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What size leg opening at the bottom do straight leg jeans have?

At the bottom of the leg what size leg opening normally do straight leg jeans have? just some I've seen 18" and some 12" how do you get them smaller?

Smaller than 12" ?
Only stretch denims were tighter at the ankle.
If you`ve seen 12" straight legged Jeans you`re the only one ,no-one has 12" diameter thighs unless they`re anorexic !  (+ info)

How do you make your leg hair short and straight?

I have straight leg hair on the top half. The bottom half i have really curly leg hair. How can i make my leg hair straight permanently. Also how do you make your body or leg hair shorter. I don't want to shave i just want my leg hair short. One last thing, where can i buy creams that gives your leg hair a lighter color.

I suppose you could use a curl relaxer - but it's likely to irritate your skin. As for making it shorter - you can't unless you shave. Lighter you can do. Go to a drug store or Walmart and by facial or body hair bleach.  (+ info)

What causes the itch in legs that leads to the leg jerking?

I get an itch in my leg occasionally in random spots but the itch feels deeper than a usual one. If I don't move my leg right away the whole leg jerks slightly, like a twitch or something. And even though I'm nearing twenty it still feels like I have growing pains somenights-usually accompanied by or occuring just after the leg itch. What could be the cause of this?

You could have some muscle spasm (an example only) going on in that area.

The only way to know for sure is to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they say.  (+ info)

What are some good leg workouts with weights?

First of all, I can't do squats because they hurt my back. I don't even want to do leg workouts but I have been told that it is necessary to encorporate legs into a weight lifting schedule. I want to bulk my upper body up, my legs are already very muscular from athletics. I just want a quick way to work my legs out on my off days.

Leg curls, leg extensions, and calf raises. You can even go running to build up your legs.

Leg workouts are important for people trying to gain weight because the legs are a lot bigger than your arms, or chest. . .obviously.  (+ info)

How long will it be before my leg hairs start to show?

I just got my legs waxed today, and I want to know when my leg hair will begin to show. There already are hairs on my legs (the woman who waxed my legs called them 'baby hairs'). Will my legs get really hairy within the next 2 weeks?
Today was my first time waxing.

it depends on how long you've been waxing really
but normally my legs don't get hairy after two weeks  (+ info)

How could leg weights harm my body? How could leg weights harm my body when I am riding an exercise bike?

I wanna ride my exercise bike with my leg weights that are a bout 1.5 lbs per ankle but i dont want to ruin anything in my body so what should I do?

They should not do any damage to your body unless they are excessively heavy. They may put some strain on your muscles and joints if they are too heavy, but if you use the correct weight then they will help you to strengthen your muscles and they will push you harder, and also make the cardio harder giving you an overall better and more effective workout.  (+ info)

Horrible lower leg pain immediately after exercising, but not while active. Any ideas what this is?

I play lacrosse, and when i warm up, my lower leg area begins to hurt minimally, but after about a minute, the pain is gone until i stop running. Immediately after stopping (within 10 seconds) my legs hurt horribly. It takes another minute to get back to no pain, but during this minute, the pain in my lower is terrible. Any ideas?

maybe a stress fracture  (+ info)

What is the cheapest leg press on the market? Or where can you get inexpensive fitness equipment?

I would really like to use a Leg Press, but do not want to join a gym. I am really busy at work and I like to do my exercises at home in my own time.

I would ideally like to buy a Leg Press and one that is not vertical, but one with a plate. But most seem to be £600 to £1,000 and I cannot afford that.

Any one know where I could get a leg press cheaper please?

ebay is the most obvious place to look, also though, if ur near any local auctions. I noticed argos has a couple of goodens. If ur lucky enough to be near a gym, school thats closing down its gymnasium. a friend of mine kitted his whole garage out for less that 400 pounds, and there was thousands of pounds worth of equipment, dont expect it to be a shiny and new though, it will be heavily used, but it still works.  (+ info)

What is the leg hair lenght prior to professional waxing?

I've always shaved - or as a kid tried the lotions but that was horrid, hated it...

What lenght does your leg hair have to be prior to getting your legs waxed?

Any tips, can I take advil before hand?

Your hair needs to be atleast 1/8th of an inch before you get it waxed.

I've gotten my legs done before and it wasn't very painful. I was laying on a nice heated bed and got to read magazines for two hours. The warm bed made it relaxing.  (+ info)

How can I work my left leg more when doing lunges?

I have been doing a lot of lunges lately but I have noticed that after I do them, my right leg is more sore than my left. I also have noticed that my right thigh is bigger than my left. How can I do lunges so that my left leg is worked more? I want my legs to be even.

do them in a mirror and try to see if you see something different that you do with your right as opposed to your left. If you can get a trainer that knows their stuff and have them watch you. It has to be something that you are doing with you right that you are not doing with your left.

Make sure that your knee is not going out over your toes and make sure that your steps are straight ahead and not to the side what so ever.  (+ info)

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