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How long does it take to recover speech and hearing after a Diffuse Axonal brain injury?

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Do people suffer from diffuse axonal injury can recover his health?

Is there a chance to regain strenght or health for those people suffer from axonal injury?

Hi, I advise you to check this with health professionals. Here is what I recommend you to try to get qualified advice on axonal injury: http://www.myhealth-forum.com/  (+ info)

should you tell someone with dementia the truth or avoid subjects to diffuse conflict.?

My grandma had a stroke and keeps asking about her dead husband, is it right to tell her that hes dead.

I had this happen with my great-grandmother. It's so heartbreaking. The first thing you need to realize is that, even if you DO tell her the truth, she will more than likely forget it. I "danced" around the subject with my great-grandmother by telling her that he was out, and she'd see him later. Not really a lie, but not the harsh truth, either. She was rather accepting of it...and it made it easier on me, considering I would have to tell her about twice an hour.

When it comes down to it, this is your decision. Just remember what I said...she'll more than likely forget anything you tell her...but YOU will remember the hurt she felt.

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Angiogram does not suggest that the LAD is suitable for intervention of any kind , requires aggressive managment of his risk factors.

it means that the Left Anterior Descending artery has severe disease or clogged, they cannot stent it or to an angioplasty to the vessel b/c of the extent of the disease. the normal Left Vent function means that the strength of the heart muscle is good and there has not been an area of infarct (heart attack) Sounds like you have high risk factors for example smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes or other significant health issues. they will probably treat you medically with blood thinners and beta blockers.  (+ info)

How can I *best* "diffuse" too much pepper in my beef stew?

My sister has given me a pot-full of fresh beef stew from her kitchen.

This stew has far too much pepper in it's seasoning!

Rather than throw away this wonderful food, I want to eat / wash something to lesson the STRONG PEPPER content.
What are my options?

I would add some dairy, preferably something like heavy cream or sour cream. The dairy will reduce the heat, and the fat will make it really smooth on the palate.

I don't know how you added too much pepper, so this may not help you, but pepper needs heat in order to extract its flavor. If you add pepper and taste, you may not taste it at all…wait 10 minutes and it's perfect. Make sure to wait next time if this is what you did.

Another method I've heard is to add acid and sugar. However, I think dairy would be better in your case.  (+ info)

How do you order from Anna House Diffuse Pretty Dreams? D: I need the answers fast please. . .?

Well, i just cannot figure out how to use the site, I live in US and i have Paypal but it still confuses me how to do the mail order and stuff. Please help D:

Tried to look it up for you. idk. I only got the chinese web site that you have to have an order form for. Try E-bay or someone told me you could order directly through pay-pal. Good-Luck  (+ info)

What exactly is cutaneous lupus?

I've just been diagnosed with cutaneous lupus a little while ago. I've read a page or two about it, but I'm not sure I fully understand.

What are the effects of it, and is it caused by anything?
And if there is anything you think I should know about it, please tell me.

Cutaneous lupus — which accounts for about 10% of all lupus cases — affects only the skin and can create various kinds of skin lesions. A red, raised, scaly, coin-shaped rash is the classic rash that appears with this form of lupus. This localized rash occurs most frequently on the face, although it may appear on other parts of the body as well. Scarring often develops as the rash heals. Because exposure to ultraviolet light often triggers cutaneous lupus, it is recommended that individuals with this form limit their sun exposure and use sunscreen when out of doors. Some people with cutaneous lupus go on to develop systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) I hope i helped  (+ info)

How do I scrunch and diffuse my wavy hair?

What is the whole process? Thanks xo

1. Wet your hair.
2. Apply gel/mousse to hair.
3. To scrunch, just grab sections of hair and squeeze.
4. Then get a hair dryer & diffuser. Set the heat to LOW & COOL/WARM.
5. Put the diffuser in your hair. Make sure the "fingers" touch your scalp.
6. Turn diffuser on and hold it in your hair for about 20-30 seconds.
7. Turn diffuser off and take it out from your hair.
8. Do this to all sections of your hair until it's dry.
* This method of diffusing will help prevent frizz and poof (:

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What does an ANA TITER diffuse pattern of 320 mean?

It says on my lab report that a range of 40-80 should be considered but is not clinically significant. Anything above 80 is clinically significant. Mine is 320! what does it mean?

Homogenous (diffuse) - associated with SLE and mixed connective tissue disease, which are autoimmune disorders.

your titer is the last slide the lab tech saw as positive. titers are measured by halving the amount of sample in each well. for example the dilution in well number 1 will be 1:2 the next will be 1:4 and then 1:8 and so on (until you get to 320 and in some patients much much higher)  (+ info)

Can you over diffuse your curly hair and how can I fix it?

I have curly hair and I used to let it air dry all the time, but a couple of months ago I started to use a diffuser. However, I don't use it everyday I'd say like 3 times a week, but now if I let it air dry the curls are not as pretty and just kind of "bleh." Should I stop diffusing and let it get used to curling naturally or have I totally ruined it?

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