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Does any one know a treatment for Leishmaniasis?

I worked as a DOD contractor for 13 months in IRAQ. Both of my forearms have sores that appear for several weeks then go away then return again. They are from my wrist to my elbow, the only part of me that was not covered.I am sure it is
Leishmaniasis from the sand fly bites I got. Does anyone know a treatment for Leishmaniasis? I have no insurance and can't seem to find any help.

If it's Leishmaniasis, you really should have it properly diagnosed. The treatment can include pentavalent antimonials (sodium stibogluconate), and if systemic amphotericin B.

However, the latter is quite nephrotoxic (toxic to kidneys) and both have significant side effects. If its only cutaneous Leishmaniasis, often it's left alone and heals itself over months.

Again, you need to be sure its Leishmaniasis before you start thinking about any treatment. Go to an army medical facility if you can. They are familiar with these diseases, and will be able to take biopsies of the lesions to test for evidence of parasites. Especially since many US troops in Iraq have gotten Leishmaniasis, so they will know how to handle it.

The meds are not ones that you can just pick up and take, they're given with IV.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How do I diffuse my hair and make it curlier?

Anytime I diffuse my hair it turns into a big frizzball that's not curly at all-even if I put loads of curly hair product in it. I have naturally wavy hair but I just got six or seven inches off it last week and now it just seems flat. I usually only have 10 minutes tops to deal with my hair but I might be able to fit more time in-if it works.
So...any tips on diffusing hair?
and How can I make my short hair curlier?

well. Use a curling iron. Or ask your wonderful little sister to show you and don't interrupt this time.  (+ info)

How do I make my hair not so crunchy and gross when I diffuse it?

Everytime I diffuse my hair it always ends up and crunchy and disgusting from moose. How do I make it not so scrunchy and disgusting?

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What is diffuse osteopenia? How common is it in the ages of 24-30?

I just had the impression of diffuse osteopenia in my xray and im only 24 yrs old. I will soon be having a dexa scan. Hope anyone can give me information regarding the seriousness of this. Thanks

Diffuse osteopenia is a mild decrease in bone mineralization, less severe than osteoporosis.
Depending on the resource, it is estimated that 15-20% of females in their 20's have osteopenia.
Factors include low body weight, smoking, lack of exercise, yo-yo dieting, past use of steroid medications, on top of genetic traits.
Here are some links that specifically mention osteopenia in young women.
http://courses.washington.edu/bonephys/ptinfo/ptopenia.html  (+ info)

What's the best way to make a guy's eyebrows look diffuse?

I'm a guy - i have very think and dark eyebrows kinda like anoop desai from american idol. I wanna make them look less significant and more diffuse or sparse. What's the best way to do this? Is it plucking? or can should I shave a bit off carefully using a moustache comb as a guide and restrictor?

im a beauty therapist..first thing is plucking between thee brows to get rid of the monobrow..do not shave! shaving cuts just the hair shaft causing it to grow back thicker and could result accidently in no brows! the inner brow should be in line with the inner corner of your eyes..use a pencil to measure up..pluck out any hairs that are stray and pluck the hairs one by one to your desired thickness...do not shape the brows or go too thin! not manly. lastly trim the bushiness with a brow trimmer (like a head shaver but smaller) voila! :)  (+ info)

what are the best way to do if i have a mild diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver?do i need to worry?

Im scared because i always have pain in my right abdomen.swollen and drowsiness.also i do not know if the pain i felt most of the time in my left knee is connected for having a diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver.please help what to do.

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what is diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver?

and is it serious? the ct findings say that my liver is not enlarged and measures 28.5cm. but at the end of the report it says the impression is hepatomegaly with diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver. doesn't hepatomegaly mean that my liver is enlarged?

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How to diffuse hair most effectively?

I have tried to diffuse my hair and it just poofs; I don't know how to get it as curly as other people; and I even have natural curl in my hair. I don't think my blow drier is on the right setting or I am holding my hair right or using enough, or the right kind, of gel! Please help!

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what is the survival timeline for an untreatable intramedullary diffuse thoracic astrocytoma?

With an untreatable intramedullary diffuse thoracic astrocytoma is there any hope? Surgery is out due to the location and chemo and radiation are out due to other medical problems. Intracrainal pressure symptoms are starting, but the brain scan still shows clean. What is the prognosis or timeline of symptoms?

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Itching remedies for cutaneous lupus?

I've got photosensitive cutaneous lupus and I break out in itchy hives and rashes all the time, even though I take my plaquenil and steroids and put on sunscreen. Does anyone know of any good products I can get from the drugstore or home remedies I can try to curb the itching? It's really torturous!

yes. there is a store in ga cold ulta. you can go to ulta.com and see if there is one near you. look for neostrata prducts.
go to this link
scroll down and look at the product called pds extra strenght cream. i used to work in the dermatology field. my dad has really bad dry skin from diabetes. this stuff works. it is best to put on at night. doesnt smell the greatest but works. put any creams on when getting out of the shower within a few min, your body will absorb more moisture. the hotter the shower the more it will dry out your skin. good luck. p.s. neostrata is the founder of alpha hydroxys so it is a good cream. anyone that wants to market their product as age defying has to buy tha patent from them...:)  (+ info)

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