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What kind of doctor would I see to treat a stasis ulcer on my leg?

I cant seem to heal this ulcer on my leg and I wanted to see some kind of wound specialists. I have been seing a regular doctor but he just cant do anything for me.

dermatology - a skin doctor my help  (+ info)

How do you get rid of a stasis ulcer on my leg?

I have tried everthing and I am getting desperate. It is really painfull and I am open to suggestions.

have you seen an enterostomal therapist? they specialize in the treatment of stasis ulcers.  (+ info)

How do you dress a leg ulcer in a diabetic patient?

Diabetics must be carefull with infections. Ulcers NEEDS to be looked after by a doctor or a diabetes nurse, to prevent major infection.

Ulcers are usually caused by poor blood circulation. In the mean time, keep clean with warm water, and dress the ulcer with Occlusive dressings (total coverage) - ulcers heal better when they are covered; dressings should be changed weekly. And can be bought from your local pharmacist.

Typical Treatment options used by doctors.
Treatment for chronic venous leg ulceration includes:
•Cleaning the wound using wet and dry dressings and ointments, or surgery to remove the dead tissue.
•Specialised dressings - a whole range of products are available to assist with the various stages of wound healing. Dressings are changed less often these days, because frequent dressing changes remove healthy cells as well as debris.
•Occlusive dressings - ulcers heal better when they are covered; dressings should be changed weekly.
•Compression treatment - to boost internal pressure, using either elasticised bandages or stockings. This is particularly effective if multiple layers are used.
•Medications - such as painkillers, and oral antibiotics if infection is present.
•Supplements - there is evidence to suggest that leg ulcers may heal faster with mineral and vitamin supplements, but only if the person suffers from a deficiency. Zinc, iron and vitamin C may be used.
•Skin grafts - a surgical procedure, where healthy skin is grafted onto the prepared wound site.
•Hyperbaric oxygen - this is now an accepted management option for ulcers that resist other methods of healing for example, diabetic ulcers.  (+ info)

8 weeks ago alump of wood fell on my leg . still bruised swollen. is this the start of an ulcer?

im 62 and fairly fit and active. and i dont have any health problems.

8 weeks is quite some time for a hematoma not to reduce itself.. I would recommend visiting your physician to get an x-ray and probably do a culture on it as well. Good luck, hope this helped.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of an alternative treatment for venous leg ulcer ?

VLU have a complex biochemistry and can be difficult to heal. It all depends on how they started, medical history, concurrent illnesses etc.
and what sort of treatment is being used currently.

Generally the best evidence is to use compression bandaging under competent supervision. There is a role for using e.g. honey or various other products in conjunction with this, but honey will only solve specific problems.

There is no magic cure.

If you can't use compression bandaging, try to elevate the leg. Keep the wound covered.

Alternatives that may work include specialised electrical stimulation of the affected leg, and pressurised oxygen treatment.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any herbal remedies to help heal a leg ulcer?

Well hopefully you've already seen a doctor about it and it's a normal leg ulcer (non-cancerous)

The normal treatment involves compression dressing, elevation of the leg, cleansing of the ulcers and applying anti-inflammatories.

As far as herbal remedies go, I wouldn't rely on them but many herbs can accomplish the cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief.

Anti-inflammatory herbs:

Aloe Vera is debated for this kind of use but you could try it, if you see results in the size of the ulcer and feel less pain then it could be working (of course it's best to ask your doctor before trying ANY of these, especially if some other sort of treatment is needed.)

Edit: Of course, just in case you havn't been told already, exercise is very important for healing and preventing further leg ulcers  (+ info)

I have edema and a venous stasis ulcer. I have been feeling water running down my leg, inside my leg.?

I haven't been completely diagnosed - I went to an urgent care facility and am seeking to have primary care doctor. The nurse practitioner gave me medicine for high blood pressure/fluid pill, and an antibiotic for the ulcer. But she stressed seeing a primary care physician. Should I be concerned with this water feeling?

It is something to mention to your primary care physician. It is a referred type of nerve sensation that your are feeling, which means that it originates in one location but the sensation is carried along the nerve. Your physician will be able to determine whether or not it requires any special attention.  (+ info)

how do you heal an leg ulcer?

how does it heal ? How long does it take ? can I use silver sulfadiazine

Leg ulcers take a long long time to heal. More than likely it will take months. The further away from the heart it is, the longer it takes to heal. You can use the Sulfa Cream but only apply it to the actual lesion. Do not get it on the surrounding healthy tissue. If it doesn't go away in a reasonable amount of time you may want to seek the attention of a physician  (+ info)

What should or should not be eaten to hasten the healing of a diabetic's leg ulcer?

salt is baaaaaaaad...... drink plenty of water....I'm talking the recomended amount plus some.... you don't want edema or cellulitis setting up inside an already bad wound. make sure to keep it clean as well so that ganggrene doesn't set up....... continue your diabetic diet, and try not to alter this. LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AS WELL!!!!! :o)  (+ info)

Have anyone who has Sickle Cell Anemia Disease ever gotten a leg or ankle ulcer .?

If so after it healed did it come back again and also what was the internal cause of it.

  (+ info)

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