some very economical and effective topical treatments but it is dangerouse to conjecture if you have an active infection................You have to contact you local Social Services Department for medical assistance or free health care. These wounds are very difficult to cure and heal even with agressive and costly , medical care: If your diabetes is poorly controled and you have other secondary problems, you may be able to file for a Federal Dissability which would automatically make you eligable for medical assistance (SSI and SSDI)....You realy can't afford to wait.

If You smoke....Stop, Now.This is only causing a more significant decrease in your microcirculation.

There is even agreater danger here: Immobility, along with other contributing factor can set you up for thrombophlebitus, which can also cause leg pain and may require immediate
diagnosis and treatment: Your risk escalated if you take B.C.P.'s, Progesterin therapy, or smoke or Bblood type.

With respects to your pain: Adequate doses of over the counter anti-inflammatories may be your only option, with out active medical care. A baby aspirin a day, will help prevent blood clots (thrombophlebitis)

I realize that it may be VERY DIFFICULT and EXPENSIVE to obtain health care insurance, Each Stae varies with respects to what form of assistance available to you but a call to your Social Security Office to start a disability claim will , ultimately help to achieve the agressive and expensive health care that you need.

Not a rosie picture but you must get started.
Look in your local newspaper or call your Hospitals :diabetic educator, for local support groups: She orthey may be able to direct you to more local resources.

Let us know how you are doing.!!!!!!!!!!!  (+ info)

Flying with a leg ulcer?

My mother has an ulcerated leg and we are looking to send her abroad for her birthday. Does anyone know if she will be alright to fly or if it will affect/make it worse.

Need to book holiday soon so all relevant answers will be appreciated.

As an ex medical rep. and an ex travel rep. I wouldn't recomend it.

The doctor would certainly tell you the medical facts which would probably be against it, but what would worry me more would be her insurance, you would certainly have to declare it when you buy her travel insurance or it could invalidate it, and she could run into all sorts of problems if she had trouble with her leg while abroad.

Give her the voucher for when she's better.  (+ info)

can a venous ulcer lead to a staph infection?

I have a friend that has a venous ulcer on his leg and now he has a staph infection. Could one be caused by the other. Also if he knowingly goes around people when he is contagious and causes someone else to get sick can they sue him?

Yes. Any open wound is at risk for becoming infected and staph is a common culprit for wound infections. It is unlikely for the infection to spread unless he touches his leg and shakes your hand. Direct contact is necessary for spread and since the infection is on his leg it is unlikely. He should wash his hands well after touching the ulcer and keep it covered when around others. In terms of the legal issues I don't think he can be sued as you would need to prove that he was the one that gave it to you and that may be difficult.  (+ info)

Can an ulcer cause a weird numbness/weakness in the arms and legs?

I was recently diagnosed with an ulcer, and in the last few days I've had this weird feeling in my arms and legs. In my arms, it's mostly at my shoulder and in my forearm, and in my legs, it feels like it's right where my calves muscles are. It's not really a pain, but more of a heavy, weak feeling. Could this be caused by my ulcer?

Your ulcer is defective.  (+ info)

My brother has got leg ulcer?

And they have been trying to cure this at a teaching hospital for the past 8 years but it is not improving, could anyone please suggest anything that could help? And if you have had this experience could you please share with me. He is just 21.

Thank you

P.S. I have tried Manuka Honey which seemed to be working for some time but now it seems to have stopped

Go to a real doctor who shows interest and compassion. There is a strong solution that can be used to wash it but it has to be done religiously every night and bandaged. At his age, he's blood flow should be decent enough to permit proper healing.  (+ info)

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