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What is "cutaneous abscess/paronychia"?

Hi i am a nail-tech .one of my client she said she had a cutaneous abscess/paronychia" on her finger nails......Is that cause by Acrylic nails?(fake nails) by her own skin or by my tool not clean enought?
please help me thanks............

Cutaneous means pertaining to the skin.
Abscess is like a pus filled pimple that is infected.
Paronychia is an abscess of the nail folds.
This can be due to injury to the area or use of unclean manicure equipment.  (+ info)

Has anyone got a (digital)picture of Cutaneous b cell lymphoma?

yes, Goolgle image search has a few.

http://images.google.com.au/images?q=%22Cutaneous+b+cell+lymphoma%22&hl=en&btnG=Search+Images  (+ info)

in aromatherapy can you define cutaneous innervation?

Cutaneous innervation is the nerves for your skin. These nerves receive and transmit data that comes in contact with your skin. Aromatherapy oils can be used transdermally (taken in topically) to give a therapeutic effect  (+ info)

cutaneous t cell lymphoma transformed into intravascular t cell lymphoma - Has anyone heard of this rarity?

In can happen. Lymphoma is a solid tumor but is very closely connected to the circulatory system. So it can go into sort of a leukemic phase.

Mantle cell lymphoma can do this also.  (+ info)

Leishmaniasis (medical)?

I am allergic to sand flies and recently i heard about Leishmaniasis, but I cannot find any good information on it. Does anyone know websites? or are there any Doctors who could explain a little more?
I became allergic to sand flies 2007 after being biten when in Grenada (west indies), last year i was biten in Florida and i had the same allergic reaction. I have noticed an ulcer that i have had for a couple of months

It is a nasty disorder passed on by sandflies. Mostly it is a disease of the developing world, india, pakistan and south america. It can leave some skin scarring as well as causing massively swollen spleen and fever.

Using a good insect repellant will protect you  (+ info)


I am doing some research on this disease, particularly Canine Leishmaniasis. I know that it is a zoonotic that can be transmitted by sand-flies, but I have heard that it can also be transmitted to humans by direct contact with an infected animal. I would like to know if this is true. I've only read this from one source so far, but I'm reluctant to believe everything that I read (especially on the internet). Thanks.

  (+ info)

What results from increased seccretion of epinephrine?

a. increased heart rate and force of contraction
b. decreased stimulation of the SA node and ventricles
c. vasoconstricition in skeletel muscles and the kidneys
d. vasodilation of cutaneous blood vessels

a. increased heart rate and force of contraction

Action on SA node and ventricles is stimulation (not decreased).

Vasodilation in skeletal muscles and kidneys, vasocontriction in cutatenous vessels. Blood is diverted to more vital organs from less vital organs with epinephrine in stress response.  (+ info)

I have monthly sessions of facial electrolysis. How can I make the pain less?

Each session is for 3 hrs and involves sub cutaneous anaesthesia injections. The injections hurt nearly as much as the electrolysis. I am looking for something that will diminish the pain level for the entire session. There have been occasions when I had to stop the operator continuing with the electrolysis as it just hurt too much. I need to continue with this level of electrolysis but want to stop the pain. Thank you.

A: Vicodin.
B. Oxycodin
C: Mission Failed for you.  (+ info)

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve?

I have a pinched lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, on the right side. As I understand it, there's not much to do but take the wait-it-out approach in regards to treatment, but is there anything I can do to relieve the pain/discomfort in the meantime?

(The symptoms are best described here: http://www.cordingleyneurology.com/later… - it's a page titled, "Thigh on Fire" ... it's a highly accurate title.)

  (+ info)

Can I remove medicated gauze from a hole in my arm myself?

My friend recently had a "CUTANEOUS ABCESS" cut open and packed with medicated gauze at the local hospital. They told him to return in 2 days for removal of said gauze, but he would rather take it out himself and save money and a hospital visit if is at all possible.

Is it to dangerous or will they probably have extra stuff to do after removal that we cannot do from home?

Thank you.

  (+ info)

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