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Does having lentigo mean you will definetly get cancer?

A member of my family has gotten lentigo for a second time, the first time it was cut out and she had plastic surgery to cover the scar on her face. However it has returned in almost the same place, she is being sent for a biopsi but I'm pretty sure it's going to be cancerus, is it possible for it not to be cancer?

Yes. Not all lentigos turn into cancer. But it is a sign that you have had too much sun. Time for some sun protective measures. The lentigos, as with skin cancers, once you get them, your chance of getting more goes up 50%. They definately need to be monitored.  (+ info)

Can someone explain in detail but not too complicated! What Hutchinsons Lentigo is and how it can be treated?

My nana has a had a a large patch on her face for 10 years now, it grows every year, but horizontaly, it doesnt stick out and it does burn or itch etc, the Hospital want to take a biopsy but she is scared to let them start cutting her face up, can anyone give any advice regarding this? Thanks

Hi Hazel,

It is not possible to know what this is without a biopsy.

if it did turn out to be that, then it is the least likely type of skin cancer to spread to other parts of the body and can be treated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery.

however the chances are that if your nana has had it for 10 years and it hasn't caused her any problems that a biopsy will prove it to be nothing at all, just a skin blemish which is nothing to be concerned about at all.

i can understand her being scared to have the biopsy but wouldn't it be better for her to know that it is nothing than to go on worrying about it? And even if it did turn out to be something more serious, isn't it better tat she finds out now rather than allow it to go on and possibly get worse as she gets older?

I am sure from what you say, that it will be nothing though.

I hope this helps darling.

love Mel.X  (+ info)

general question about penile lentigo?

briefly, has any of you(male obviously) have or had penile lentigo?

If you had penile lentigo, what steps did you take to get it removed?

and if you have it, are you thinking of getting it removed? and what do you think is the cause of it?


There is no specific cause. It's merely a patch of normal skin with more melanin than surrounding skin. Sometimes they are due to sun damage, but on the penis, unless you are a nudist, that's unlikely. They are not usually dangerous at all.

To quote from the link provided below:

"Lentigines [plural of lentigo] require no specific treatment. A broad-spectrum sunscreen may help to prevent further appearance and darkening of solar lentigines. Several creams may lighten lentigines if applied for a number of months. These include hydroquinone or antioxidants such as:

* Alpha hydroxy acids
* Vitamin C
* Retinoids
* Azelaic acid

If desired, lentigines can be removed permanently through the use of chemical peels, cryotherapy, or laser treatments."  (+ info)

Can having a suspicious facial mole biopsied spread cancer (if it's malign)?

Can having a suspicious facial mole biopsied spread cancer (if it's malign)?

No, skin biopsies do not work in that manner.

For most typical small skin lesions they remove the entire lesion during the initial biopsy. What you really have to worry about is leaving the skin lesion alone and then should it turn out to be melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma then there is significant potential for the lesion that was not removed to spread into the lymph nodes.

Until you get a biopsy done you really have no idea what the lesion might be so if you have a lesion on your face my advice is to get it removed when it is small. There is less chance of scarring this way.  (+ info)

Lentigo.....Brown spots on hands & face?

Any home remedies for getting rid of sun caused brown spots on the back of hand and also on face?

I have a big sun spot on my face and have tried everything. I also sell Avon and have tried every cream that they have and nothing works. The Dermatologist said that I would have to use Laser to get rid of it.  (+ info)

Why does everybody make fun of fruitcake? How did it get its maligned reputation?

I won't eat fruitcake because I hate chunks of fruit in cakes or bread in general, but is fruitcake really that bad? Why does it suffer the brunt of every holiday joke in the book?

Coz it's just stuffed with a lot of.... stuff! It's not like a chocolate cake or something.. at least your tastebuds enjoy a certain taste instead of being obstructed by chunks of.. stuff!  (+ info)

Teenage moms: Are you tired of being judged and maligned by other people?

Have a cookie. Put your feet up and relax (: warm tea is up on the stove and if you prefer something cool.

im pretty tired of it. im 18 and i look even younger, so everywhere i go i get the worst looks ever! ive heard people whispering about me too, its gotten so bad that i dont even go anywhere because it makes me feel so bad. just because im only 18 doesnt mean i cant be a good mom, i love my son just as much as anybody in their 30s.  (+ info)

What is this called (is it lentigo)?

It looks like this :

I'm not sure if its from shaving. Its on my legs. (mostly my thigh)

Could be, but difficult to tell from the picture.
Look at these...
http://www.dermnet.org.nz/lesions/lentigines.html  (+ info)

Alpha Hydroxy Acid for age spots/lentigo on face?

anyone has experience with this product ?? If yes, what % and ph of the gel is required ??

3% PH is required. Love it.  (+ info)

Possible babby girl name: Lentigo Vaginae?

Hello everyone,

These are traditional Irish Gaelic names that have been in our family for many generations. We are struggling a bit to choose the right name for our child (not sure of gender yet), and are considering all possibilities.

Thank-you, and God Bless.
Just wanted to add - the name Vaginae is Irish Gaelic for "lovely moist lips" or "enchanted cavern."

Erm, well... I don't fancy the name too much...

Why don't you try something else... Caoimhe is a nice name. It's pronounced "Kee-va", and it's Irish Gaelic, too.

Here's the link: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Caoimhe

Because well, if you're sending your girl to an English school, it's true that her name could be easily made fun of. She might not fit in too well.

I googled the names. You'll find "Lentigo" related to many things, none of which are names. "Vaginae" is related to vagina............................

But still, don't listen to what the others said. Traditional, Irish Gaelic names just sound different from the usual English names. That's all.

But, I guess the other answerers have a point. The name would be something like "Brown Pigmented Spot on Skin, Vagina".

So, yeah... I suggest you don't use that name. Not if the baby girl's going to live in an English-related place.

But still, the other answerers were really mean. After all, you asked the question because you wanted advice about that name, right?

Anyway, good luck! Hope this helped! And God Bless you too! =]  (+ info)

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