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Has Anybody Else Had Cutaneous Tuberculosis?

For over 5 years I've had TB of the skin but was mis-diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Only now have I been told I have been suffering from cutaneous TB!!

I know it's really, really rare so I just wanted to know if anyone else out there on the net has suffered from it or do you know anyone who has suffered from it?

yes i have treated some cases and the treatment is simple 4 drug combination for 2 months followed by 4 months of 3 drugs to be taken dailly empty stomach with almost 100% cure rates.  (+ info)

How can I diffuse their suspicions?

I contracted herpes from an ex a few years ago. As a result, I am very self conscious of my condition and barely date. I am very attractive, successful and have a great personality. Yet, when men come my way, I come up with 101 excuses and basically push them away. Many of my friends have started asking me if I am a lesbian, since I appear not interested in men. This can't be farther from the truth. I am just protecting myself from the pain and embarrassment of sharing my health issues with a guy.

  (+ info)

My twelve year old daughter just starts crying out of the blue and how do I diffuse the situation?

I think we have a pretty good relationship but sometimes for no reason, she gets upset with what I do. Last night at dinner she told me what she wanted and when I started to order it, she broke out in tears and said "you don't really know me." Things such as this, in everyday life, when I am not doing anything to embarras her make her burst into tears. How do I rectify the situation in a calm soothing manner and not let it take me by surprise so often?

I think most girls go through the"every one hates me" or "no one understands me" stage. The best thing for you to do is make sure that she is surrounded by positive influences. It's probably just a phase, and she'll eventually grow out of it. In the mean time, act natural and be understanding. Try not to be frustrated, that will only feel that she has a reason feel that way. Just be her mom, it's the best thing to do. Good luck and God Bless.  (+ info)

What does diffuse fatty liver change mean ?

I have not been well since January. I had an Ultrasound then and it read that I had a fatty liver. To make a long story short, I had a CT with and without contrast done (for kidneys-I have kidney stones) and I ended up having my gallbladder taken out a couple of weeks ago due to large gallstones. Well, I have a copy of my report from the CT scan and it was compared to a previous CT and it read that I have diffuss fatty liver change. What does this mean ? Should I be concerned ? Is this the beginning of Cirrhosis ? Is this something that can end up killing me ? What should I expect next as far as testing is concerned ? I do not drink alcohol nor am I obese. I am going back in four weeks to see my Primary care physician and just wanted some input about this prior to that appointment. Thank you.

Alcohol is the most common cause. Toxic, metabolic and hypoxic conditions of all types.

• Liver is the principle organ of fat metabolism and synthesis.
• Interference with mobilizing triglycerides out of the liver is the usual mechanism.
• This happens when toxins or agents affect the mitochondrial and microsomal functions resulting in defective oxidation of fatty acids and aberrant mitochondrial function.
• Factors casuing fatty change do not all act in the same way. ,

• This is a common condition, but it is usually secondary to other diseases; again, alcohol is the most common cause, in the industrial world; however, among children and in the developing countries, malnutrition, especially protein and iron deficiencies, are the most common.
General Gross Description

•In severe and diffuse cases, the liver is enlarged, yellow, smooth, firmer than normal and greasy.
•In partial involvement, a pale or yellow blotchy appearance is often noted.
General Microscopic Description

•There are two forms of fatty change : microvesicular and macrovesicular.
•Microvesicular: Numerous tiny fat vesicles, requires fat stain to be appreciated. Often, one would be surprised as how enormous fat accumulation is without being seen in H&E sections. This is a toxic condition causing hepatocellular failure.
•Macrovesicular: a few large clear vacuoles in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes, pushing the nucleus aside. Usually, has no effect on the function of the hepatocyte.
•There is usually no inflammatory reaction to this, unless the fatty cells rupture.
Clinical Correlation

•Macrovesicular: Hepatomegaly is the only sign; liver function tests are minimally abnormal, if at all.
• Examples include: Alcohol - with a combination of macro and microvesicular fatty change, Malnutrition - in particular protein deficiency, starvation, diabetes, obesity , severe infection or burn, Medication and Toxins, Hypoximia.
•Microvesicular: a different disease; this is a toxic, metabolically abnormal and serious condition; although the patient has mild hepatomegaly, severe liver function test abnormalities to the point of liver failure is common.
• Pure examples would include: Reye's Synd., fatty liver of pregnancy and tetracyclinet toxicity.
• The most common cause is alcohol.  (+ info)

Is a nebulizer the most effective tool to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic purposes?

Yes. A nebulizer or a diffusor is the best way to disperse essential oils into the air.  (+ info)

Can anyone attach a link or something on how to diffuse really curly hair?

If possible.. in a way so that it comes out a little less curly? Please and thanks :)

I use the oven. Turn the oven on 400 and let heat.After washing hair brush thoroughly and apply a product like Chi silk infuser to help with frizz. Turn head upside down over the oven door and scrunch hair with the heat comming out. This eliminates blowing it dry and touching it to much as that tends to make hair frizzy. It sounds silly but it works wonders for me.  (+ info)

Can someone tell me how to diffuse my hair?

I have really dry colored hair. And the bangs aren't long enough to do anything with but aren't short and everything is really heat/colored damage. Would diffusing it ( i have natural wave) work even for dry/damaged hair? Also, what product should i put on before i do it? Also explain how? Thanks

apply a golfball sized amount of mousse to damp hair... not dripping wet.

Add diffuser to end of blowdryer.
Turn on blowdryer.

Hold blowdryer so air blows towards your hair, with diffuser about 6 inches away from your head...
scrunch the hair with your other hand...
continue until hair is dry and wavy/curly  (+ info)

How do I diffuse my hair?

How do i diffuse my hair? & i kno its supposed to make it nice and curly, but is there a special thing i need to put on the blow dryer? help?!

To diffuse your hair you need an adapter that goes onto the front of the blow dryer. It's a circular object with sticky-out bits on it.
Whilst drying with the adapter on scrunch your hair in between your finger tips.
This should give a curly/wavy effect.  (+ info)

where can I find a ceramic cover for a gas burner to diffuse the eat while cooking?

Chefscatalog.com  (+ info)

Is sucrose able to diffuse across the dialysis tubing membrane?

Dialysis Tubing is a type of semi or partially permeable membrane tubing It is used for diffusion. It allows the passage of small molecules but not larger ones, the sucrose molecules cannot escape as they are too big to do so..

good luck :)  (+ info)

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