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Does anyone know about cutaneous pseudolymphoma and tattoos?

I have a bump that has shown up on my finger since I got a tattoo on my arm. Does anyone know if a cutaneous pseudolymphoma that shows up sometimes when you get a tattoo always occur at the site of the tattoo? Or can it be in another spot?

From what I've read and know of cutaneous pseudolymphoma it would seem that your eruption would most likely occur at the tattoo site. The lump on your finger may just be coincidental. Of course, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be but I know a lot about this condition and my best guess is that the lump didn't happen because of the tattoo but just appeared around the same time. Hope this helps, maybe you should call your doctor just to be sure. Good Luck.  (+ info)

How can you get rid of a cutaneous tag ?

without a Dr. or can you ?

A skin tag should only be removed by a doctor, as skin tags can tend to bleed more than a regular type wound. Depending on the site, your regular doctor might do it, or you could be referred to a dermatologist. In either case, the skin tag will either be frozen or the area will be numbed up and it will be burned or cut off.  (+ info)

how quick should treatment start for diffuse large b cell lymphoma?

diagnosed on Dec 16, but testing began in October. I am beginning to panic, as my appointment with an oncologist is Dec 31. Should I panic?

I liked to start within a week or two of the pathological diagnosis
- so 15 days is not too bad.
Most malignancies - including diffuse large cell lymphomas
- have been developing for several years.
A few weeks is not much in the overall course of the disease process.
I liked to start quickly because of the patient anxiety
- which you are experiencing now.
No reason to panic,
but I understand your stress level in the waiting now that you know.  (+ info)

What are some good ways to diffuse anger in yourself?

I have hurt my hands and feet many times hitting walls and kicking doors when I have been angry. Is there something less harmful I can do to get this emotion out without huring myself?

I have hurt the feelings of those around me by yelling.

I know the Bible says, "In your anger do not sin". I would like to be able to do that.


I agree with anger management, they will teach you tools to cope. You also have to sit down and really think about what makes you angry and why.  (+ info)

What is the difference between dermatomes & cutaneous innervation?

Dermatomes refer to the level at which the main nerve roots branch off the spinal cord. Damage to the sensory nerve root at L3, for example, causes paresthesia in the L3 dermatome.

Cutaneous innervation is simply the peripheral nerve distribution and sensory organs in the skin.  (+ info)

If I diffuse my hair on the cold setting, will the damage on my hair be less than using the hot/warm settings?

Also, does using the diffuser the whole time on the cold setting work just as quickly and well as the hot/warm settings? Any information is good. Thanks!

obviously because you hair wont be affected by the heat because thats whats bad for it. but i cant be sure that it will turn out as good. but i dont knwo i have never tried it. but yes the damage will be less.  (+ info)

Where did French Fries originate and where did they diffuse to?

Im looking for specific places, I have to do a project where I map the origin and places of diffusion and I need these answers ASAP please, project is due tomorrow! Thank you!

these websites show the answer:::



hope that helps! :P  (+ info)

My sister 25yr, hypothyroidism and thyroid scanning reveals diffuse goiter. Can somebody explain me everything?

age 25yr
Continuous weight gain
hypothyroidism, T4= .04 and TSH= >100
thyroid scan shows diffuse goiter with no nodules.

I want to know, is it really a serious matter. And regarding treatment? Does it lead to surgery? Is it curable?

my thyroid went under active by 75% around your daughters age and i take a synthetic hormone called thyroxine i have to take them for the rest of my life i don't have a goutier neck but you can get it with thttp://www.btf-thyroid.org/his condition i am a member of the British Thyroid Foundation
DONT WORRY ABOUT IT AS THEY CAN CORRECT IT BUT YOU ARE ON MEDICATION FOR LIFE ! its an auto immune disease the body attacks itself but they can put it right

What is diffuse fatty metamorphosis of the liver?

I have been diagnosed with this but have no enhancing lesions.

  (+ info)

In your opinion from personal experience, what would you say is the best way to diffuse essential oils?

I want to be able to really get the maximum smell from these essential oils. What is the best diffuser to throw out the scents from the oils?

There are several ways.

oil on a light buld ring.

buy an electric diffuser

get a potpouri pot.

Get a porcelain potpouri pot that heats the water and oil with a tea light.

The most effectivem abd best way to diffuse the oil into the air is the electric diffuser; but the most expoensive.  (+ info)

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