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Cutaneous leishmaniasis symptoms?

Any good links on how you can tell if you have the cutaneous version of this? Thank you.

After getting bitten by a sandfly, disease may manifest itself from a week to many months later.

It starts out as a papule that enlarges to an ulcer. The ulcer can give the appearance of a volcano crater. Lesions may appear singly or multiple; many heal spontaneously within weeks to months to years.
See more here: http://www.examiner.com/x-7707-Infectious-Disease-Examiner~y2009m7d11-Travel-health-leishmaniasis  (+ info)

Can an injury to the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve due to surgery heal?

I recently had piriformis and sciatic nerve surgery. My surgeon seems to have either injured or severed the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve during the procedure. The back of my thigh has been numb with a burning feeling inside the leg since the surgery over two months ago. What are the chances that this will heal?

It's if severed I don't believe so,,,but then again,,they have been doing hand transplants  (+ info)

Is there a non-over the counter drug to cure cutaneous candidiasis?

I have a stubborn case of cutaneous candidiasis (yeast infection), I have been to the dermatologist for it many times have have tried many things. Verdeso was the only thing that worked but it came back after my sample was done. Then he put me on something else that doesn't work at all. I was wondering if there is anything that you could buy non over the counter that anyone has found to treat this. Thank you.
DTD, you are correct... it is a skin infection.

Not yet, there is a couple working their way through the red tape though.  (+ info)

How to diffuse hair with a diffuser attachment?

How do you diffuse hair to make it curly? What is a good brand of mousse?

hi there

I think it may be helful to know what diffuse mean ,and I belive that may be helpful in understanding  (+ info)

Can I donate bone marrow with a history of cutaneous lymphoma?

I had cutaneous T-cell lymphoma earlier this year and am now cancer-free. It was confined to a tumor on my arm with no lymph node or organ involvement. I was wondering if I could still be a bone marrow donor?

I don't think you can. They're pretty picky when it comes to a history of cancer, especially a blood cancer like Lymphoma. Here is the bit from the National Registry:


I'd love to donate blood or marrow, but I never can and that really does upset me. I'd love to help someone else, considering a stranger helped save me.  (+ info)

What is diffuse erythema plus and diffuse gastritis?

I have an endoscopy result with following results
diffuse erythema+ and final impression says diffuse gastritis.
Can anybody explain what does they mean?

Diffuse means scattered and erythema is redness. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. You have redness and inflammation in your stomach, spread around rather than in just one place. With this result your doctor should be able to prescribe medicine to help.  (+ info)

What is Mild diffuse spondylitic changes of the Thoracic Spine?

I recently had spinal x-rays taken, and was wondering what the report means.
Is the diffuse spondylitic changes permanent, are they fixable with conservative treatment, or even with surgery?

The results mean that there is mild inflammation in your vertebrae at various places throughout the chest region of your spine. Spondylitic changes at first appear as swelling, and it is entirely reversible at early stages if it is not caused by rheumatoid arthritis. If the problems persist for years, inflammation eventually causes calcium deposits (bone spurs) to form between the vertebrae and this generally requires surgery. When its caused by rheumatoid arthritis, the problem is more difficult to control.

Stretching exercises and antiinflammatory drugs might be all you need at this point. Ask the doc to write up an order for a few visits with a physical therapist to teach you exercises to stop this problem from progressing.  (+ info)

What is renal cortical cyst and diffuse liver parenchymal?

My mother had an ultrasound and the findings was that she has renal cortical cyst and cortical nephrolithiasis and with diffuse liver parenchymal.What is the meaning of that?

  (+ info)

How do you to diffuse your hair?

I am going to try to diffuse my hair tomorrow morning before school.
Will just useing gel and hiarspray and moose work? And how do you use the diffuser? I have never done it before so I have no idea. Any help or tips?

ha, I've been diffusing my hair every day for about 5 years.
Use tresemme curling mouse. no gel, use hairspray afterwards only if necessary.
And also, lay your hair on top of the diffuser and hold it there for about 30 seconds so it won't look stringy when you're done.
Hope this helps!!  (+ info)

How do you diffuse your hair?

I have naturally wavy hair, and instead of constantly straightening in to death, I've decided to diffuse it once in a while, but whenever I do it doesn't seem to turn out as well as how my hairstylist does it even though I use the same gel (John Frida)

any diffusing tips for me?

use a straightening iron or curling iron and a good leave- in conditioner. so to sallys or somewhere to get something better than a drug store  (+ info)

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